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Lisa ran a marathon!

Sunday morning, we got up bright & early at 5 so Lisa would have plenty of time to get ready.  She brought back-ups for everything, peanut butter from home, and her foam roller. So prepared!!

all set to go! I dropped Lisa pretty close to the start around 6:45, parked the car by mile 6 & walked over to Love Park. I was just past the mile 1 mark, but didn’t see Lisa or anyone else I knew for that matter. I did get to see the elite runners come out, so cool.

 Around 6.5 – here she comes!
What are the chances two people wearing orange right next to each other?!

running is soo much fun! Just past the half marathon mark – I got there just in time to get her attention & snap this of her passing. I had tried to get her again at mile 9.5 but she ran by as I was trying to park. Oops.

 I camped out at mile 22 to wait for her and spotted her as she was approaching.She looked fantastic! Having a ball.
Pictures don’t capture how excited she was.

 caught her right after the finish!  4:07:43“Li, unreal! you just ran a marathon! way faster than you expected!”
“Yeah it didn’t feel that hard”
you’re crazy. I love it.

 lots of stretching

obviously before I told her it was a 15 minute walk to car. sorry! ice bath = excellent plan and post race beverage! proof I was there.

Lisa killed it. So proud of you!!

I definitely had fun chasing her around the city, but can’t say I wasn’t disappointed to be sidelined. I’ll be back in action as soon as I possibly can. I’m already itching to run. Plus, seeing her conquer the full for the first time made me want to do that much more.

How was everyone’s weekend?
who was racing? any PR’s out there?


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I found Lisa bright & early this morningobviously lots of expo photos were necessaryExpo was actually disappointing. There wasn’t anything there I was interested in and no samples. lame. Love Park is getting ready for Christmas. 🙂about noon – we stopped at Tria for lunch. This place was super cute & the food was excellent. I meant to take a pic but nope. oops.

Love the hotel room keys!
She’s got everything all set up & ready to go for the morning.

love that they added our namesI have such skills. Artsy right here.

I’m going to be a damn good spectator.

We’re off to dinner soon. Lots of carbs in the near future.

(I can pretend carb-loading is still necessary right?)

Have a fabulous night friends.

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I can’t

I planned to test my foot on Wednesday night by cranking out a few miles on the treadmill.
(Note to self – if you have the choice between real gym with like 10 treadmills & apt building gym with 3, its much safer to go with more.) 
I went home threw some laundry in and tried to get on a treadmill. No dice.  They were full. So I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, switched my laundry & came back. Still no open treadmills. Now what? I did 20 minutes on the climber/elliptical thing.  Foot felt a lil uncomfortable, but no pain and the longer I stayed on there, the less I noticed it.  Step in the right direction at least.

Enter optimistic Alli.  

of course I can run!  pumped for Sunday…

mile 6 of Prov Half. Philly? Pshh. I'm ready

oooo, maybe I can find a Thanksgiving race too!!  


Lets try actually running before I get ahead of myself. Good plan.

Yesterday, I jumped on a treadmill at lunchtime. It didn’t feel great from the beginning. A little uncomfortable but no actual pain.
5.8  became 6.0 became 6.6.  
I was aware of the foot but feeling great about it. Until 2.5 miles in  –  shooting pain.

I jumped off that treadmill FAST. It was awful. I’m standing on the edge on one foot, telling myself that was weird, but okay.. I’m not ready to give up yet.  I’ll walk a little and see how that goes.  4.0 for a minute or so. Doing alright. Maybe I can work my way back up??  I just ran 2.5 miles & was fine. Maybe I was just going too fast.    5.0, a light jog shouldnt hurt it, right?   30 seconds in, shooting pain. 

I’m done. I can’t.


I’m officially out for Sunday.  Obviously, I’m not excited about it. But if I can’t walk without pain at this point, running isn’t an option.

So, I have an appointment with a orthopaedist in a week and a half.  Delightful.


As for this weekend, I’m still heading to Philly tonight. I’m picking up Lisa at the train in the morning, hitting up the expo & hopefully meeting up with some bloggers. 

