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Dec. recap

Another month complete!

I’m off to NYC tomorrow afternoon for New Year’s, so before I go – a recap of my December goals.

1. yoga – I went to yoga almost every Thursday this month. There was one where my boss scheduled lunch over class, but I broke out the DVD once. I’ll call that a success.

Speaking of yoga – I went today and tried a wheel for the first time, it was great. it looks like this: pretty sure that when I was 12 and did gymnastics this was called a bridge. I don’t care what you call it.. I felt strong. probably not as strong as I did 16 years ago when I did this last, but still..!

2. will not spend unnecessary money on food – I was pretty good about this. I got lazy towards the end of the month, bought lunch a few times, but nothing major. Decent.

3. bake or make something festive & christmasy – I made Cranberry Walnut Loaf, which was sort of festive & I made Bacon Cheese Spread again for Christmas Tree Day.

4. be nice to my foot – I managed an entire pain-free month & I’m back to a normal running schedule. 🙂

and completely unrelated:

20111229-144627.jpgthis is making my afternoon just a bit sweeter


who accomplished what this month?

I need to drink more tea. Suggestions?



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happy friday

Happy Friday my friends!!

I’m pumped that its almost the weekend and you know what else?!


20111202-162720.jpgthis is my attempt at a mid-run photo. ha

so excited. must take photo and text mom

(while running.. pretty much asking for injury #2)

20111202-162727.jpg3 whole miles!! super slow but painless

I didn’t want to get too crazy or overdo it. I started with a walk, got a little faster, and held it at 5.5 until I hit 3 miles. It was slow and comfortable and WONDERFUL.

I may or may not have subsequently spent a lot of time researching races.

5K in a few weeks? yes please.

I should probably run a lil faster (without pain) before I commit to that.

but YAYYYY!!!


plus. Katie & Lisa booked flights to visit in January. 


happy friday indeed 🙂


what’s on tap for the weekend? 

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Dec. goals


The last month of 2011.

2011 has been a crazyy year.

What do I plan to accomplish before its over?

1. yoga – are you sick of this yet? I’m not. I heart yoga. So I will go every thursday & hopefully more than that.

2. will not spend unnecessary money on food – in the last 7 days, I spent $200 on groceries. Oops. I will eat them all or cook & freeze things so nothing goes to waste. I suppose can buy a few things to supplement what I have if need be, but seriously.. I need to stop spending like an idiot. (this also means I will bring my lunch every day & not go to Starbucks)

which shouldn’t be difficult given the amount of leftovers from yesterday.

3. bake or make something festive & christmasy – its fun. why not. (plus I probably already have everything I need). what I made last night for tomorrow’s holiday book club does not count.

bacon? scallions? sounds like red & green to me

everything is better with bacon. no?

click for recipe - I subbed white choc since it was easier to find.

4. be nice to my foot – self-explanatory but difficult.

and I’m late!! oops. Heading to JTs. thats’s all for tonight 🙂



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foot update!

Today was my long-awaited Doctor’s appointment!

Plantar Fasciitis? No

Stress Fracture? Probably not

there were X-rays. normal ones.

She thinks I “strained” something. I should get Powerstep orthotics. That’s the only recommendation I got.
AND – if it’s rested & feels okay, I can attempt to start running again.

Unfortunately, I made the awesome decision today to walk to work in flats (not sneakers) so I wouldn’t say it feels okay.

Soon though. 🙂

After work, I went to the running store to pick up the orthotics. Fanueil Hall was all lit up & pretty Christmas market
obviously applicable since it was 65 degrees today.

I’m excited to test the foot but definitely nervous that I’m going to make it worse. Just the idea of being able to run makes me want to register for tons of races. One step at a time..

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this week

Now that Philly is over, I officially have zero races on the calendar. Weird. I don’t love it. I have lots that I want to register for but really.. I should wait until I can run before I commit to & spend money on more races.

The foot has been feeling a lot better. I think due to the fact that I haven’t run since Thursday, when that didn’t go well & I’ve been wearing sneakers a LOT.

yeah, that happened

I’ve definitely been taking it easy, trying to let it heal. Though, dropping from working out 4 days a week to doing nothing hasn’t been fun. I’m going a little stir crazy. I need to do somethingg.

Since its been feeling better and the elliptical was successful last week, I figured its a safe option for the time being. I got in 45 minutes yesterday and it felt awesome to break a sweat. Plus it was pain-free 🙂  So, I’m going to stick with the elliptical and maybe some yoga until I see the doctor next week.

Does anyone else feel like it’s not really Thanksgiving? I don’t know what was supposed to trigger Thanksgiving-season in my head, but it didn’t register. Maybe it’s because the holiday is super low-key this year? I don’t know. I’m excited for it nonetheless.

Other things I’m excited for this week:
my hair is getting darker today
heading out to the parents tomorrow
thanksgiving – obviously
mani-pedi’s with mom & sister on Friday
10 year high school reunion? not sure if excited is accurate… but I am going.
putting up my xmas decorations. thats happening. this weekend 🙂


this is my excited face

what are you guys excited for this week? any fun plans?

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I can’t

I planned to test my foot on Wednesday night by cranking out a few miles on the treadmill.
(Note to self – if you have the choice between real gym with like 10 treadmills & apt building gym with 3, its much safer to go with more.) 
I went home threw some laundry in and tried to get on a treadmill. No dice.  They were full. So I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, switched my laundry & came back. Still no open treadmills. Now what? I did 20 minutes on the climber/elliptical thing.  Foot felt a lil uncomfortable, but no pain and the longer I stayed on there, the less I noticed it.  Step in the right direction at least.

Enter optimistic Alli.  

of course I can run!  pumped for Sunday…

mile 6 of Prov Half. Philly? Pshh. I'm ready

oooo, maybe I can find a Thanksgiving race too!!  


Lets try actually running before I get ahead of myself. Good plan.

Yesterday, I jumped on a treadmill at lunchtime. It didn’t feel great from the beginning. A little uncomfortable but no actual pain.
5.8  became 6.0 became 6.6.  
I was aware of the foot but feeling great about it. Until 2.5 miles in  –  shooting pain.

I jumped off that treadmill FAST. It was awful. I’m standing on the edge on one foot, telling myself that was weird, but okay.. I’m not ready to give up yet.  I’ll walk a little and see how that goes.  4.0 for a minute or so. Doing alright. Maybe I can work my way back up??  I just ran 2.5 miles & was fine. Maybe I was just going too fast.    5.0, a light jog shouldnt hurt it, right?   30 seconds in, shooting pain. 

I’m done. I can’t.


I’m officially out for Sunday.  Obviously, I’m not excited about it. But if I can’t walk without pain at this point, running isn’t an option.

So, I have an appointment with a orthopaedist in a week and a half.  Delightful.


As for this weekend, I’m still heading to Philly tonight. I’m picking up Lisa at the train in the morning, hitting up the expo & hopefully meeting up with some bloggers. 

On Sunday, I’ll be cheering for Lisa as she runs her first FULL marathon.


dear lisa, 
I’m super jealous that you can run, in general and more specifically, a full marathon.   I promise to scream loud and take lots of pictures. I can not promise I won’t be embarrassing.  Can’t wait to see you dominate 26.2.
looove, alli


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not good

run didn’t go so well.   

how do I feel about it?

not good. not good at all.

thats it. .


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