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February ended. March began. Goals were not recapped or created. Oops!

March 3 = time to fix that

Feb goals: 

1. PR in Hyannis – HUGE YES. PR by 14 minutes.


2. Buy & make something with kale – No.  I haven’t been to the grocery store in multiple weeks. Will happen, but hasn’t yet.

3. keep running outside – yeah. this shouldn’t even count as a goal. Its been so mild outside this hasn’t really been an issue.

4. twice a week yoga –  gigantic fail. I think I went to/did yoga maybe 3 times this month.

5. commit to a March race – another no. but I did commit to bootcamp!  I will continue running through this program and will probably do a 5K in March, but haven’t registered for a race yet.

March goals:
1. Stick with bootcamp – I run. Sometimes I go to classes at the gym or do a DVD at home. I am NOT comfortable on the free weight/fancy equipment side of the gym.  These workouts are going to be a challenge for me. I’m excited about it and nervous at the same time.
2. Do at least one double digit run – I’m not training for anything and probably won’t be for awhile.  I feel like I’m always following a plan, so being without one is going to be different. I don’t want to lose my endurance – a double digit run is necessary.
3. Finish the book for book club –  I downloaded it last night. Book club is Friday. We all promised to finish this one, since only one person finished last month. (ha! oh and I still haven’t finished that one. oops)  For this month, I’m 16% in already! but there’s a lot of book left before Friday.
4. blog more frequently –  self explanatory.
any major accomplishments in Feb? fun goals for March? 

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Just a couple pics of the race yesterday..


its cold, still ready

the only pic of me actually running

finish line

and DONE 🙂

probably should've actually added ice..

Today, I’m a little stiff, a little sore, but overall, feeling pretty good.

hhappy monday friends! 

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my main goal for 2012 is simply this:
but I’d like to do these too
– take a wine tasting class
– half marathon PR
– run a 5K in under 27min
– spend lots of time with new little person
– complete my goals for 28
– average 1 race per month
Races –
January – none
February  – Hyannis Half Marathon (registered!)
March –  Ras na hEireann 5k
April – BAA 5K
May – John Kelley Half Marathon or 7.25 Miler
June – Warrior Dash or Ruckus Run & Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race 8K
July –
August – Providence Half Marathon (registered!)
September –  Zooma Half Marathon, Thompson Island
October –  BAA Half
November –
December – Jingle Bell Run 5K

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After my little trek  (and by trek I mean slightly out of my way) to get orthotics last night, I was pretty productive. 

productive makes me weirdly happy. sometimes I put things on my to-do list, just to get the satisfaction of deleting them an hour later. ridiculous I know. 

Did laundry, made some hummus & threw together a quick dinner

I got that Quinoa/Rice blend at HLS & had yet to use it.

I got tons of groceries delivered.  I only needed a handful of specific things that Whole Foods wouldn’t have, so I ordered Peapod. If I’m paying a delivery fee, I’m stocking up on lots of heavy things, and really.. anything that’s less expensive.  oops.

 Now that I have excessive amounts of food, I must cook right?

20111130-155455.jpg11 pm sounds like the perfect time to chop veggies & prep the crock pot for today’s all day adventure


Veggies chopped, dry ingredients measured, wet ingredients out.  Ready for some early morning throw-together.

20111130-155510.jpgPretty excited for this when I get home tonight. 

Crock Pot Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but it looks healthy & delicious. Maybe just because its made in the crock pot. Loving it lately.  Seriously though.. let’s hope I like lentils.  

20111130-155441.jpglast night’s leftovers for lunch today


Nov 30th huh? Do I have to recap my Nov goals?  Probably.

Did I meet my goals? Not exactly.

1. PR at the Philly Half Marathon –  Fail. No explanation necessary. Ugh.

2. Yoga once a week – No. I went to yoga once. Just 1 time. I was too focused on running/being injured to get there again.  

3. Shred in the AM – Negative.  I did the Shred once. At night. I suck.

4.  Start my Christmas shopping – At least I got this one?! It didn’t take much effort though. Yes I started.      Surprise! I finished too. That’s kind of exciting.

November was NOT awesome goal-wise, but it was a pretty good month in general. December will be even better 🙂


What were your Nov highlights?

 any crock-pot recommendations for me?

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I found Lisa bright & early this morningobviously lots of expo photos were necessaryExpo was actually disappointing. There wasn’t anything there I was interested in and no samples. lame. Love Park is getting ready for Christmas. 🙂about noon – we stopped at Tria for lunch. This place was super cute & the food was excellent. I meant to take a pic but nope. oops.

Love the hotel room keys!
She’s got everything all set up & ready to go for the morning.

love that they added our namesI have such skills. Artsy right here.

I’m going to be a damn good spectator.

We’re off to dinner soon. Lots of carbs in the near future.

(I can pretend carb-loading is still necessary right?)

Have a fabulous night friends.

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not good

run didn’t go so well.   

how do I feel about it?

not good. not good at all.

thats it. .


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practice run

Nothing like a 2+ hour run to start the day.

I set out around 9 this morning for 12 miles, maybe 12.5 if I was feeling good.

I geared up and tried to get my head in the right place for a fantastic run. I wasn’t concerned with time, just getting it done feeling strong. That’s not exactly how it went, but I’ll take it.

check out this route.

I ended up getting to 12.5 and realizing that I had plenty of distance of left to do a full 13.1 and be able to cool down before I got home. If the goal is to go into next week confident I can do the distance, why not do a full-on practice run, right?

so 13.1 I did.

in 2:22:08.

3 seconds faster than my time in Providence.

As I’ve mentioned, I want to destroy that time in Philly.

This is good news though because:

1. I didn’t pay attention to pace

2. my legs will be rested

3. I didn’t stop the app at red lights

4. it was crazy windy. 20mph doesn’t help the cause

5. racing = faster

The hills will be challenge but I can handle them and now I’m confident I can PR.

Just to be safe & knowing how sore I was after my last 13.1, I bought ice.

ice bath?

I should’ve bought 2 bags and maybe filled the tub a bit more. I was nervous.  First ice bath – looks really cold, but I went numb almost immediately so it wasn’t soo bad.

I had a giant Lemon Lime Powerade and this Detour bar to distract me. Pretty delicious.

Probably defeated the purpose to take a hot shower almost immediately after, but logistically it made sense.

My ankles are a little stiff but otherwise I feel great.

Ready for the weekend to really begin!

What’s on tap for the weekend, friends? 

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