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I get excited & want to do everything all at once, right now. 
I want to be a runner and I want it to happen overnight.
I want to be someone who cooks, so I make every good recipe I can get my hands on.
I want to eat healthy, so I buy every good-for-you food that whole foods has to offer.
well… thats all fine and dandy but  I need to remember – one thing at a time. lets not get carried away. one recipe, one run, one day at a time.   

today I ran a little bit faster and on a steeper incline than ever before. only a few miles but a few great ones. tomorrow I run outside when its not freezing & crazy windy. 
I’m slowly eating through all the food in my freezer, more fun stuff soon tho.

I ran, went to Whole Foods (fully addicted), talked to the fam, made some dinner, painted my nails, & even made breakfast for tomorrow.  productive night 🙂
who makes breakfast the night before? aggressive. but all my new fave bloggers are raving about overnight oats. what the heck are overnight oats?! who knows.   apparently no cook oatmeal, mix the night before. add all kinds of yummy stuff and thats it.  supposedly they’re delicious, easy & healthy. cant beat it. we’ll see.

happy thursday!

i wish i was here. vacation? yes please.

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oh hello Saturday.
since my last post.. I’ve made some significant progress. well.. significant for 3 days..
I ran 4.5 miles for the second time. Goal for the day was 4, but I was feeling extra good & motivated. Afterwards, I did some serious grocery shopping. Whole Foods & Peapod.  Stocked up on everything I need to make all kinds of wonderfulness.

First, of course, my new favorite, courtesy of Shape.com via Breen. Recipe found here: Mozzarella Turkey Meatloaf   I made this once before and fell in love.  This time I added some extra onion, a clove of garlic & mixed the mozzarella right in. The layer in the middle wasn’t as awesome as it sounded.

lots of good stuff
mmm. delic. happy friday
gorgeous. & delicious if I do say so myself.
my favorite part – 6 equal slices, 1 for now. 5 for later & perfect for work lunch.
that was my friday night. facial. wine. meatloaf. & thurs night tv on dvr.
this morning – peapod delivered. & then 5 miles!!    very proud of myself.
and soo excited for margs & guac with lauren & erin tonight.

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so I’m not a cook. I tell myself I can follow recipe and it usually comes out well. I’ve been trying to cook more. I’ve made a handful of things recently, mostly courtesy of an email of recipes from D.Breen.

last night, I decided to make pizza (recipe free) Granted Whole Foods actually made the dough, I took care of the rest & was quite pleased with myself. sauteed onions & garlic over fresh tomato slices, a splash of red sauce & fresh mozzarella. mmmm.

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