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St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Green beer, pub crawls, and festive get-ups?!

Apparently, I’m old.  Part of me says I should be partaking in these activities, like I’m missing out if I don’t.  The reality is as much as I love being festive, I had no interest in the holiday this year.

Friday night, I had dinner with the fam to celebrate the sister’s birthday. Crab cakes, homemade mac & cheese, wine, and cake. Fun night with the fam and I was home before 11. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Saturday, I was really low key:

I slept in like 11am for absolutely reason
went for an 8 mile run just because
cleaned my apt like a crazy person – vacuum, dusting, the works..
made a bunch of food just to have, like this:  Quinoa Crunch Casserole

have you ever seen broccoli here before? Nope.

good stuff & super filling

Saturday night, JT & I went to the BC-Maine hockey game at the Garden

surprisingly fun given I'm not really a hockey fan. I'm learning..

game followed by beverages in a non-irish bar, typical Sat night style.

It was an awesome weekend. I’m not ready for it to be over, even if I did skip St. Patrick’s Day.

how was everyone’s weekend? fun St. Patrick’s stories?
who was racing?! anyone still do long runs even though their not training? 


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February ended. March began. Goals were not recapped or created. Oops!

March 3 = time to fix that

Feb goals: 

1. PR in Hyannis – HUGE YES. PR by 14 minutes.


2. Buy & make something with kale – No.  I haven’t been to the grocery store in multiple weeks. Will happen, but hasn’t yet.

3. keep running outside – yeah. this shouldn’t even count as a goal. Its been so mild outside this hasn’t really been an issue.

4. twice a week yoga –  gigantic fail. I think I went to/did yoga maybe 3 times this month.

5. commit to a March race – another no. but I did commit to bootcamp!  I will continue running through this program and will probably do a 5K in March, but haven’t registered for a race yet.

March goals:
1. Stick with bootcamp – I run. Sometimes I go to classes at the gym or do a DVD at home. I am NOT comfortable on the free weight/fancy equipment side of the gym.  These workouts are going to be a challenge for me. I’m excited about it and nervous at the same time.
2. Do at least one double digit run – I’m not training for anything and probably won’t be for awhile.  I feel like I’m always following a plan, so being without one is going to be different. I don’t want to lose my endurance – a double digit run is necessary.
3. Finish the book for book club –  I downloaded it last night. Book club is Friday. We all promised to finish this one, since only one person finished last month. (ha! oh and I still haven’t finished that one. oops)  For this month, I’m 16% in already! but there’s a lot of book left before Friday.
4. blog more frequently –  self explanatory.
any major accomplishments in Feb? fun goals for March? 

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Today feels like Friday. Sadly it is not.

I realized early this week that I have Monday off.  President’s Day?! Excellent.

Oh, work would like to let us out at 3:00 tomorrow. Even better.

Pretty sure its going to be an awesome weekend. Just because I have zero plans. Love that.

I felt like baking so I made brownies. Not Valentine’s Day brownies, or they would be heart-shaped. Yes, I own, not one but two, heart-shaped cookie cutters. Needless to say, I have a lot of fans at work today.


I managed to get in a few miles, AND prep dinner before work this morning. awesome.  and then I skipped yoga for a pedicure. oops.

now, my running dilemma..

 I have 12 miles on the agenda for this weekend. Hyannis is NEXT WEEK.

I’m tempted to get it over with tomorrow after work.  Since we get out early, I’ll have just enough daylight left to get it in. Then its done, I can do whatever I want on Friday night, maybe go to yoga on Saturday.. My only hesitation is that I kind of need it to go well. I did 9 last week & 10 two weeks before that..  Neither of which were stellar runs. Not ideal.  

or I can wait until Saturday morning. It kills my Friday night, but really.. I’ll probably lay low anyway. It also forces me to take a rest day tomorrow, which I accidentally already did twice this week. straight laziness right there. 

I feel like I should wait til the AM but I don’t really want to.

Thoughts? Advice?  Help.




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January was loongg

Usually I write these and “I’m like wow, that month flew by. How is it over so fast?! ”  Not this time. January was loongg. I’m ready for it to be over.  I feel like New Year’s was foreverr ago.  


January goals –

1. make time for my long runs  – yup. they got done. before work wasn’t ideal but it was the only way for two of them. only 2 long runs left before hyannis 🙂

2. keep running outside – averaged twice a week which I would say is pretty damn good for January.

3. yoga – I got there at least once a week. Good, but I can do better. Still haven’t tried the new place, but going tonight!

4. be smart about money – I guess. I haven’t really done any shopping which is good. Bringing my lunch pretty much every day. Lots of cooking & only one big grocery purchase. I did spend more than normal with visitors though.

I went to NY for New Year’s, had 2 weekends of visitors, did yoga a handful of times, and managed to run 63 miles. January was fun but busyy. 

I’m ready for a low key February.


suggestions for Feb goals?
is anyone else ready to fast forward through the rest of winter?


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I tried

I tried.

I laid all my running gear.

filled my water bottle.

set my alarm(s).

and was UP at 5.

and then I heard the wind…

LOUD wind. quick check to weather.com & realized it was blowing 25 mph.

oh hell no.

back to bed I go.

9 miles tomorrow (when its supposed to be significantly more reasonable)

I'll see youuu tomorrow

in other news, that can’t really be called news..

yesterday was my 1 year anniversary at work. They got me a card & a certificate & everything…

Can’t believe its been a year already..  Feels like I just got here & like NY was sooo long ago all at the same time.


tonight, I’m hitting the elliptical and then getting both wine & groceries delivered so I’m ready for two of my best this weekend 🙂




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