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Week 1 kicked my ass.

Goals –
1. Drink 64 oz of water a day – not difficult. Just something I needed to be aware of to get it done
2. get 8 hours of sleep – aside from Atlanta, this was fairly easy. Plan accordingly.

Lessons learned –
Just because you can run 13 miles does not mean you are in shape. Week 1, I was all excited and motivated. So… I overdid it. My quads are in more pain that anything else, and still are. Hellooo reality check.

Week 2

Goals –
1. take a multivitamin daily
2. no mid-week alcohol and no weekend headaches
(plus keep drinking lots of water and getting 8 hours of sleep)

I have a big bottle of vitamins at work and at home. They’re always available but just not part of the routine and should be. In terms of drinking, I go through phases where one week I’ll have a glass of wine or two almost every night and then some weeks I don’t have any. As much as I love wine, weeknight’s aren’t a habit I want. Obviously, I’m not cutting out alcohol for the weekends, but I needed a related goal for those two days. Given that its St. Patty’s weekend, headache & hangover free sounds like a great plan.

5 miler after work

Yesterday was supposed to be my first strength circuit of the week, but I swapped it for cardio instead.  My legs hurt and there were multiple stretching breaks, but I did 5 miles.  It felt great to be outside. It was gorgeous!! almost 70 degrees. How could I not go for run?!

I’ll attempt strength training today, but I’m going to modify the workout a bit to go easy on the quads. I’m hoping if I go easy on the legs today, they’ll be back to normal sooner than later.  My foam roller and I are spending lots of time together 😉


how do you feel about mid-week adult beverages?  or vitamins? 
is it really spring? or do you think the weather messing with us again?



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foam rollers?

every running blog I read swears by foam rollers. I wasn’t really sure what they do, what the hype is about, or why runners insist they need them.

BUT after some googling (magical?  massage? ) & since I’m a lil crazy I decided if my fave runners need them, obviouslyyy I do too. amazon & done.

the other night my foam roller arrived in the mail.

So I consulted my standard running resource & scored a few things to try.

Runner’s World- Foam Rolling for Runners



Then yesterday I decided to try Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

So, its supposed to be done every day, but I figure its a solid & quick way to strength train on non-running days. and because really.. I’ve been ignoring the rest of my body since I start running & I should probably stop that.  That said,   I knew my arms, back, etc would be sore. Not surprised.

BUT my butt and my LEGS!!!
you would think I’d been working those pretty well with all the running. I thought wrong. SO SORE.


I would love to think that the foam roller going to help me prevent injury, which is what I bought it for, but for now I’ll just say it feels AWESOME.     hurts but in the best way possible.  new love. 🙂


These are blogger references I mention. I’m a sucker & will probably buy anything they tell me to. sigh.






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