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oh hello friends.

I’m in a great mood. Why?  I’m killin’ it this week.  Productivity makes me happyyy.  

All the fun things I’ve accomplished since Monday: 

On the workout front – I had a great run, spent some time shredding with Jillian (that has left me fairly sore), broke out my yoga dvd last night (YES, I did yoga fiiinally), and this morning, I got my ass out of bed to get in 3.5 miles before work. That my friends.. was tough, real tough.

I made lots of food – turkey meatloaf & sweet potatoes, Mama Pea’s spanish quinoa, and prepped tofu dippers for who knows when.  I was planning on having them last night, but realized I had forgotten that whole marinate step. So marinate they did. So, we’ll ignore the fact that I had pita chips & cottage cheese for dinner instead. 

Actually let’s not.

Has anyone else tried these?  Obsessed.  I need to stop buying them, but you should probably start.  

What else did I do this week?
grocery shopping
restocked my snack drawer at work – obviously critical..
went out for a drink –  just one. oh hello self-control, nice to see you again
blogged daily
painted my nails
cleaned my apt

not bad.

Tonight, I have a cooking date with the lovely Christina & maybe drinks with sister & bro-in-law. delightful. 

I’m ready for the weekend. Now where can I get one of these?

click for source

happy thursday kids!





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I’m on a roll this week. Once again, I broke out the Peas and Thank You cookbook & this time, I made some Spanish Quinoa.

mixing with chicken sausage – excellent plan

mixing with spinach, fontina, garlic chicken sausage – not ideal

I don’t know what flavor I thought I had, but these didn’t mix well. They’re each fantastic on their own though.


After Monday’s fantastic run & considering that it was raining, I decided to go with a little strength training last night rather than running. Oh hello Jillian Michaels.

I shred for the first time in a while, which means I’m sore for the first time in a while. 🙂

Bathroom stretching, don’t mind if I do. I’m supposed to do a speed workout tonight. Not sure my legs are going to appreciate that. We shall see.


Completely unrelated but equally important.

Boston folks – who has been to Zo?

20111005-142739.jpgobsessed. chicken gyro.

This place is too good. I can NOT say no if its even so much as mentioned as a lunch option. For example, I brought my lunch trying to be uber-responsible and healthy. Meatloaf & quinoa will wait til tomorrow.  

Zo, you win again. I can not resist.

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I’ve had a lazy few days. A few spurts of productivity here & there though.

Saturday – I procrastinated on my 6 mile run til the late afternoon. Glad I did though. It was surprisingly smooth, actually felt good to do a longer run. (anything over 5 miles is “long” in my head) I love that it was cooler outside.


how pretty?


First time I’ve run with my compression socks.

Not sure how I feel about it yet. I like them a lot in general, just not sure about running in them. Might take some getting used to.

Sunday – I broke out the slow cooker & attempted to make pulled chicken. I had a lot of chicken in the freezer and rarely make it anymore. So it seemed like a great fall idea and I was feeling creative, so I went recipe-free. (thinking about that goal to come up with alli-originals)

looks delicious right?

It was pretty good, not excellent. Not a recipe worth sharing. 😦

Sunday night – I didn’t feel like venturing to the grocery store so I ordered groceries (which is necessary to get heavy stuff) but the best part about it..  Grocery shopping with the Peas and Thank you book. Groceries arrive any minute & include everything I need to make probably half the book. Excited. I see lots of deliciousness in my future.

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happy friday kids! I’m trying super hard not to think/obsess/write/talk about races. or a particular one in my future. So today you get my super random ponderings about stupid stuff. get excited.


Few signs that I’m addicted to my iphone.

1. I haven’t been more than 10 ft away from it since I got it. (except maybe when I’m in the shower, then it might be 20ft. water+phone = sad sad alli)

2. There were almost tears last night, when iTunes tried to sync and deleted half of my apps. (obviously I have since figured out how to get them back)

3. I take pictures of really stupid stuff, just because I can.  like my dinner even though I have no intention of blogging about it.


but then. I also take pictures of really fun stuff. for example:

super excited that these arrived last night!

 I’ve been following the blog Carrots N Cake for awhile. Finally bought the book – can’t wait to read and try all her fun recipes.

Peas and Thank you is one of my fave food blogs. I’m not Vegan, in fact – I’m not even vegetarian, but she makes everything look so delicious and fun. and who isn’t into delicious and fun!? plus she’s hysterical. Must make everyyything.


back to my point. iphone. addition.  –

4. the last thing I do before I sleep is check my phone- gmail, twitter, facebook, etc. just because. Half the time, I just got up from the computer. What could possibly have changed in the last 5 minutes?!

5. my alarm goes off. I pick up my phone, well.. one to turn it off and second to check all the above mentioned stuff. really – everyone is asleep when I am, nothing overly interesting is happening.

and then – I fall back to sleep, phone in hand, and wake up to round 2 of alarm clock and random apps/sites are open. everysingleday. one of these days, I will accidentally Like or Retweet something in my sleep and I will learn. ugh.


addicted? absolutely.

going to change? probably not.

my phone makes me happy. there are worse things to be addicted to, umm.. like the handful of chocolate I just ate. bad alli. (psshhh its race week, I can eat whatever I want. Thats how it works, no?)


anyone else have this problem? no? just me?


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