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scenes from my weekend

getting up early on Friday was 100% worth it.

After work, I squeezed in a quick nap. Met up with JT and his friends, had some beverages, played some games, may have been some dancing involved. Great night 🙂

Saturday, we went to one of my favorite places!please note that if you bring me to Trader Joe’s, I will make you dinner.
like these, which were quite delicious.

After dinner, we headed to Liberty, met up with Lauren for a bit & then these guys. yayy!
Happy Birthday Abby!

Sadly I missed all the marathon coverage. 😦

Though I did make this & watch lotss of football 🙂

Crock Pot Taco Chili 

I’ve been trying to make this for weeks and just didn’t get there. It makes a LOT.

perfect football food, fantastic sunday 🙂

how was the weekend, my friends? 


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How many times have I talked about strength training and my need to cross train? Many. How often does it actually get done? Not very many.

I finally caved and joined the gym at work – entirely to have access to the classes. Obviously I needed another potential time to work out. Before and after work weren’t enough. Now I can get my sweat on in the middle of the day. Excellent. Quite sure this is going to lead to lots of classes in my life. Thursday, I tried power yoga and then today, I did spinning. Yeah – you read that right, I went to yoga finallyyy and I tried spinning for the first time since maybe early college. I’ll be back at both 🙂

Its starting to look like fall around here.


20111017-195124.jpgmini pumpkins!

Made with Real Honey? I assumed they were pure sugar

Has anyone ever read the bag? Fun fact:

Gross. Yeah, they’re tasty but thats insane. 4.25 times around the planet?!

I’m not really sure what to do with myself right now. I have tons of food in the apt. Cooking isn’t really necessary. I worked out already. Its not even 8:00. Maybe I’ll bake? Pumpkin was a goal for October.


20111017-194802.jpgI picked up a few fun things at Trader Joe’s this weekend 🙂


What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?

I have a few cans that I don’t know what to do with.

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It’s entirely possible that I’ve lost my mind, but I’d like to think I’m just motivated & more importantly, committed.

Today was supposed to get up to triple digits, so I got up before the sun (literally) to get in my long run before the heat got intense.

its 5:30ish. i’m sleepy, a lil nervous, and not as excited as I wanted to be, I’ll pretend.

good morning Boston.

approaching haymarketKennedy Greenway by the North End

south station circa 6:10
from Commercial St.

garden & bridgemuseum of science

i love the views from the cambridge side of the river

sky is pretty this morning

oooo  Trader Joe’s. can you even see it? i dont know.

Western Ave. This doesn’t feel like the city anymore. 
back on the Boston side – by BU  & thats the last in-route pic.


yeah. that headband says – no one ever drowned in sweat.

it makes me feel hardcore. and seemed appropriate given the heat.

11 miles done before 8am. hell yeah.

ice. love.

smoothies are the best

use mint extract carefully though- this one tasted a lil like toothpaste. ha.

don’t worry, I drank it anyway.

It just poured outside so I’m pretty excited that I missed that. iphones and rain do not get along well. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I’m planning on some pool time, so lets hope. I still haven’t been yet. oops. & really I might a nap. might as well get a tan while I recover.

pretty excited to actually be in Boston this weekend. its been awhile.  🙂

happy saturday!! have a fantastic weekend.

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Few reasons why it wasn’t brutal to get back into the groove this time, unlike the last 4 day weekend I had:

1. yeah, I had lots of delicious beverages – but for the most part, I ate like a normal person.

2. 3 day work week. makes me so very happy.

3. I fully cleaned my apt before I left. Coming home was fantastic knowing that my apt was neat & pretty, the dishwasher was clean, the sheets were fresh, and laundry was done.  (I sound like a crazy old lady but I think I’m okay with it..)

4. Back to back nights with friends:

Tuesday after I got back – Lauren & I had a fro-yo date and then did some wine & couch time. nothing makes easing out of vacation mode easier than a bff and wine.

Wednesday – I made the best hummus ever & headed to Christina’s. She supplied delic gala apples for scooping & wine 🙂

20110721-010749.jpgpre-choc chips. please note that I have no idea what it means to peel a chickpea, so that obviously did not happen. I promise its good anyway.


not the best photo – but you get the idea.  it was delicious. MUST TRY THIS!

(and I promise to work on my presentation skills)


and totally unrelated, but I feel like sharing – my fridge struh-ggles since I haven’t been to the grocery store in uh.. a long time.  So in attempts to avoid buying lunch – I pulled this out of the back of my freezer. Forgot it was in there.  intrigued.



I can’t describe how delicious this was. I will buy 4 more next time I make it to Trader Joe’s.  so good.


I have a date with the treadmill tonight. I braved the heat last night for 5 miles, but pretty sure today’s “excessive heat watch” plus the 15-25 mph wind mean I should stay inside.

only 2 more weeks!


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I had to go to a fairly boring compensation seminar all day in burlington today. not ideal.
BUT lack of car means I had to get a Zipcar to get myself there. oh hello mobility.   Of course, I needed to take full advantage of having a car for the day. SO I trekked it out to TraderJoe’s in Cambridge.  Obviously, the closest one with the wine shop.

I got sooo much good food & 6 bottles of wine for a ridiculous $83 dollars. AMAZING.
though I will say Cambridge TJ’s has nothingggg on NYC TJ’s (both of them).  i was not impressed, but did still manage to make it worth the trip.   veryy excited.  

could my freezer be any fuller – I don’t think so. must stop buying/making food. must eat lots before I cook more.

i’ve always been a less than adventurous eater – we’re all aware. i’ve insisted for as long as I can remember that I HATE all types of beans. who knows what possessed me to make cheese enchiladas.. but refried beans are pretty much the key ingredient. I bought them and made this thinking it sounded amazing (completely ignoring the fact that I won’t touch beans).
and boyyy, that was a great call.   tonight & last night:

and surprisingly not terrible for you. even though it looks like a pound of delicious, melty cheese – its really not that much. mmmmmm

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