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It’s a slow moving Monday. I feel like today’s crawling.

As part of Tina’s bootcamp program, we have to pick two goals for the week and then track how we do. So here are mine:

Goal 1 – drink 64 oz/day

Goal 2 – get 8 hours of sleep a night

Why these two? I think they’re probably the most important in the long list of potential options. Yeah, I should eat more veggies, increase protein, take a vitamin, etc, but these two I struggle with and they are SO EASY to fix. I just need to focus on them.

So I’m already 32 oz in for Day 1. 20120305-134743.jpgthe fact that my office stocks the fridge with these helps..


now I’m feeling all motivated, I decided it was time to register for another race.  Should it be for March? Probably. May works too.

I got an email the other day announcing that this race’s registration was open. I’ve never heard of it, but after investigation, its got a few things working for it:

1. Its a weekend I’m not busy (which is becoming more rare than I would like)

2. Marine Corps Honor Run – no explanation necessary

3. Saturday race.  Sunday races dominate an entire weekend. I loove Saturday races so I can run & still be fun.

4. South Boston – on the water.  Locations don’t get much better/easier than that.

5. Cheap. $28 for a race. Sold.




Anyone care to join me?


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January was loongg

Usually I write these and “I’m like wow, that month flew by. How is it over so fast?! ”  Not this time. January was loongg. I’m ready for it to be over.  I feel like New Year’s was foreverr ago.  


January goals –

1. make time for my long runs  – yup. they got done. before work wasn’t ideal but it was the only way for two of them. only 2 long runs left before hyannis 🙂

2. keep running outside – averaged twice a week which I would say is pretty damn good for January.

3. yoga – I got there at least once a week. Good, but I can do better. Still haven’t tried the new place, but going tonight!

4. be smart about money – I guess. I haven’t really done any shopping which is good. Bringing my lunch pretty much every day. Lots of cooking & only one big grocery purchase. I did spend more than normal with visitors though.

I went to NY for New Year’s, had 2 weekends of visitors, did yoga a handful of times, and managed to run 63 miles. January was fun but busyy. 

I’m ready for a low key February.


suggestions for Feb goals?
is anyone else ready to fast forward through the rest of winter?


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my main goal for 2012 is simply this:
but I’d like to do these too
– take a wine tasting class
– half marathon PR
– run a 5K in under 27min
– spend lots of time with new little person
– complete my goals for 28
– average 1 race per month
Races –
January – none
February  – Hyannis Half Marathon (registered!)
March –  Ras na hEireann 5k
April – BAA 5K
May – John Kelley Half Marathon or 7.25 Miler
June – Warrior Dash or Ruckus Run & Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race 8K
July –
August – Providence Half Marathon (registered!)
September –  Zooma Half Marathon, Thompson Island
October –  BAA Half
November –
December – Jingle Bell Run 5K

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Over a year ago, before I thought anyone would ever read it, I posted this.

A simple list of goals, things I wished for in my future and in the new life I was hoping for.

I look back at those goals and realized I accomplished every single one. A few months later, I posted this.. and accomplished those too.

I did a lot in the last year:

I uprooted my life, started a new job, and moved into a new apt in a new city.

I started running.  I’ve run hundreds of miles: including two 5K’s, three 10K’s, and a half-marathon. AND, I managed to love it.

I do yoga, not always as often as I would like, but I’m making it happen.

I read. I’ve read probably 15 books this year, which may not sound like a lot.  In 2010 though, I think I read one and only because I was on vacation.

I cook. A LOT.

I lost 15 pounds. I got healthier.  I feel stronger and most importantly, I feel better in my own skin.


and then there were the things that 2011 brought that I didn’t have on a list…

I took what was my frustrated/tipsy/hopeful internet ramblings and turned it into a blog, with readers (!!)

I’m staying in my apt  (and if you’ve moved as many times as me, you know thats huge)

I stepped out of my comfort zone, a lot.

Lisa asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Not one but two of my good friends had gorgeous babies that I can’t get enough of.

I made lots of new friends.

I met a great guy.

AND I’m going to be aunt. excitement can’t even describe it.

That’s one hell of a year. So, every so often when I think I still “haven’t figured it out yet”, I have to remind myself that I’ve come a long way. I had no idea how true this would be.   Maybe I have it figured out more than I realize.  Maybe all I need to do is make one good decision and then make another..

One step at a time my friends.

I couldn’t be happier.

2011 has been unbelievable, friends.

Bring on 2012!


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After my little trek  (and by trek I mean slightly out of my way) to get orthotics last night, I was pretty productive. 

productive makes me weirdly happy. sometimes I put things on my to-do list, just to get the satisfaction of deleting them an hour later. ridiculous I know. 

