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So its Friday for real this time 🙂

I started my day with this:


with Chobani

and for lunch I had some of this.

I’ve made it like 4 times already. Definitely addicted.


so good

I might’ve had this as a snack.


and I’m planning on making this for dinner. yayyy carbs!

Aren’t you excited that you know what I’m eating today?

No. Me either.

They’re the only new pics I have though..

Well except this one..


🙂 pretty

 ok! moving on..

So, I decided to run tomorrow.

I’ll have more energy, be better prepared, & its much more likely that it’ll go well. plus its supposed to be almost 50 outside. I’ll take it.

So, I came home after work, seriously cleaned my apt, and knocked a few things off my to-do list.

I’m laying low tonight, making dinner, catching up on my DVR & getting to bed early.

Getting ready to crush some miles tomorrow. 🙂

Anyone else doing a long run this weekend? Any other fun plans?


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happy valentine’s day!!

how lucky am I? I return from a lunchtime treadmill session to find this:

pretty flowers on my desk


thanks to this guy 🙂


I got a very special valentine from one of my fave little men:


dear charlie,

umm.. YES.

love, alli


ps. your handwriting looks suspiciously like your mama‘s. 😉


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holy photos. so many!

Saturday morning – Breakfast started at 8.  Excited for it all to begin!

Agendabreakfast was sponsored by attune foods – loved these coasters.

I enjoy all types of happy hour 🙂

lots of bloggers!we started with an ice breaker.  then I went to Stepfanie’s session on Writing a Better Recipesuper informative! now I just need to come up with a few alli-originals.

then Dawn Jackson Blatner gave a great talk on Action Mantra’sBrittany, Heather, Julie & Courtney inspired everyone to Rise Above the Negativity. Lessons learned:    Your blog is your castle, you can rule it however you please.     We can use whatever lens we want to see and share our lives.

Tina, Lisa, Janeetha & Beth talked about numbers. focus on the things you can control. numbers can motivate but also make you crazy. check in with yourself & what works for you.

oh hey friends! Kristy, me, & Holly

After the last session, a group of us wandered back over to Reading Terminal Market to check it out while its open. I could’ve taken a thousand pics, but instead you get sign & flowers. pretty
liberty bell!!I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen the Liberty Bell. Glad we made it during the jam-packed weekendabout ten of us ended up at The Corner for dinner. Super cute. Sangria was excellent – just what I needed after a looong and informative day these little cornbreads were fantastic – soft, fluffy, buttery

I ordered the corner burger – it was good but nothing blog-worthy

diana & kelly

no one touched their food without snapping photos first. I love it. The table next to us thought we were crazy.

delic margarita at the loews hotel
everyone else’s pretty cocktails

and that was Saturday!!

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oh hello all
I’ve seriously struggled getting back into real world mode. I want to stay & play at the Cape, for sure.

before I get into all the fun. I’m happy to report that I did get up Saturday morning & bust out 8 miles. (with my dad trailing behind on his bike. it was an interesting run thats for sure. wish I took a pic)

there was tons of food. beverages. friends. sun. 
gorgeous views. 
how amazing is that. 
fantastic people. and dessert.
(most of whom were not photographed, apologies)
and even my dad cuddling with a pup. who would’ve thought?
some hard to capture fireworks
and Momma Re’s flowers. stunning. 
feeling artsy.

this morning I forced myself out to run.
because well.. i have 3 runs left this week & only 4 days to do them. ugh.   4.5 miles – success.  
I expected it to be more painful than it was.  still not looking forward to tomorrow.
and – 9 miles on saturday is going to be TOUGH.

wish I had a big topic tonight but really, my weekend was wonderful, exhausting, & left me with a sweet tan 🙂   that’s all I got.

happy wednesday!

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hope everyone had a fantastic easter.
I completely failed at taking pictures of all the deliciousness. oops.
but I did manage to capture the ahh-mazing breakfast my fabulous mother came up with!

how gorgeous are those strawberries?!
dannon light n fit vanilla.
special K low fat granola.
I also failed to get that run in, but I did manage to spend some quality time on the elliptical. so all was not lost. and tonight, I dusted off that yoga dvd I bought last year & only used once. surprisingly enjoyable.
2.5 weeks til the first 5K of the year. eeeekkk. must run tomorrow.
is it spring?! not quite but momma w. is doing an excellent job pretending.
how pretty are these. must get flowers for my apt.

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