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Happy Birthday Dennis!


The weekends are never quite long enough..

My Friday night looked like this:

Revenge on DVR, bud light & laundry.

and some of these, since I accidentally stole them from the parents.

Saturday –


I got the train at Back Bay & met my mom for outlet shopping.

That’s where the photos end. Oops.

I did get lots of fun stuff though ūüôā

and then there were beverages for Dennis’s birthday.


Last week, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. That was the ONLY workout I even attempted. Chalk it up to post-race laziness?! I have no idea.

Tomorrow, I’m getting back on track.¬†Bootcamp begins. ūüôā

My apt is clean, the workout is printed, I prepped food for tomorrow, I’m ready.


how was the weekend, friends?!



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I’m a big fan of routine. and well.. specifically. I’m a pretty big fan of my routine.¬†¬†
I have very little trouble lately staying on track, eating well, & working out.
After 4+ days at the Cape – I’m finding it near impossible to get back on track.¬†

I want to sleep. A LOT.
I want chocolate. and salty snacks. and wine.
I don’t want to run.
I was even tempted to order food, like dominos. ick.¬† (dont worry I didn’t)

So needless to say, I’m going to get back on track but its reallyyy tough.¬† I’m learning that just because I’m good most of the time or¬†that I ran 8 miles or its a holiday that needs to be celebrated, I can’t let myself go completely¬†crazy. Indulge –¬†yes. for sure.¬†¬† but 4 full days of too much everything. not cool.

Now this was my first extended weekend with lots of celebrating since I really started paying attention, so I’m not surprised I went overboard, nor am I going to beat myself up about it. BUT I’m learning my limits. and acknowledging that I exceeded them for sure.¬†
now if I could just get that self-control thing down.

Last night was the first time in a long time that I got home from work and had nothing to do.

great plan right?
serious fail this morning.
anyone else hanging out in struggle-city this week? 

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