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tuesday musings

Today was one of the busiest work days I’ve had in awhile.

I’m a planner.  I think things through, usually wayyy in advance. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much.

My boss had a big meeting this morning. I harassed him yesterday afternoon about what he needed for said meeting. He was uninterested.

This morning I got in, a little before normal time, anticipating the need to prepare for said meeting and he was at my desk immediately asking me for 1000 things.  Seriously?!   why?    Drives me crazy.

Was I ready for the requests? Clearly.  but ugh. Not ideal.

The rest of that day continued that way..

My brain is fried.

Other musings from today:

– steel cut oats are pretty good. they take wayyyy too long to make (30 min) but I made a whole bunch on Saturday for the week. Mix with blueberries, almonds & honey.  awesome plan.

what took me so long?

– I had yoga on the plan, but wasn’t feeling it. nope. rest day? yes please

– free lunch? yes please

– eggplant? I reached for you because I thought you were chicken. This is weird. I don’t hate it, but I wish you were chicken.  (I am the only 28 year old thats never had eggplant before?!)

– how is it only tuesday?!

– dear old job, its about time you send me a W-2. I will harass you til I get it.  I would like some tax money, thanksssss.

pinterest is less interesting than it used to be. can’t explain it. just is.

– I like my Garmin, but its not as life-changing as I expected it to be.  Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time with it?

yesterday's run

– why does the vein in my hand look gigantic?!   ha
– NCIS is one of my favorite shows, so underrated.  I love Gibbs.
who had an awesome Tuesday?  Do I need to give the Garmin time?
who of you should I be following on pinterest? 


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Hopefully, I’ll be at a Boston Blogger meet up tonight and won’t have time to post. So I’m going to give you a few of my favorite search terms that have brought people to the blog.

  1. criminal minds “alli” – while I do love criminal minds, pretty sure there is no alli on it. I think I’ve only mentioned it once so whoever is stalking my dvr settings, stop that.
  2. crazy jobs, nyc – I had a few of those. I don’t anymore. Nor do I really talk about it on the blog.
  3. my favorite day of the week is tuesday – now this is just ridiculous. I would love to know why. tuesdays are the worst
  4. i learns – uhh, yeah, it sounds like you need to.
  5. granola meatloaf – please tell me no one tried to combine these two things?!  I love them both, but just no.
  6. what I learned at harvard law school – Shouldn’t you already know what you learned? Glad I don’t need an attorney..   Plus, I’m pretty sure my version of HLS was way more fun.
  7. alli breen – I am alli. I have a friend named breen. We are not the same person.
  8. giant flotation devices for beer – HA. love this. yes. I have one & love it.
  9. alli speed hot – are you calling me hot & speedy? excellent I now accept compliments in the form of search terms, thanks.


ps. love that it’s a short work week!

20111011-153631.jpgand that I got my nails done today 🙂

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Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week. I know, I know, everyone hates Mondays. I think Tuesdays are worse.

Mondays – the weekend is over, back to the work week, but at least its the start of something fresh & new. No?

Tuesdays – I’m still anti-work-week, I’m back in the routine but not loving it, and the weekend is just too far away. ughhh

I’ll be honest – most of the time, it doesn’t actually bother me. Today though, today, I was grumpy. Grumpy for absolutely no reason.


So, I decided I’d try everything I could think of to snap out of it:

1. mid-afternoon walk & bought some fun nail polish.


apparently, I’m reverting back to 15 years old & metallic/glitter are in.

but at least I didn’t do this.. (though I almost did last night)

actually.. I do still like it.

2. Gym – I was supposed to run 5 miles today, oops. but it rained so at least I did something? I’ll run in the AM.

3. Laundry – clean clothes make everything better.

4. comfort food & root beer – root beer is seriously underrated. so good.

5. made myself a mocktail – well because its tuesday and real cocktails (esp. in my apt alone) are unnecessary.


lemon lime seltzer with splash of lemon juice in a wine glass. 🙂

and finally – I registered for another race!!

Who’s running with me?!

and.. I feel better 🙂

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random sox tuesday

tuesdays are usually pretty lame. except when you get an email offering free Sox tickets at 9am.  solid way to start the day.
I haven’t been to Fenway in we’ll say probably four years. so I made sure to bring the camera, zoom lens & all. 
didnt take many but got a few good ones.

 we had pretty good seats.
no explanation. just liked the colors.
in other events, i had a great run today. 🙂  monday’s struggled so I geared myself up for today to be better. success!   I know I’m struggling with recipes lately, but i’m eating the remaining few portions of the sweet potato meatloaf & chicken tikka masala that I made recently & I failed to photograph.  next time promise. 
I did make overnight oats when I got home from the game last night. and though I’m not totally sold on overnight oats, they were good and kept me full longer than most breakfast.  recipe here. (i skipped the banana)    cinnamon chia overnight oats 
thats all i got for now. happy wednesdayyy!

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blah tuesday

its dreary and gross outside. and only tuesday.  blah.
this makes me smile

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