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Yesterday, I scheduled my post to go up right before I would be heading to brunch. Little did I know that instead, I’d be researching urgent care clinics that were open on Sundays, in hopes of avoiding the ER. So much fun right?

I found CityMD online, gathered up all my stuff, in anticipation of spending the entire afternoon, and Chrissy & I trekked to the Upper East Side.

Somehow Chrissy managed to split her baby toe right in the crease. The doctor called it a deep separation between the toe and foot. It looked me more like someone tried to cut her toe off. Gross.

We saw 2 doctors who cleaned out her foot, prescribed some antibiotics, answered all her questions, kindly provided a delightful set of crutches & set us on our way. All in an hour and a half.


Chrissy is obviously thrilled to be at Duane Reade getting her prescription filled.

We got her meds & got back to her apartment just in time for me to head to Penn Station. Delightful way to spend a Sunday..

At the end of the day though, she’s okay and the whole experience wasn’t bad. If you’re ever in need of a doctor after hours or on the weekend. I absolutely recommend CityMD. They were friendly, efficient, thorough and even have a great (and clean) office. Urgent care clinics make me nervous. This place was excellent.


Now I’m back in Boston, back to normal.  I packed up my clothes this morning with every intention of going to spinning this afternoon. Time for class rolled around and I wasn’t feeling it. So I headed out for a run instead.

It’s gorgeous out.






Definitely wasn’t one of my best runs. Since I was planning on spinning, I brought an old pair of sneakers. My shins weren’t having it, so I had to walk half way through. Lesson learned. Old sneakers are a terrible plan. It was a perfect fall day though, so it was nice just to be out and running.


Who had a better Sunday than we did? Everyone I hope.


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different person?

I spent 4 years in NY. I loved the city, the energy, pretty much everything about it. I missed it after only a few days.


I went back this past weekend & it all felt different. I honestly thought NY would always have that magic, but this time I just didn’t feel it.

I still love my friends, please don’t confuse the two. I had a great time with them, I just wasn’t feeling the city in the same way. Maybe it wasn’t the city’s fault, maybe my head was just in the wrong place. But I didn’t feel at home there. I couldn’t even imagine myself living there.

via pinterest

Why did I feel so out of place?

How did it feel right for so long?

Have I really changed that much?

Was I really a different person then?

Maybe the love will reemerge next time?

I hope.

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and I’m back!

I’m back from NY!

Friday – we went to Barrio Chino for dinner. I took all of 3 pictures.

these drink menus were on the back of corona boxes. ha.

could you two be any cuter?

pretty friends


Sunday – there was lots of beer. football in brooklyn with the ladiesand more pretty friends.


Monday – I met up with Lissy for lunch & stopped by the old office to say hello.

20110927-223259.jpgthen I grabbed this & trekked to half the H&M’s in the city looking for boots

No dice. very sad.

20110927-223316.jpglove Madison Square Park.

Met Lauren for a drink at Markt.


Photos? wine yes. Lauren no. Obviously that makes sense..

Then, there was this.

20110927-223329.jpgcheck out this wall. so fun.

I met my friend Ken for a drink at Revival on 15th btwn Third & Irving.

Obviously I didn’t take any pictures of him or the super cute patio but this I got.

Considering I was there for almost 4 days, picture fail. But I saw lots of fun people, ate some great food & somehow managed go hangover free.

Success 🙂


& Happy Birthday Christina!!

hope you had a fantastic day. (pics of tonight, tomorrow :))

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Thanks for your suggestions on races!!  
I haven’t quite decided which to do yet but I did register for this. 10/22/11

really excited for this one 

I’ll be adding a bunch more to the game plan so keep em comin. I almost (eeeekkk) registered for the half but decided I needed to wait until after tomorrow’s 6.5 miles. If I can get through half the distance without keeling over, I can get there. 

I finally synced my phone & took it on a run last night. (breen – love the app, thanks!)
I paused to stretch and couldn’t resist.  
I love this!  How can I resist a run with this view?!

After last night’s run, Lauren came over for dinner. I made some pearl onion risotto & spinach salad. delic! and of course, there was wine, some celebratory bubbly & a fantastic cupcake.  picture fail. none taken.  

I’m sooo ready for the weekend.  
cleaned the apt. did my laundry. running in the morning. ready for lots of guilt-free fun. 
tomorrow – i have a fantastic day planned with my sister! 
then katie & chrissy are coming from NY! 🙂 🙂
& a GREAT crew coming out to celebrate.  can NOT wait!!

i keep trying to add to this post but really – i’m watching the king’s speech. ha.  good at multitasking. not so much. 🙂

have a fabulous night! 

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I heart NY

I love NY & even though I don’t live there anymore, I think it will always feel a bit like home.
this weekend was fantastic!
I got in on Friday and had a low key night with a few of the best.

unfortunately, i failed at pics. so this is all i have of the weekend.
Saturday morning Breen & I got up and went running. I forgot how wonderful the West Side Highway is – and did 5 miles!!  I haven’t run that far since I switched to outside, so I was pretty pumped. 🙂
every time I get to a new distance, I feel like a half miight be possible.
I’m not convinced enough to register though.
i do NOT love mondays. today struggled.
plus the fact that I’m going away this weekend again makes this week tough. I probably should have run tonight, but just couldnt bring myself to do it. tomorrow. ugh.
I did make a delic dinner though. inspired by fresheatsntastytreats.
1/3 block tempeh
whole wheat sandwich thin
1 oz shredded cheddar
red onion
bbq sauce. 
lit my mouth on fire a bit. mmmm. 

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Friday :)

today is the last friday for a whole month that I have to work a full day. SCORE. 
I’m going to pretty upset if it stays like this:

while I have summer fridays.  in which case, I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me on every brewery & vineyard tour that I can find in the Boston area.

I’ve been a little slow on the posting. sorryyyy

so! things i did this week –
lots of yoga – I keep saying I’m going to incorporate yoga into my workouts. its about time.
actually got up to run before work – I probably set my alarm twice a week every week, this is the first time since I moved that I actually got my ass out of bed. WIN
attempted a spinach artichoke turkey meatloaf – this combo does not exist on the internet (i looked)  it was good but needs a little work before its worth sharing.
had Sara & Abby over for dinner – so fun!  made these veggie enchiladas & you need to too. delic.
made an amazing smoothie – I used mixed berries instead of just strawberries tho so mine was purple. SO GOOD

and this weekend I’m heading back to NY to hang out with these kids.  excitement

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damn wind

Given my impending weekend in NY and the excessive amounts of food and beverage that are about to be had, I decided back-to-back days of running was necessary.   Worst run ever!
Apparently the wind was not pleased with my analysis of Monday’s run, so it was aggressive & crazy and somehow managed to lodge my contact up in my head around mile two.  Which means that: 
1. I can’t see.
2. it hurts.  
3. the wind ->  watery eyes + lost contact + sweaty hands = BURNING
…and I’m two miles from home. awful.

but regardless, I got moving, so I guess all was not lost.  
note to self:   buy sunglasses to run with.

exactly 24 hours from right now, I will be in NYC!!  cant wait to see you all!!

love. love. love.

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