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my 4.5 day weekend starts NOW!


so excited for all the fun people this weekend.

(less excited for the 10 miles I have to do tomorrow, but itll be fun too I guess)


ONLY 3 WEEKS til my half!  I got all the final info via email last night and realized HOLY sooooooon.  eeeeekkkkk

so of course I stayed up late creating a 40 song, 2.5 hour long playlist for the race (and my long runs between now & then)     i’m ridiculous. but its sooo good. 

promise to share once its finalized.


and obviously because it was Katie’s birthday yesterday (and what else makes packing more fun), I poured myself some scotch, toasted from a few states away, & sent her these pics.  wouldn’t you just love to get ridiculous self portraits from me?  ha.









can not contain my excitement about this weekend.



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last night’s surprise rain storm was annoying at first – and then I realized it was pretty great.  did I have to walk home in the rain? yeah. BUT

it also means that the temp dropped and the humidity pretty much went away. That means: 

  1. no AC.   maybe I’m just cheap but sleeping with the slider open, the fresh air seems so much better than AC. glorious. 
  2. that when I got up this morning for a 4 miler, it was a delightful 64 degrees. AMAZING.

it was surprisingly windy, which I didn’t love, but at least this didnt happen soo I’ll take it.  Cool & windy definitely beats the 90+ degrees and humidity that I battled on Tuesday night. iicckkk.

can you think of a better way to start the day?  I can’t.


actually yeah, I can.

follow up that run with the best iced coffee ever.

I was too excited for photos. Sorry kids.

iced french roast with vanilla almond milk & half scoop vanilla protein powder.  sooo good and then I made the breakfast I blogged yesterday, because I loved it that much.   now if I could only fast forward to tomorrow evening. baaalllltimore.



now in honor of the birthday of another dear friend of mine:  4 reasons why katie is fantastic.

1. she’s hysterical.  read it.

2. she’s the reason I like scotch.

NYE 2009 – 2 and 9 broke off, oh welllll. i got scotch & a smart phone. all a girl needs


 3. she wears awesome outfits.


4. we have a pretty good time. 🙂

happy birthday katie!

and that is all for today. happy thursdayy!!

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