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as I mentioned yesterday, I slacked on my run so I had to go this morning. I’m a week & a half from the race and every ounce of my being wanted to stay in bed.  You would think I would be more motivated. Nope.  I got up, not exactly on time, but did it anyway.

and then I was craving fruit. hardcore. specifically – watermelon.  random?! yes.

so I strolled through Whole Foods on my way to work & picked some up. I am that ridiculous girl at work. 2 giant tubs of fruit. coffee and seltzer. perfection.

I failed to mention last night that I was attempting tofu for the first time. In the slow cooker. So I woke up this morning to the smell of tonight’s dinner. not bad.  I used Mama Pea’s recipe pretty loosely.  I ran out of bbq sauce so I used half bbq sauce, half salsa, threw in a chopped onion, and some frozen bell peppers.  I probably should’ve made sure I had the ingredients before I started. Oops.

Regardless, it was decent. Not awesome, but what can you do?

so that was dinner tonight. then I made CCK’s Frozen Hot Chocolate. holy ridiculous. this was good. so good that I just ate it and didn’t take any pictures. oops. fail.

but I did manage to take a pic of my nails.  Age appropriate? definitely not. Fun? absolutely.

Really excited that its practically the weekend.  Tomorrow is the company softball outing at work. So we head to the Common at 11:30am & hang out all day.  Dinner with two fabulous old friends tomorrow night.  Friday – my last long run (!!!) and then Breen arrives for the weekend at the Cape.  Yayyy!


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Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week. I know, I know, everyone hates Mondays. I think Tuesdays are worse.

Mondays – the weekend is over, back to the work week, but at least its the start of something fresh & new. No?

Tuesdays – I’m still anti-work-week, I’m back in the routine but not loving it, and the weekend is just too far away. ughhh

I’ll be honest – most of the time, it doesn’t actually bother me. Today though, today, I was grumpy. Grumpy for absolutely no reason.


So, I decided I’d try everything I could think of to snap out of it:

1. mid-afternoon walk & bought some fun nail polish.


apparently, I’m reverting back to 15 years old & metallic/glitter are in.

but at least I didn’t do this.. (though I almost did last night)

actually.. I do still like it.

2. Gym – I was supposed to run 5 miles today, oops. but it rained so at least I did something? I’ll run in the AM.

3. Laundry – clean clothes make everything better.

4. comfort food & root beer – root beer is seriously underrated. so good.

5. made myself a mocktail – well because its tuesday and real cocktails (esp. in my apt alone) are unnecessary.


lemon lime seltzer with splash of lemon juice in a wine glass. 🙂

and finally – I registered for another race!!

Who’s running with me?!

and.. I feel better 🙂

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todays truths.

my job stresses me out.
i swear too much.
i used to be a much happier person. and secretly wish i still was
cleaning makes me feel like there is order in the world
i dont believe in life without nail polish  (courtesy of j. britz)
i looooved the north end yesterday.
thunder still seems romantic.
and at 27, i still have crushes.

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