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so so happy its Friday.

a few awesome things about today:

1. JT fixed/insulated/got magical with the heating system in my apt.

20120120-152014.jpgthis is the ghetto, half-ass heater that hates me and refuses to get my apt to an acceptable temperature.

(I’ve had it “fixed” twice and replaced once already, yet I still need a space heater and sleep in my compression socks)

20120120-152022.jpgand this is my fabulous boyfriend, who showed up with all sorts of insulating/foamfilling/cold air stopping stuff, took things apart, sprayed/filled/who knows what else.

and now it is warm.

(warm=happy alli)


2. I am sore, in the best way possible

yesterday kicked my ass and I feel great about it.


3. embracing the rest day

I came to work today with a bag of gym clothes & every intention to do a few easy miles at lunchtime. I’m tired. No, thanks.  


4.  pizza & parents

my parents are coming in tonight to hang out with my friends and they’re bringing pizza. Town Spa Pizza to get specific. SO GOOD. can’t wait.


5. THESE GIRLS will be here in just a few hours.

(since there isn’t a decent pic of all three of us on the internet?!) 

this might be from 2008, but I love it

July 2011

I’m excited. Can’t sit still. Need the work day to be over. Wine please.


who has fun weekend plans?! I want to hear about ’em

. \\

ps. I would like this to happen except with lisa too. love & a dance party



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last minute plans

I ❤ last minute plans.

Lauren texted at like 5:00 and this became our evening.


20111222-100105.jpgPizza from Fig’s (who delivers now :))

20111222-100128.jpgrainy but delightful

 Yesterday, I did 4 miles on the treadmill. I really wanted to get outside, but lunchtime & rainy runs don’t mix. So I stayed inside but got it done. Not going to lie, it was pretty brutal. I think the stats on the treadmill get in my head. If I’m outside, I have a general idea of how far I’ve gone & what my pace is. If I’m on the treadmill, its staring me in the face every second.  Reason #258 why I need to get outside.

Tomorrow my office is closing at 2 and Saturday seems like its going to be a bit crazy, so game plan: tomorrow afternoon 6 mile run outside

and make it even more interesting!

I signed up for the Virtual 10K race that these fabulous ladies are hosting. last minute race? yes please.

so actually, I’ll run 6.2.   Am I going to attempt to run at race pace? No.

Looking at my training log and I haven’t run anything over 4 miles in 6 weeks! eeekkk.


anyone else running the Virtual 10K

anyone want to run sloww with me tomorrow afternoon?


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Aren’t Mondays fun?!


Highs – weekend recap

1. Saturday night, 6 of us went to Comics Come Home. I was a little skeptical when JT told me that was the plan. Comedy isn’t really my thing. (let’s remember, same girl who hated Dumb & Dumber and doesn’t really watch funny movies) I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to a comedy show before.  It was AWESOME. Seriously, if you’re in the area for the event next year, GO.  So funny. I loved it.

not an awesome photo but you get the jist

2. Sunday – I got to play with Sarah!  I spent the afternoon brunching & drinking mimosas with my old roommate who I haven’t seen in farrrr too long. It was a photo fail afternoon but so much fun!

❤ old photos & surprise Sarah visits

3. I’m about to win Fantasy this week!!  My team is 2-7 going into this week. I won week 1 & last week, lost every game in between.  I’ll win this week officially later tonight and it makes me really happy.

4. Tonight, I had a serious craving for something delicious but really didn’t want to order out.

Enter – naan pizza. delicious.


Low –

serious foot pain.

I have absolutely idea where it came from.  plantar fasciitis maybe?   outside of the arch. hurts to walk. running doesn’t feel like an option.   since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been icing, rolling, stretching it. It finally feels better, definitely not normal, but we’re heading in the right direction.

I woke up this morning convinced that Philly was out of the question. Tonight – I feel more optimistic.

Hoping its back to normal tomorrow.


any highlights to share? anyone have experience with random foot pain? 

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so I’m not a cook. I tell myself I can follow recipe and it usually comes out well. I’ve been trying to cook more. I’ve made a handful of things recently, mostly courtesy of an email of recipes from D.Breen.

last night, I decided to make pizza (recipe free) Granted Whole Foods actually made the dough, I took care of the rest & was quite pleased with myself. sauteed onions & garlic over fresh tomato slices, a splash of red sauce & fresh mozzarella. mmmm.

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