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view from the balcony

It was like 70 on Tuesday so I sat outside and read the book that I failed to finish before book club. I suck.

the difference in my electric bill

Remember when JT came & fixed the heat?! I saved LOTS this month. 🙂

steel cut oats

never been a huge fan of oatmeal. totally hooked.


❤ coffee

I almost never go to Starbucks anymore. This morning I did and when I arrived at work, coffee machine broken. perfect timing.


happy friday friends!



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In the blog/twitter world, it seems like everyone loves fall just as much as I do.  Everyone is talking about pumpkin, football, & slow cookers. Myself included.

I’m all about being festive, so I figured its about time I FINALLY try the beloved pumpkin spice latte. I’m almost ashamed to say I’d never tried one.  The day Starbucks brought it back, the internet world went crazyyy. It might as well have been a holiday; everyone was so so excited. 

Guess I’m missing out right?  So as I’m trying to ease my way back into the work world, I decided today was the day.

After lunch, I strolled over to Starbucks and got a grande non-fat pumpkin spice latte.

I don’t understand all the hype. It was good, but not that good.  I got it with skim & it still seemed heavy.  I can’t imagine what a regular one would be like & really, I don’t have any interest in finding out. 

I liked it, yes. Will I order it again? Doubtful.


What I missing here, guys?   Why does everyone love it so much?


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happy friday friends!

everyone preparing for Irene?! I’m not sure how I feel about this whole hurricane situation.

I did make sure I located my flashlight, candles, matches. I stocked up on food, wine, water, etc. I got a pile of books waiting for when the power goes out.


I’m really glad its not hitting until Sunday. I haven’t spent a weekend in Boston in over a month. eekk. so I’m pumped to be home.

Today is my last summer Friday, so I planned a lil extra awesomeness. I keep saying I need to do more yoga.  So given that I did buy that Groupon & hot yoga is one of my august goals, today was the day to make it happen.  I really dislike the yoga mat I have, plus it lacks a strap, which makes it quite difficult to tote around.

I went out last night and bought a new one.

in case you wanted to see me awkwardly posting on my balcony with my new one. there you go.

I slept in a little and headed to the 9:30 hot hatha class.

serious sweat city.

75 minute class at 94 degrees. I was drenched.

and loooved it

the class felt awesome. I really need to work on my balance, but one step at time.

I can’t wait to go back.

and since its a few T stops away, Starbucks on the way home – highly necessary.


I’m heading to the pool for a lil sun, have to get it in before the summer is over!!

have a glorious afternoon

anyone else preparing for this hurricane? anything else I need to get? 

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