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we made it through Monday!! nicely done.


Most of the time, I have no issues fitting in my long runs. I tend to embrace being low key on Friday so I can get up on Saturday to run. This weekend not so much.

I was away for the weekend of the 4th, was planning to be at the Cape for Saturday this weekend, &  will be away for another 4 day weekend starting Friday. So this past Friday, I had a tough choice Рstay in Boston & attempt to see my friends while being low key enough to run 9 miles Рor Рgo out to the Cape Friday night, avoid Sat morning traffic & any real temptation, but miss out on my friends.

I managed to make a smart decision but it was soo tough to be lame and not see my friends. I was really happy when I finished those 9 miles though.

Bonus – came home from that run to a house full of family. We had a fantastic, fun-filled weekend on the water.

look at that crew. good looking bunch.

safe to say we all had a fabulous time. ūüôā

On a totally unrelated note –

Happy Birthday to one of my best!

so crazy that we’ve been friends for 15 years.

makes me so happy that you’re right down the street.

love you!!

and to bed I go – running in the AM.

‘night kids.


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so ready!

I’ve managed to do my runs in the morning this week, which is an accomplishment in its self. (I’m¬†pretty terrible¬†at getting out of bed in the AM)¬† I’ve noticed though that by getting my workouts in early, I feel like I’m due for a workout earlier.¬† Tuesday morning I ran, and by Wednesday after work, I felt like I really needed to get my sweat on. Knowing that I needed to run¬†yesterday morning & that it was¬†too hot to¬†do anything outside, I hit the gym, did a¬†fast¬†mile and a half and then some intervals on the elliptical.¬†It felt surprisingly awesome.

these legs feel accomplished.

I’ll spare you any other post-workout pics of me.
with any luck, this is what July will look like. 

lots of cape time.
 hopefully some beach
 Sox @ Camden Yards
 hanging out with these ladies
and then 2 of these 3 lovelies.
a month with 5 weekends?! yes please.

Goals for July
1. get to 12 miles  Рhalf marathon is the first weekend of Aug. must be readyyy
2. take lots of pictures  Рbetween the 4th, a family gathering, 4 days in baltimore, and a few of my NY girls coming to the Cape, there are LOTS of fantastic photo ops.
3. spend some QT with baby mac Рoh charlie, I can NOT wait.
4. do¬†yoga once a week –¬† I’ve done yoga a handful of times recently & always feel great after. Whether I go to a class or break my DVD, this needs to happen more –¬†before my legs revolt against me.
5. get to the pool – my building has a pool & I have yet to go. going to need to change that. yup.

what are your goals for July?  anything missing off my list?

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Mocha Monday

I’ve been making the same smoothie like 3 times a week for a lil while now & have yet to share it. Oops!

Mocha Berry Green Monster
1 cup soy milk
1 cup-ish frozen mixed berries
handful spinach
1 Tbsp instant coffee
1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

mix & blend.  (sometimes I throw a few ice cubes in)
serve in wine glass if you’re feelin schmancy. ¬†so good.
the coffee in this was exactly what I needed this morning.
Mondays struggle. especially the Monday before a long weekend & I’m soo looking forward to 4 full days at the Cape. Hoping for lots of sun!

Now that we’re approaching July, I’m assuming its going to start getting hot. (maybe soon?) so I’m trying to transition my runs to the morning. Tomorrow will be the test. ¬†Think I can do it?

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