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Sunday afternoon and I finished my final workout for the week. Logged everything into dailymile and realized I *only* ran 10 miles this week. 5 days of workouts, 4+ hours, mix of full body strength & cardio but only 10 miles. It didn’t feel like enough. What’s that about?!

So I went out and ran 2 more. Did it change how I felt about the week? No, but it made me feel like at least today I wasn’t a slacker.  No idea where I’m going with this except that I realized I was being crazy and kind of hard on myself.  I’ll stop that.

What’d I do this weekend?

bringing back the smoothies

I took Friday off, slept in, went for a run, got a massage (so painful and soo wonderful), ran into friends on the way home, had beverages, dinner, more beverages, it was fantastic. the end.

fri night lights

Yesterday, there was a birthday celebration at F1. More racing!  This time I drove though so I have no pictures. I was slow. I was okay with it.  so fun!

JT & I had dinner at Amrheins in Southie. Again, no pictures but I got the grilled turkey tips special that came on risotto with cashews, cranberries, and baby spinach. holy deliciousness. I loved it.  The turkey was fine, but the risotto..  I NEED TO RECREATE. soooo good.

I’m never ready for the weekend to end, but at least this one was long.  It was a good one 🙂

how was the weekend?! tell me a story.


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Happy Birthday Dennis!

The weekends are never quite long enough..

My Friday night looked like this:

Revenge on DVR, bud light & laundry.

and some of these, since I accidentally stole them from the parents.

Saturday –


I got the train at Back Bay & met my mom for outlet shopping.

That’s where the photos end. Oops.

I did get lots of fun stuff though 🙂

and then there were beverages for Dennis’s birthday.

Last week, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. That was the ONLY workout I even attempted. Chalk it up to post-race laziness?! I have no idea.

Tomorrow, I’m getting back on track. Bootcamp begins. 🙂

My apt is clean, the workout is printed, I prepped food for tomorrow, I’m ready.

how was the weekend, friends?!

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