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Week 1 kicked my ass.

Goals –
1. Drink 64 oz of water a day – not difficult. Just something I needed to be aware of to get it done
2. get 8 hours of sleep – aside from Atlanta, this was fairly easy. Plan accordingly.

Lessons learned –
Just because you can run 13 miles does not mean you are in shape. Week 1, I was all excited and motivated. So… I overdid it. My quads are in more pain that anything else, and still are. Hellooo reality check.

Week 2

Goals –
1. take a multivitamin daily
2. no mid-week alcohol and no weekend headaches
(plus keep drinking lots of water and getting 8 hours of sleep)

I have a big bottle of vitamins at work and at home. They’re always available but just not part of the routine and should be. In terms of drinking, I go through phases where one week I’ll have a glass of wine or two almost every night and then some weeks I don’t have any. As much as I love wine, weeknight’s aren’t a habit I want. Obviously, I’m not cutting out alcohol for the weekends, but I needed a related goal for those two days. Given that its St. Patty’s weekend, headache & hangover free sounds like a great plan.

5 miler after work

Yesterday was supposed to be my first strength circuit of the week, but I swapped it for cardio instead.  My legs hurt and there were multiple stretching breaks, but I did 5 miles.  It felt great to be outside. It was gorgeous!! almost 70 degrees. How could I not go for run?!

I’ll attempt strength training today, but I’m going to modify the workout a bit to go easy on the quads. I’m hoping if I go easy on the legs today, they’ll be back to normal sooner than later.  My foam roller and I are spending lots of time together 😉


how do you feel about mid-week adult beverages?  or vitamins? 
is it really spring? or do you think the weather messing with us again?



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so so happy its Friday.

a few awesome things about today:

1. JT fixed/insulated/got magical with the heating system in my apt.

20120120-152014.jpgthis is the ghetto, half-ass heater that hates me and refuses to get my apt to an acceptable temperature.

(I’ve had it “fixed” twice and replaced once already, yet I still need a space heater and sleep in my compression socks)

20120120-152022.jpgand this is my fabulous boyfriend, who showed up with all sorts of insulating/foamfilling/cold air stopping stuff, took things apart, sprayed/filled/who knows what else.

and now it is warm.

(warm=happy alli)


2. I am sore, in the best way possible

yesterday kicked my ass and I feel great about it.


3. embracing the rest day

I came to work today with a bag of gym clothes & every intention to do a few easy miles at lunchtime. I’m tired. No, thanks.  


4.  pizza & parents

my parents are coming in tonight to hang out with my friends and they’re bringing pizza. Town Spa Pizza to get specific. SO GOOD. can’t wait.


5. THESE GIRLS will be here in just a few hours.

(since there isn’t a decent pic of all three of us on the internet?!) 

this might be from 2008, but I love it

July 2011

I’m excited. Can’t sit still. Need the work day to be over. Wine please.


who has fun weekend plans?! I want to hear about ’em

. \\

ps. I would like this to happen except with lisa too. love & a dance party


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my main goal for 2012 is simply this:
but I’d like to do these too
– take a wine tasting class
– half marathon PR
– run a 5K in under 27min
– spend lots of time with new little person
– complete my goals for 28
– average 1 race per month
Races –
January – none
February  – Hyannis Half Marathon (registered!)
March –  Ras na hEireann 5k
April – BAA 5K
May – John Kelley Half Marathon or 7.25 Miler
June – Warrior Dash or Ruckus Run & Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race 8K
July –
August – Providence Half Marathon (registered!)
September –  Zooma Half Marathon, Thompson Island
October –  BAA Half
November –
December – Jingle Bell Run 5K

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last minute plans

I ❤ last minute plans.

Lauren texted at like 5:00 and this became our evening.


20111222-100105.jpgPizza from Fig’s (who delivers now :))

20111222-100128.jpgrainy but delightful

 Yesterday, I did 4 miles on the treadmill. I really wanted to get outside, but lunchtime & rainy runs don’t mix. So I stayed inside but got it done. Not going to lie, it was pretty brutal. I think the stats on the treadmill get in my head. If I’m outside, I have a general idea of how far I’ve gone & what my pace is. If I’m on the treadmill, its staring me in the face every second.  Reason #258 why I need to get outside.

Tomorrow my office is closing at 2 and Saturday seems like its going to be a bit crazy, so game plan: tomorrow afternoon 6 mile run outside

and make it even more interesting!

