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view from the balcony

It was like 70 on Tuesday so I sat outside and read the book that I failed to finish before book club. I suck.

the difference in my electric bill

Remember when JT came & fixed the heat?! I saved LOTS this month. ūüôā

steel cut oats

never been a huge fan of oatmeal. totally hooked.


‚̧ coffee

I almost never go to Starbucks anymore. This morning I did and when I arrived at work, coffee machine broken. perfect timing.


happy friday friends!



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so so happy its Friday.

a few awesome things about today:

1. JT fixed/insulated/got magical with the heating system in my apt.

20120120-152014.jpgthis is the ghetto, half-ass heater that hates me and refuses to get my apt to an acceptable temperature.

(I’ve had it “fixed” twice and replaced once already, yet I still need a space heater and sleep in my compression socks)

20120120-152022.jpgand this is my fabulous boyfriend, who showed up with all sorts of insulating/foamfilling/cold air stopping stuff, took things apart, sprayed/filled/who knows what else.

and now it is warm.

(warm=happy alli)


2. I am sore, in the best way possible

yesterday kicked my ass and I feel great about it.


3. embracing the rest day

I came to work today with a bag of gym clothes & every¬†intention to do a few easy¬†miles at lunchtime.¬†I’m tired.¬†No, thanks. ¬†


4.  pizza & parents

my parents are coming in tonight to hang out with my friends and they’re bringing pizza. Town Spa Pizza to get specific. SO GOOD. can’t wait.


5. THESE GIRLS will be here in just a few hours.

(since there isn’t a decent pic of¬†all three of us on the internet?!)¬†

this might be from 2008, but I love it

July 2011

I’m excited. Can’t sit still. Need the work day to be over. Wine please.


who has fun weekend plans?! I want to hear about ’em

. \\

ps. I would like this to happen except with lisa too. love & a dance party


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happy friday

Happy Friday my friends!!

I’m pumped that its almost the weekend and you know what else?!


20111202-162720.jpgthis is my attempt at a mid-run photo. ha

so excited. must take photo and text mom

(while running.. pretty much asking for injury #2)

20111202-162727.jpg3 whole miles!! super slow but painless

I didn’t want to get too crazy or overdo it. I started with a walk, got a little faster, and held it at 5.5 until I hit 3 miles. It was slow and comfortable and WONDERFUL.

I may or may not have subsequently spent a lot of time researching races.

5K in a few weeks? yes please.

I should probably run a lil faster (without pain) before I commit to that.

but YAYYYY!!!


plus. Katie & Lisa booked flights to visit in January. 


happy friday indeed ūüôā


what’s on tap for the weekend?¬†

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