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February ended. March began. Goals were not recapped or created. Oops!

March 3 = time to fix that

Feb goals: 

1. PR in Hyannis – HUGE YES. PR by 14 minutes.


2. Buy & make something with kale – No.  I haven’t been to the grocery store in multiple weeks. Will happen, but hasn’t yet.

3. keep running outside – yeah. this shouldn’t even count as a goal. Its been so mild outside this hasn’t really been an issue.

4. twice a week yoga –  gigantic fail. I think I went to/did yoga maybe 3 times this month.

5. commit to a March race – another no. but I did commit to bootcamp!  I will continue running through this program and will probably do a 5K in March, but haven’t registered for a race yet.

March goals:
1. Stick with bootcamp – I run. Sometimes I go to classes at the gym or do a DVD at home. I am NOT comfortable on the free weight/fancy equipment side of the gym.  These workouts are going to be a challenge for me. I’m excited about it and nervous at the same time.
2. Do at least one double digit run – I’m not training for anything and probably won’t be for awhile.  I feel like I’m always following a plan, so being without one is going to be different. I don’t want to lose my endurance – a double digit run is necessary.
3. Finish the book for book club –  I downloaded it last night. Book club is Friday. We all promised to finish this one, since only one person finished last month. (ha! oh and I still haven’t finished that one. oops)  For this month, I’m 16% in already! but there’s a lot of book left before Friday.
4. blog more frequently –  self explanatory.
any major accomplishments in Feb? fun goals for March? 

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Last weekend’s 12-miler had me pretty confident all week. I didn’t stress going into this weekend.  I decided that 2:15 was my goal. 2:10 might be in reach.  (trying to beat my 2:22 from August)  So I’m aiming for a solid 7 minute PR..

Yesterday’s wind make me nervous.  Gusts so hard, you hoped to stand your ground, never mind keep moving.  As of when I went to bed last night the forecast for today looked like this:

no thanks.

How do you dress for that kind of wind? I have no idea. That was probably my biggest concern this morning.

I put on a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, vest, tights, gloves.   I ended up taking the windbreaker & gloves off mid-way.

The race was pretty well organized, though I should’ve picked up my bib yesterday. The hotel was a MOB SCENE this morning. No line, but almost impossible to get it & out of the building – people everywhere. Plenty of porta-potties outside though and the race started on time, which is always good.

at the start

It was a little crowded at the beginning especially at the turns, but with 4200 half-marathoners, I don’t think thats avoidable.  I lined up by the 10:00 min sign. People went out FAST. I had to make a conscious effort to stay at 9:30. For the first two miles or so, I felt like everyone was flying by me.  I had to remind myself repeatedly not to get sucked into the pack, settled into a comfortable pace and just went.

Miles 2-8 were comfortable, a little windy at times, few small hills, but good.

A little after hitting 8.5, I saw 1:20 on my Garmin. It took me a minute to realize it, but if I kept that pace, I’d be on track to finish just over 2 hours. INSANITY. I’m aiming for 2:15.  I knew I couldn’t hold my sub 9:30 pace for 4.5 more miles though. There was just no way, but I was on track for a serious PR.

Mile 9, I was excited.

At mile 10, I started to struggle. By 11, I was dying a little.  By 12, I just wanted it to be over.  Those last 3 miles were brutal. I took a few walking breaks, yet somehow my splits aren’t that much slower.  Surprised, but I’ll take it.

Official results – 2:07:56 


that’s a PR by 14 minutes.

14 minutes!! 

Needless to say, I’m excited. I’m going to be in pain tomorrow, but soo worth it 🙂

Panera for lunch and a Fribble for the ride back to Boston. amazing.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a few more pics to share that my Dad took of the race.


Congrats Dawn on your killer 12 minute PR!!

any other PR’s out there?  Congrats to everyone who ran!!

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February goals

oh hello friends.

another month begins.  February is my least favorite month, for a bunch of reasons.

1. its cold and snowy

2. there’s little hope of it being not-cold anytime soon

3. the year isn’t new anymore. excitement is gone.

4. no long weekends

Yet, this year – its really not that cold. There is no snow.

oh hello legs! oh yeah - I ran in shorts tonight. It was glorious

Maybe spring is coming soon?! please.  and I finally work for company that respects the Presidents. (but not MLK oddly enough?! but I’ll take what I can get)  So yeah, I’m thinking that maybe this February is going to be less depressing than I remember every other Feb being.   Let’s hope.

February goals –

1. PR in Hyannis – Since I didn’t run in Philly, 2:22 is still my one & only for the half.  I need to crush it.

2. Buy & make something with kale – I’ve eaten kale once and liked it. Given that its like a crazy super veggie, I want to work it in more. Yet, I never buy it. If I put in writing, I might get that done.

3. keep running outside – Not only is running outside better for racing, but its probably better for my head too. let’s hope the weather keeps cooperating.

4. twice a week yoga –  I’ve been good at once a week, but I really want to get there twice. Once at the gym, and once hot yoga at the new studio, which I did try last night. It was good.  I forgot how hot & sweaty heated classes are. Excited to go back.

5. commit to a March race – one race a month, right?   the race I was looking at is morning after St. Patrick’s Day.  Does that sound like the best idea I’ve ever had? No.  I have a few alternatives in mind, but I need to figure it out and register.

who’s running super sunday this weekend?  hyannis in a few weeks?
any fun goals this month?

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