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Have you read this? No? You should.

The 1-Step Success Plan

I got this in an email on Tuesday. I get a lot of emails from Livestrong and Adam Bornstein has a lot of great things to say. This has to be his best one yet.  Read it.  There is really no arguing with his points & its super-motivating.

So much so, that Tuesday night I decided to run outside. It was 22 degrees & 18 mph wind, but I bundled and went. Am I crazy? Yes. It was brutal and slow. I was fully convinced I had wind-burn on my face, but luckily, I was wrong. I ran main roads through the city, since its safer.  I love the city all lit up at night.

20120105-094548.jpghow pretty are these lights?!

(I look ridiculous, I’m aware.)

Definitely not a good run, but I was really glad I went. I was pretty numb by the time I got home.  Thankful for both heat and my shower.

Yesterday, I got up and cranked out 5 treadmill miles before work.  Thinking it was the only time I had the option to work out forced me out of bed.  

Today – I’m going to drag myself to yoga. Do I feel like going? Not really, but I’ll be glad once I get there. 

I’m sure the motivation will wear off at some point, but when that happens.. read it again.


what motivates you? any tricks to keep it going?



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I want to do everything.

More specifically, I don’t want to have to choose between running and being fun this weekend.

Well, let me rephrase that – I want to run and still be super fun all the time and not have to worry about what I’m eating/drinking or how much sleep I’m getting in preparation for a long run. Oh and I want that long run to be phenomenal too.

So, I came up with a plan to make that all possible!!

20111104-092549.jpg  it involved me seeing this as I turn on my Keurig this morning.  

Who needs to sleep?!


At about 5:20, I made my way downstairs and did 6 miles @ 10:00 on the treadmill, since its wayy too dark to be running outside.  Safety first, Mom!


At about 6:20, I ventured out to this. Still dark, but not as scary as it looked. Lots of runners out this morning! Totally safe, Mom!



Sunrise was beautiful this morning, my friends.  I did another 5.2 @ a 10:09 pace.  The last 2.5 were my fastest of the morning, love it! 

I’ve never broken up a long run like that before.  It was awesome!  It probably took me 5 minutes to get from the treadmill, take a GU, and get outside. Once I got out there, it was like a whole new game, like those 6 miles never happened. 5 more? No Big Deal.

a fantastic 11.2 miles! I got home around 7:20, stretched, foam rolled & had a smoothie. and now I feel like a rockstar.   (I’ll probably crash at some point this afternoon, but we’ll ignore that for now)

I can be a crazy runner and have a blast of a weekend, without even blinking about my long run.  hellll yeah. 🙂

happy friday! and someone get me a coffee at like 4:00 😉


What’s on tap for the weekend?

Anyone else get up crazy early this morning?


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Only 4 days til NY Rock n Roll 10K! I’m running with two of my very best 🙂

cant wait!

Chrissy’s first race ever?!

Tonight I did a fast 4.5 miles. My plan was to keep a comfortable pace but fast felt pretty good.  9:11 pace? yes please.   Does anyone else hate that its getting dark so early? Its ruining my running routine.  I run the Esplanade a lot. Unfortunately, its not well lit at all.  Since its fantastic outside, I realllly don’t want to give into the treadmill yet. I would love to get up early and run but 1. its tough and 2. I’m pretty sure its dark then too. I need a new game plan.  So, I ran along the HarborWalk, which is pretty well lit, and then through the city once the sun was down.

the iphone takes surprisingly good photos if I take the time to pause & let it focus.

so pretty.

I had a great run but by the time I got home, my right knee didn’t feel so awesome. So after some stretching & foam rolling, I’m spending the evening like this.

 shorts, compression socks, ice. super cute.

and in case you were wondering – the pumpkin muffins last night

Trader’s Joe’s Pumpkin bread/muffin mix + 3 ingredients

super easy

super delicious. was perfect for breakfast this morning 🙂


How else should runners stay safe as it gets darker earlier?  

What am I going to do with a whole batch of muffins? ha. 

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