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Hopefully, I’ll be at a Boston Blogger meet up tonight and won’t have time to post. So I’m going to give you a few of my favorite search terms that have brought people to the blog.

  1. criminal minds “alli” – while I do love criminal minds, pretty sure there is no alli on it. I think I’ve only mentioned it once so whoever is stalking my dvr settings, stop that.
  2. crazy jobs, nyc – I had a few of those. I don’t anymore. Nor do I really talk about it on the blog.
  3. my favorite day of the week is tuesday – now this is just ridiculous. I would love to know why. tuesdays are the worst
  4. i learns – uhh, yeah, it sounds like you need to.
  5. granola meatloaf – please tell me no one tried to combine these two things?!  I love them both, but just no.
  6. what I learned at harvard law school – Shouldn’t you already know what you learned? Glad I don’t need an attorney..   Plus, I’m pretty sure my version of HLS was way more fun.
  7. alli breen – I am alli. I have a friend named breen. We are not the same person.
  8. giant flotation devices for beer – HA. love this. yes. I have one & love it.
  9. alli speed hot – are you calling me hot & speedy? excellent I now accept compliments in the form of search terms, thanks.


ps. love that it’s a short work week!

20111011-153631.jpgand that I got my nails done today 🙂


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great run

Yesterday was my first day back at work  after my week off & I actually got excited to get back into a routine. That is until I read my email and people wanted to go for drinks. Obviously that sounds better than running & making dinner.

Luckily, that plan fell through, so running & make dinner I did. So glad!

few blurry phone photos.
4.6 miles @ 9:16 pace & a slow half mile.

followed by some stretching & foam rolling.

This was the first run in a looong time that I really felt like I pushed myself.  Yes, I’ve been running consistently, but its been more about maintenance than improvement. I would love to get faster but I’ve been fairly lazy in terms of making that happen.  I didn’t have any goals or expectations for this run. I just went. I was pumped just to be out there in the cool temps & on the river that I ran faster than usual. I knew it was a solid pace but refused to let myself get in my own head, which I do a LOT.

It felt amazingg.

(ps. when did it start getting dark so early?!?!)


and then some serious deliciousness.

I made a lot of sweet potatoes

and turkey meatloaf

and my favorite fake cocktail

fabulous Monday night.


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Yesterday afternoon, after my weekend of fun, I decided it was necessary to do some serious cooking.   I surveyed the recipe pages of a few blogs & came up with a plan.
First –
Sweet Potato Meatloaf.
I love that its a different twist on meatloaf. I’m on a big sweet potato kick and make a LOT of meatloaf.

joys of cooking for 1 – 1 now, 5 for later
 delic.  (I put a lil bbq sauce on the side too)
Next up! Granola. 
last week’s granola was so fabulous, I need to start making it more often. 
1 cup rolled oats
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1 Tbsp sunflower seeds
3 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp agave nectar
mix all ingredients. spread evenly on parchment paper. bake at 325 for 10 minutes. flip granola. bake 10 minutes. 
Flavor is good – but I should’ve used a touch of oil. Not as crunchy as I wanted it to be. 
Now for one of my favorite snacks, which is definitely just a bit different, but I’ve been eating it this way for yearss & secretly, its the only way I want popcorn.   
(I know I didn’t make it up. a chrissy creation maybe?) 
Bare with me – it sounds a little weird, but its awesome. 
94% fat free microwave butter popcorn
Frank’s Red Hot sauce
little bit black pepper
so good. 
just try it. 
I’m getting to the point in my training plan that I have to up my short runs. Tonight’s run was a pretty brutal 4.5 miles. My right shin tightened up right away and it felt like I had one lead foot. I can’t even explain it, but it made running realllyy hard.  So I paused stretched a lil and powered through. Once I got to about 2.5 miles, it loosened up & I started feeling pretty good. 
I feel like a terrible Boston-ite Bostonian (fail alli. fail.) I’m not even pretending to watch Game 6. Oops. 
Go Bruins! 

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Friday :)

today is the last friday for a whole month that I have to work a full day. SCORE. 
I’m going to pretty upset if it stays like this:

while I have summer fridays.  in which case, I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me on every brewery & vineyard tour that I can find in the Boston area.

I’ve been a little slow on the posting. sorryyyy

so! things i did this week –
lots of yoga – I keep saying I’m going to incorporate yoga into my workouts. its about time.
actually got up to run before work – I probably set my alarm twice a week every week, this is the first time since I moved that I actually got my ass out of bed. WIN
attempted a spinach artichoke turkey meatloaf – this combo does not exist on the internet (i looked)  it was good but needs a little work before its worth sharing.
had Sara & Abby over for dinner – so fun!  made these veggie enchiladas & you need to too. delic.
made an amazing smoothie – I used mixed berries instead of just strawberries tho so mine was purple. SO GOOD

and this weekend I’m heading back to NY to hang out with these kids.  excitement

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oh hello Saturday.
since my last post.. I’ve made some significant progress. well.. significant for 3 days..
I ran 4.5 miles for the second time. Goal for the day was 4, but I was feeling extra good & motivated. Afterwards, I did some serious grocery shopping. Whole Foods & Peapod.  Stocked up on everything I need to make all kinds of wonderfulness.

First, of course, my new favorite, courtesy of Shape.com via Breen. Recipe found here: Mozzarella Turkey Meatloaf   I made this once before and fell in love.  This time I added some extra onion, a clove of garlic & mixed the mozzarella right in. The layer in the middle wasn’t as awesome as it sounded.

lots of good stuff
mmm. delic. happy friday
gorgeous. & delicious if I do say so myself.
my favorite part – 6 equal slices, 1 for now. 5 for later & perfect for work lunch.
that was my friday night. facial. wine. meatloaf. & thurs night tv on dvr.
this morning – peapod delivered. & then 5 miles!!    very proud of myself.
and soo excited for margs & guac with lauren & erin tonight.

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