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It’s a slow moving Monday. I feel like today’s crawling.

As part of Tina’s bootcamp program, we have to pick two goals for the week and then track how we do. So here are mine:

Goal 1 – drink 64 oz/day

Goal 2 – get 8 hours of sleep a night

Why these two? I think they’re probably the most important in the long list of potential options. Yeah, I should eat more veggies, increase protein, take a vitamin, etc, but these two I struggle with and they are SO EASY to fix. I just need to focus on them.

So I’m already 32 oz in for Day 1. 20120305-134743.jpgthe fact that my office stocks the fridge with these helps..


now I’m feeling all motivated, I decided it was time to register for another race.  Should it be for March? Probably. May works too.

I got an email the other day announcing that this race’s registration was open. I’ve never heard of it, but after investigation, its got a few things working for it:

1. Its a weekend I’m not busy (which is becoming more rare than I would like)

2. Marine Corps Honor Run – no explanation necessary

3. Saturday race.  Sunday races dominate an entire weekend. I loove Saturday races so I can run & still be fun.

4. South Boston – on the water.  Locations don’t get much better/easier than that.

5. Cheap. $28 for a race. Sold.




Anyone care to join me?


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great run

Yesterday was my first day back at work  after my week off & I actually got excited to get back into a routine. That is until I read my email and people wanted to go for drinks. Obviously that sounds better than running & making dinner.

Luckily, that plan fell through, so running & make dinner I did. So glad!

few blurry phone photos.
4.6 miles @ 9:16 pace & a slow half mile.

followed by some stretching & foam rolling.

This was the first run in a looong time that I really felt like I pushed myself.  Yes, I’ve been running consistently, but its been more about maintenance than improvement. I would love to get faster but I’ve been fairly lazy in terms of making that happen.  I didn’t have any goals or expectations for this run. I just went. I was pumped just to be out there in the cool temps & on the river that I ran faster than usual. I knew it was a solid pace but refused to let myself get in my own head, which I do a LOT.

It felt amazingg.

(ps. when did it start getting dark so early?!?!)


and then some serious deliciousness.

I made a lot of sweet potatoes

and turkey meatloaf

and my favorite fake cocktail

fabulous Monday night.


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monday monday

oh hello friends.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I took recovery and rest pretty seriously last week.  i.e. I went running once – for 2.5 miles. and on the other days, I celebrated, played with friends, and didn’t work out at all.  It was nice not to have a schedule.

Few photos from the weekend:

hurrah for friends at the Cape!

Tonight – I put myself back on a schedule. Lots of fun races coming up, details tomorrow.

3 fast miles on the treadmill and then Level 1 – 30 Day Shred.  Felt awesome!

thats all I got for tonight.

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Mocha Monday

I’ve been making the same smoothie like 3 times a week for a lil while now & have yet to share it. Oops!

Mocha Berry Green Monster
1 cup soy milk
1 cup-ish frozen mixed berries
handful spinach
1 Tbsp instant coffee
1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

mix & blend.  (sometimes I throw a few ice cubes in)
serve in wine glass if you’re feelin schmancy.  so good.
the coffee in this was exactly what I needed this morning.
Mondays struggle. especially the Monday before a long weekend & I’m soo looking forward to 4 full days at the Cape. Hoping for lots of sun!

Now that we’re approaching July, I’m assuming its going to start getting hot. (maybe soon?) so I’m trying to transition my runs to the morning. Tomorrow will be the test.  Think I can do it?

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alli got an iphone!

the month of Boston begins! 
It felt really great to be here & home this weekend.
strolled over to the verizon store yesterday afternoon to get my iphone! eeeekkk. love it.
& managed to make some progress on one of my june goals. 

state house
washington in the public garden.
all the statues were in bruins gear
would love to have seen how they got that on there.
just pretty
I really need to start wandering around with my camera more often. then again the iphone camera does a pretty solid job.
my balcony
current set up – hence my goal to convert fully to the mac.
seriously… 2 computers. camera. too much.
I wasn’t in the mood to run tonight. (must go in the AM)
but instead really in the mood to cook.
2 small tortillas
1/2 cup fat free refried beans
one large slice red onion
1/2 medium tomato
1/4 avocado
1 oz shredded cheddar
in a sprayed skillet, on the stove til it gets crunchy.
and then I made GRANOLA.
coconut granola.  inspired by this.
i used agave nectar instead of honey since thats what i had.
i can NOT wait to eat this tomorrow.
sweet. crunchy. yum.
so glad Monday is over. I’m really hoping this week doesn’t drag, but I expect it will.
Too many fun things happening this weekend.
can’t wait!!

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mondays are brutal. today was a tough one.
after a wonderful weekend with a few of my faves, how could I really focus on work?

unfortunately, my camera failed to make appearances at katie’s shower or on my run. (but I managed to get a run in. go me)  how ridiculous is it that I’d never been to Fort McHenry before Saturday?!  I mean I was in baltimore for how many years? almost 6?   well. now I’ve been and it was fantastic.

blows my mind that I’ve known these two for almost 10 years. 
and now here we are… baby mac could arrive any day.
lil weekend recap.

just because they were delic
 we had a fantastic little picnic.
mmm cheese..
lisa & I drank red wine out of mom-to-be cups.
& then.
we made dinner.
balsamic chicken
 sweet potato fries.
broccoli & cauliflower
and there was a walk involved. with hopes of inducing labor.
no such luck. i must wait to meet the little one. 😦
can NOT wait.
as much as I want to put up ridiculous pictures from college. ill refrain.
we were in love with college. with it all.  
we had more fun than I can even remember
& it only gets better from here 🙂
and because its the only pic I got of this guy.
oh hey daddy mac, hope you enjoyed this. it isnt happening again anytime soon.

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