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June 30!

June flew by. Is it just me or was that fast?!

This morning’s run was far better (and less eventful) than Tuesdays. awesome.¬†
I even ran a tad faster, without realizing. ūüôā¬† I love that that happens.

plus it was a gorgeous morning.

As you may or may not recall.. at the beginning of this month, I gave myself a handful of goals.¬† Given that the month is just about over, we’ll see how I did on those.

1. get up to 7.5 miles
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† CHECK!¬†¬† I actually went 7.8 miles without realizing. Apparently my runmeter app & mapmyrun weren’t totally in sync, but when¬†it works in my favor. I’ll take it!!
2. commit to the half marathon
           CHECK!  only 5 weeks to go. Excited!
3. have a fantastic birthday
           CHECK!  so so good.
4. take Boston pictures
            ehhh. I took some. like a handful.
5. fully convert to my Mac.
            check.  I use my mac exclusively but I still have yet to transfer any of my pictures from my PC.  need to get on that.

I also had a behind the scenes goal to up my blogging & be more consistent which I did for the most part. PLUS 
I scored a ticket for the Healthy Living Summit, which is hosted by a bunch of my favorite bloggers. Super excited!
happy thursday kids!  only 24 hours til a 4.5 day weekend!!

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I had a phenomenal birthday!! thanks everybody

Friday morning I got up & did a 6.6 mile loop through the common, the Esplanade & over to Cambridge. It wasn’t hot or overly sunny so great for a long run.

Pineapple makes me really happy so perfect for a post-run breakfast 

Then the real fun begins!  
Early afternoon, Suzy & I headed over to Fanueil Hall for some lunch & cocktails.

love it. 
this was delicious. Kingfish Hall‘s¬†– Fish & Chips
(birthday is a great excuse to eat something so fried and wonderful)
lindsey came to join us ūüôā
sister love. 
we later moved to the bar to “watch” the bruins game & eat pre-birthday-celebration
jager bombs at 7? sure suz Рthat sounds like an excellent plan. 
We spent the entire night & Clarke’s, which was great.¬†
People came early, people came late, people stopped by, I just set up shop & enjoyed every minute. 
so many fun people came out!  
(though so many got missed by the camera – sad)
overall – fantastic night & wonderful start to 28!!
Other exciting news! ¬†I got a ticket to this year’s HLS!!
Will be so fun. I can’t wait! ūüôā¬†

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saturday afternoon & I’m in a phenomenal mood.

Just did a slow but fantastic 6 miles. I got nervous that it was loong so ran slow and actually finished feeling really great. yayyy!

last night, I got drinks with Sara. still amazes me how 5 months ago she & I were both living in NY & now we both live here.  loove it.
JUNE!  its finally summer.  and I actually plan to spend the whoole month in Boston.
and I’m excited. ¬†I’ve had a few weekends here but not nearly enough recently.¬† I did manage to snap a shot of this pretty sunset the other night though.

so goals for June.
1. get up to 7.5 miles
2. commit to the half marathon
3. have a fantastic birthday
4. take Boston pictures – since its finallyyy nice enough to spend some time outside.
5. fully convert to¬†my Mac. I’m using¬†both for now, but the mac is soo much better.

i’m off to enjoy this gorgeous day and will leave you with this:

two of my favorite men & their giant bass. 
doesnt get much more summer than that.

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