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happy friday kids! I’m trying super hard not to think/obsess/write/talk about races. or a particular one in my future. So today you get my super random ponderings about stupid stuff. get excited.


Few signs that I’m addicted to my iphone.

1. I haven’t been more than 10 ft away from it since I got it. (except maybe when I’m in the shower, then it might be 20ft. water+phone = sad sad alli)

2. There were almost tears last night, when iTunes tried to sync and deleted half of my apps. (obviously I have since figured out how to get them back)

3. I take pictures of really stupid stuff, just because I can.  like my dinner even though I have no intention of blogging about it.


but then. I also take pictures of really fun stuff. for example:

super excited that these arrived last night!

 I’ve been following the blog Carrots N Cake for awhile. Finally bought the book – can’t wait to read and try all her fun recipes.

Peas and Thank you is one of my fave food blogs. I’m not Vegan, in fact – I’m not even vegetarian, but she makes everything look so delicious and fun. and who isn’t into delicious and fun!? plus she’s hysterical. Must make everyyything.


back to my point. iphone. addition.  –

4. the last thing I do before I sleep is check my phone- gmail, twitter, facebook, etc. just because. Half the time, I just got up from the computer. What could possibly have changed in the last 5 minutes?!

5. my alarm goes off. I pick up my phone, well.. one to turn it off and second to check all the above mentioned stuff. really – everyone is asleep when I am, nothing overly interesting is happening.

and then – I fall back to sleep, phone in hand, and wake up to round 2 of alarm clock and random apps/sites are open. everysingleday. one of these days, I will accidentally Like or Retweet something in my sleep and I will learn. ugh.


addicted? absolutely.

going to change? probably not.

my phone makes me happy. there are worse things to be addicted to, umm.. like the handful of chocolate I just ate. bad alli. (psshhh its race week, I can eat whatever I want. Thats how it works, no?)


anyone else have this problem? no? just me?



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alli got an iphone!

the month of Boston begins! 
It felt really great to be here & home this weekend.
strolled over to the verizon store yesterday afternoon to get my iphone! eeeekkk. love it.
& managed to make some progress on one of my june goals. 

state house
washington in the public garden.
all the statues were in bruins gear
would love to have seen how they got that on there.
just pretty
I really need to start wandering around with my camera more often. then again the iphone camera does a pretty solid job.
my balcony
current set up – hence my goal to convert fully to the mac.
seriously… 2 computers. camera. too much.
I wasn’t in the mood to run tonight. (must go in the AM)
but instead really in the mood to cook.
2 small tortillas
1/2 cup fat free refried beans
one large slice red onion
1/2 medium tomato
1/4 avocado
1 oz shredded cheddar
in a sprayed skillet, on the stove til it gets crunchy.
and then I made GRANOLA.
coconut granola.  inspired by this.
i used agave nectar instead of honey since thats what i had.
i can NOT wait to eat this tomorrow.
sweet. crunchy. yum.
so glad Monday is over. I’m really hoping this week doesn’t drag, but I expect it will.
Too many fun things happening this weekend.
can’t wait!!

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