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 Tuesday. ugh

This weekend was wonderful & exhausting. Back-to-back visitors wasn’t the best plan I’ve ever had but I loved seeing them all.

Friday night, Katie & Lisa arrived approx. 10 minutes before my parents. We all had pizza, wine & fun catching up.

Saturday morning – the girls & I woke up to SNOW. 

 20120124-121202.jpgwe trekked over to Faneuil Hall for lunch & shopping.

20120124-121210.jpgNed Devine’s was empty given the weather but excellent.  Panini, sweet potato fries, and a glass of sauv blanc. yes please.

20120124-121216.jpgKatie & Lisa

20120124-121224.jpgKatie & I

We even picked out Lisa’s outfit for her engagement photos. Though I failed to document that, there will be plenty of pics of it at some point 🙂

Saturday night, we had a drink at my apt with JT, had him snap this pic of us & all headed to dinner.  

Dinner was at Panza, which is my favorite place in the North End. Even with a reservation, the wait was 45 minutes. Obnoxious but the food is worth it. I always forget how frustrating that is, especially since I have little patience.  Oops.

Still, I had a fabulous weekend with the girls. So much fun. Might take me til next weekend to recover though.


how was your weekend?

anyone want to come do the mountain of laundry I have waiting for me? 😉


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It’s entirely possible that I’ve lost my mind, but I’d like to think I’m just motivated & more importantly, committed.

Today was supposed to get up to triple digits, so I got up before the sun (literally) to get in my long run before the heat got intense.

its 5:30ish. i’m sleepy, a lil nervous, and not as excited as I wanted to be, I’ll pretend.

good morning Boston.

approaching haymarketKennedy Greenway by the North End

south station circa 6:10
from Commercial St.

garden & bridgemuseum of science

i love the views from the cambridge side of the river

sky is pretty this morning

oooo  Trader Joe’s. can you even see it? i dont know.

Western Ave. This doesn’t feel like the city anymore. 
back on the Boston side – by BU  & thats the last in-route pic.


yeah. that headband says – no one ever drowned in sweat.

it makes me feel hardcore. and seemed appropriate given the heat.

11 miles done before 8am. hell yeah.

ice. love.

smoothies are the best

use mint extract carefully though- this one tasted a lil like toothpaste. ha.

don’t worry, I drank it anyway.

It just poured outside so I’m pretty excited that I missed that. iphones and rain do not get along well. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I’m planning on some pool time, so lets hope. I still haven’t been yet. oops. & really I might a nap. might as well get a tan while I recover.

pretty excited to actually be in Boston this weekend. its been awhile.  🙂

happy saturday!! have a fantastic weekend.

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todays truths.

my job stresses me out.
i swear too much.
i used to be a much happier person. and secretly wish i still was
cleaning makes me feel like there is order in the world
i dont believe in life without nail polish  (courtesy of j. britz)
i looooved the north end yesterday.
thunder still seems romantic.
and at 27, i still have crushes.

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