I signed up for the Virtual 10K race that these fabulous ladies are hosting. last minute race? yes please.

so actually, I’ll run 6.2.   Am I going to attempt to run at race pace? No.

Looking at my training log and I haven’t run anything over 4 miles in 6 weeks! eeekkk.


anyone else running the Virtual 10K

anyone want to run sloww with me tomorrow afternoon?


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and I’m back!

I’m back from NY!

Friday – we went to Barrio Chino for dinner. I took all of 3 pictures.

these drink menus were on the back of corona boxes. ha.

could you two be any cuter?

pretty friends


Sunday – there was lots of beer. football in brooklyn with the ladiesand more pretty friends.


Monday – I met up with Lissy for lunch & stopped by the old office to say hello.

20110927-223259.jpgthen I grabbed this & trekked to half the H&M’s in the city looking for boots

No dice. very sad.

20110927-223316.jpglove Madison Square Park.

Met Lauren for a drink at Markt.


Photos? wine yes. Lauren no. Obviously that makes sense..

Then, there was this.

20110927-223329.jpgcheck out this wall. so fun.

I met my friend Ken for a drink at Revival on 15th btwn Third & Irving.

Obviously I didn’t take any pictures of him or the super cute patio but this I got.

Considering I was there for almost 4 days, picture fail. But I saw lots of fun people, ate some great food & somehow managed go hangover free.

Success 🙂


& Happy Birthday Christina!!

hope you had a fantastic day. (pics of tonight, tomorrow :))

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happy friday friends!

everyone preparing for Irene?! I’m not sure how I feel about this whole hurricane situation.

I did make sure I located my flashlight, candles, matches. I stocked up on food, wine, water, etc. I got a pile of books waiting for when the power goes out.


I’m really glad its not hitting until Sunday. I haven’t spent a weekend in Boston in over a month. eekk. so I’m pumped to be home.

Today is my last summer Friday, so I planned a lil extra awesomeness. I keep saying I need to do more yoga.  So given that I did buy that Groupon & hot yoga is one of my august goals, today was the day to make it happen.  I really dislike the yoga mat I have, plus it lacks a strap, which makes it quite difficult to tote around.

I went out last night and bought a new one.

in case you wanted to see me awkwardly posting on my balcony with my new one. there you go.

I slept in a little and headed to the 9:30 hot hatha class.

serious sweat city.

75 minute class at 94 degrees. I was drenched.

and loooved it

the class felt awesome. I really need to work on my balance, but one step at time.

I can’t wait to go back.

and since its a few T stops away, Starbucks on the way home – highly necessary.


I’m heading to the pool for a lil sun, have to get it in before the summer is over!!

have a glorious afternoon

anyone else preparing for this hurricane? anything else I need to get? 

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Few reasons why it wasn’t brutal to get back into the groove this time, unlike the last 4 day weekend I had:

1. yeah, I had lots of delicious beverages – but for the most part, I ate like a normal person.

2. 3 day work week. makes me so very happy.

3. I fully cleaned my apt before I left. Coming home was fantastic knowing that my apt was neat & pretty, the dishwasher was clean, the sheets were fresh, and laundry was done.  (I sound like a crazy old lady but I think I’m okay with it..)

4. Back to back nights with friends:

Tuesday after I got back – Lauren & I had a fro-yo date and then did some wine & couch time. nothing makes easing out of vacation mode easier than a bff and wine.

Wednesday – I made the best hummus ever & headed to Christina’s. She supplied delic gala apples for scooping & wine 🙂

20110721-010749.jpgpre-choc chips. please note that I have no idea what it means to peel a chickpea, so that obviously did not happen. I promise its good anyway.


not the best photo – but you get the idea.  it was delicious. MUST TRY THIS!

(and I promise to work on my presentation skills)


and totally unrelated, but I feel like sharing – my fridge struh-ggles since I haven’t been to the grocery store in uh.. a long time.  So in attempts to avoid buying lunch – I pulled this out of the back of my freezer. Forgot it was in there.  intrigued.



I can’t describe how delicious this was. I will buy 4 more next time I make it to Trader Joe’s.  so good.


I have a date with the treadmill tonight. I braved the heat last night for 5 miles, but pretty sure today’s “excessive heat watch” plus the 15-25 mph wind mean I should stay inside.

only 2 more weeks!


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