On Sunday, I’ll be cheering for Lisa as she runs her first FULL marathon.


dear lisa, 
I’m super jealous that you can run, in general and more specifically, a full marathon.   I promise to scream loud and take lots of pictures. I can not promise I won’t be embarrassing.  Can’t wait to see you dominate 26.2.
looove, alli


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not good

run didn’t go so well.   

how do I feel about it?

not good. not good at all.

thats it. .


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we’ll see

I haven’t run (or done any kind of workout for that matter) in 3 days. I kind of hate it.   Sure, 3 days isn’t really a big deal, but 3 days during race week feels huge.  

I want to run.

I want my foot to feel normal.

I want to dominate Philly.

I can’t. It doesn’t. We’ll see..

I don’t want to hurt myself though.   The possibility of prolonging pain & the inability to run is seriously awful.  So I sit and ice and roll and stretch.  It makes me feel lazy, which turns into me actually being lazy. Not cool.

Game plan:  I’m going to test it out this evening. We’ll see how it goes.    
(plus I decided my shoes are at fault, so I bought new ones. Should I do new shoes this close to the race? probably not, but I’m going to anyway)


I can see this going 2 ways:

1. I feel okay & decide Philly is still a good idea. awesome.

2. Its not okay and I have to entertain the idea of not to running on Sunday. This scenario will probably involve some tears and a lot of wine.  BUT it means I can still cheer on Lisa for her very first FULL.  All will not be lost.

Stay tuned my friends.


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Remember when it was 85 degrees a month ago and then it snowed? It’s 70 out today! This weather confuses me but I’m not complaining. I’ll take every chance I can get for a nice run outside.

Yesterday I attempted to do a 5 miler at lunchtime but failed to bring socks. AWESOME!  (apparently I didn’t learn anything last week when I forgot a sports bra..)    So instead, I broke out the Shred and spent some time with Jillian. That meant that today I got do my 5 miler and considering how nice it is out, I felt great about it.

It was harder than it should’ve been though. It didn’t leave me super confident for Philly in umm.. 12 days. I’m going to need Saturday’s run to be pretty great.

On the positive side though, its a beautiful day to be outside and running.


look at those colors!

20111108-152220.jpglove this view

I’m excited for the Philly Half. I really am. Not as much as I was for Providence though.  I’m sure that’s normal right?    

Training for Providence was so exciting. Every week I ran the farthest I’ve ever run. Automatic PDR!  This time around I feel stronger. I feel like a better, faster runner but I didn’t stick to my training plan. Training lost some of the excitement, so diligently following a plan just didn’t happen.  I basically just used it as a guideline.

I’m sure the race is going to be amazing, but now I’m doubting myself. 😦


dear alli – stop psyching yourself out. you’re ready and being crazy. love, alli


who has happy race stories for me?

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August is over. It certainly feels like it outside. We’re bordering on fall weather and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t think I’m quite ready to let summer go yet.

I never get tired of this though.

(this is also how I feel about fall and the fact that I’m going back to philly ;))


Recap – goals for august

1. HALF MARATHON – oh yes. you can read post here

2. try hot yoga – I went! only once but I went & loved it. yoga will become something I do regularly (if I keep telling myself that)

3. join gym or commit to strength training on my own – I didn’t join a gym. I really just can’t justify spending the money just so I can go to classes. I did start doing more cross training, but not as much as I want to. I give myself half credit on this one.

4. have an amazing time at HLS. Definitely. Recaps on HLS here, here & here plus my lessons learned.

August was a bit of an odd month. I talked a little bit about how weird I felt after the half marathon in this post. I’m adjusting how I think about my workouts and getting more on track.

Last night, I did my first speed workout. Speed work makes me nervous, which probably explains why I skipped it the past 2 weeks. oops.  I did  8 x400 intervals at an 8:57 pace with a 1 mile warmup &  .5 mile cool down.  It flew by!  Intervals made it go by so fast. Big fan. 

and completely unrelated but worth sharing – yesterday afternoon, I pulled this out of my desk drawer (which is always stock piled with bars, nuts, etc). I got this in my HLS swag bag and didn’t have high hopes.20110831-090320.jpgit was surprisingly delicious & chocolatey


how did you all do on august goals? 

thoughts on speedwork?

who wants to send me workouts to try :)?

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