Did laundry, made some hummus & threw together a quick dinner

I got that Quinoa/Rice blend at HLS & had yet to use it.

I got tons of groceries delivered.  I only needed a handful of specific things that Whole Foods wouldn’t have, so I ordered Peapod. If I’m paying a delivery fee, I’m stocking up on lots of heavy things, and really.. anything that’s less expensive.  oops.

 Now that I have excessive amounts of food, I must cook right?

20111130-155455.jpg11 pm sounds like the perfect time to chop veggies & prep the crock pot for today’s all day adventure


Veggies chopped, dry ingredients measured, wet ingredients out.  Ready for some early morning throw-together.

20111130-155510.jpgPretty excited for this when I get home tonight. 

Crock Pot Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but it looks healthy & delicious. Maybe just because its made in the crock pot. Loving it lately.  Seriously though.. let’s hope I like lentils.  

20111130-155441.jpglast night’s leftovers for lunch today


Nov 30th huh? Do I have to recap my Nov goals?  Probably.

Did I meet my goals? Not exactly.

1. PR at the Philly Half Marathon –  Fail. No explanation necessary. Ugh.

2. Yoga once a week – No. I went to yoga once. Just 1 time. I was too focused on running/being injured to get there again.  

3. Shred in the AM – Negative.  I did the Shred once. At night. I suck.

4.  Start my Christmas shopping – At least I got this one?! It didn’t take much effort though. Yes I started.      Surprise! I finished too. That’s kind of exciting.

November was NOT awesome goal-wise, but it was a pretty good month in general. December will be even better 🙂


What were your Nov highlights?

 any crock-pot recommendations for me?

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August is over. It certainly feels like it outside. We’re bordering on fall weather and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t think I’m quite ready to let summer go yet.

I never get tired of this though.

(this is also how I feel about fall and the fact that I’m going back to philly ;))


Recap – goals for august

1. HALF MARATHON – oh yes. you can read post here

2. try hot yoga – I went! only once but I went & loved it. yoga will become something I do regularly (if I keep telling myself that)

3. join gym or commit to strength training on my own – I didn’t join a gym. I really just can’t justify spending the money just so I can go to classes. I did start doing more cross training, but not as much as I want to. I give myself half credit on this one.

4. have an amazing time at HLS. Definitely. Recaps on HLS here, here & here plus my lessons learned.

August was a bit of an odd month. I talked a little bit about how weird I felt after the half marathon in this post. I’m adjusting how I think about my workouts and getting more on track.

Last night, I did my first speed workout. Speed work makes me nervous, which probably explains why I skipped it the past 2 weeks. oops.  I did  8 x400 intervals at an 8:57 pace with a 1 mile warmup &  .5 mile cool down.  It flew by!  Intervals made it go by so fast. Big fan. 

and completely unrelated but worth sharing – yesterday afternoon, I pulled this out of my desk drawer (which is always stock piled with bars, nuts, etc). I got this in my HLS swag bag and didn’t have high hopes.20110831-090320.jpgit was surprisingly delicious & chocolatey


how did you all do on august goals? 

thoughts on speedwork?

who wants to send me workouts to try :)?

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so ready!

I’ve managed to do my runs in the morning this week, which is an accomplishment in its self. (I’m pretty terrible at getting out of bed in the AM)  I’ve noticed though that by getting my workouts in early, I feel like I’m due for a workout earlier.  Tuesday morning I ran, and by Wednesday after work, I felt like I really needed to get my sweat on. Knowing that I needed to run yesterday morning & that it was too hot to do anything outside, I hit the gym, did a fast mile and a half and then some intervals on the elliptical. It felt surprisingly awesome.

these legs feel accomplished.

I’ll spare you any other post-workout pics of me.
with any luck, this is what July will look like. 

lots of cape time.
 hopefully some beach
 Sox @ Camden Yards
 hanging out with these ladies
and then 2 of these 3 lovelies.
a month with 5 weekends?! yes please.

Goals for July
1. get to 12 miles  – half marathon is the first weekend of Aug. must be readyyy
2. take lots of pictures  – between the 4th, a family gathering, 4 days in baltimore, and a few of my NY girls coming to the Cape, there are LOTS of fantastic photo ops.
3. spend some QT with baby mac – oh charlie, I can NOT wait.
4. do yoga once a week –  I’ve done yoga a handful of times recently & always feel great after. Whether I go to a class or break my DVD, this needs to happen more – before my legs revolt against me.
5. get to the pool – my building has a pool & I have yet to go. going to need to change that. yup.

what are your goals for July?  anything missing off my list?

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