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october :)

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Happy October! I wish Boston looked like this right now. I love love love the fall (as I’ve mentioned before) so I’m going to soak up as much of it as I possibly can.

Goals for October –

1. 10K in under 60 minutes – I’m running 2 this month. Under an hour should be do-able, but I’ve never run a 10K so we’ll see

2. sleep – sept was a bit crazy but I think I can get back in a routine & be better about getting 8 hours.

3. make cider – it hasn’t been cold enough yet but cider is one of my favorite things about fall. soon 🙂

4. break out the crock pot – I’ve used it a few times but really should be more often.

5. make something with pumpkin – I haven’t since the spring, so I’m definitely overdue

Pats are playing this afternoon! I’m heading to watch the game with Sara & Eric, in one of my fave fall outfits. ( leggings & boots)

hope you’re all having a great weekend.


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september summer.

I got up this morning to do an 8 miler. Its the end of September right? I don’t have to get up early to beat the sun, heat, etc. uhh. not exactly. I headed out around 11 and it was definitely summer out.  So it wasn’t 80 but still.. it was hot.

It looked like fall but it sure doesn’t feel like  it. I cursed myself a bit for not going earlier but really.. running in the 70s can only help me be faster in cooler temps, right?


recap on my goals for September –

1. yoga once a week –  remember when I said “this month I will do it. Its on my calendar for twice a week, so I have ZERO excuses not to accomplish this”  FAIL. I didn’t go even once.  its time to retire yoga from the goals. maybe it’ll actually happen if I don’t speak of it?!

2. stay in Boston (post labor day) – Pretty much. I ran off to NY for 1 weekend night, because well really I missed my friends. Otherwise, I was here, hanging out, doing Boston-y things.

3. farmer’s market – lame. I didn’t even try.

4. sleep more – HA.  again Fail. I probably slept less this month than well.. ever. bad plan alli, bad plan.

5. watch football  – this I did. go me.  I even managed a baseball game too. sweeet.


September wasn’t awesome, but it was good.   I have a feeling October is going to be great 🙂


how was everyone else’s September? 

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sept. fall. excited.

First – The Return of the Smoothie

I hate to admit, but I got all excited, bought tons of frozen fruit, and immediately got bored with smoothies, mainly because I make the same one all the time.

This morning it needed to happen. I even looked up a recipe for inspiration but only half followed it.

1 cup almond milk, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, unsweetened shredded coconut &  then I found this!  more HLS swag.



Tonight, I went for a slow 3 miles. My legs were pretty tired from yesterday.  So I ran and watched all the people strolling around. There was a ton of people out doing yoga on the Esplanade.  I always forget that there is free stuff happening around town. I ran by the Orchestra at the Hatch Shell too. (not that I like the orchestra, but it looks like cute scene)


Goals for September

1. yoga once a week – this month I will do it. Its on my calendar for twice a week, so I have ZERO excuses not to accomplish this.

2. stay in Boston (post labor day) – since June, I’ve been in Boston 2 weekends. not ideal.

3. farmer’s market – there are a bunch of these around and I’m never here to go to them. They’re such a great scene.

4. sleep more – I used to be pretty good at getting around 8 hours a night. Lately, its been more like 6-7 and I can feel the difference.

5. watch football  – this shouldn’t be that hard.


Fall in New England is going to be beautiful

I love the in-between weather with boots & sweaters.

I can stop buying white wine until next summer. Bring on the red 🙂

Running without the heat is going to be amazinggg

I love the excitement about football & sundays.

(I’ll just pretend it has nothing to do with the arrival of winter.)

I’m really excited for fall.


what are you favorite things about fall? or are you dreading it?

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August is over. It certainly feels like it outside. We’re bordering on fall weather and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t think I’m quite ready to let summer go yet.

I never get tired of this though.

(this is also how I feel about fall and the fact that I’m going back to philly ;))


Recap – goals for august

1. HALF MARATHON – oh yes. you can read post here

2. try hot yoga – I went! only once but I went & loved it. yoga will become something I do regularly (if I keep telling myself that)

3. join gym or commit to strength training on my own – I didn’t join a gym. I really just can’t justify spending the money just so I can go to classes. I did start doing more cross training, but not as much as I want to. I give myself half credit on this one.

4. have an amazing time at HLS. Definitely. Recaps on HLS here, here & here plus my lessons learned.

August was a bit of an odd month. I talked a little bit about how weird I felt after the half marathon in this post. I’m adjusting how I think about my workouts and getting more on track.

Last night, I did my first speed workout. Speed work makes me nervous, which probably explains why I skipped it the past 2 weeks. oops.  I did  8 x400 intervals at an 8:57 pace with a 1 mile warmup &  .5 mile cool down.  It flew by!  Intervals made it go by so fast. Big fan. 

and completely unrelated but worth sharing – yesterday afternoon, I pulled this out of my desk drawer (which is always stock piled with bars, nuts, etc). I got this in my HLS swag bag and didn’t have high hopes.20110831-090320.jpgit was surprisingly delicious & chocolatey


how did you all do on august goals? 

thoughts on speedwork?

who wants to send me workouts to try :)?

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Don’t worry. I realize its been a few days, but I did survive Irene. I was fortunate enough to have power the whole time too.

That means I laid on the couch for an entire day watching bad movies like Life as We Know It & Definitely, Maybe followed by Criminal Minds reruns (really though, I can’t get enough of Criminal Minds)

so dreamy

I went out both Friday & Saturday, didn’t work out & ate crap. awesome. nicely done alli. and on top of that, I let my apartment become a mess. Now, I’m not sure why it happens, but when my apt is a mess, I feel like my life is.

so, rather than forcing out a blog post, I needed to catch up and get my head on straight. Sunday night, I cleaned out my closet!!

20110830-093426.jpgIts time to get rid of all those clothes that don’t fit  🙂 🙂 🙂


and then yesterday – I forced myself to be super productive at work, ran 4 miles & cleaned my apartment. Now I can relax a bit.

All accomplished in time for the 8:30 fantasty football draft. The Women and Fed League is back for year 2 (and we’re up to 3 guys!)

Sad that I couldn’t be there in person, but facetime-ing with the NY crew was pretty hysterical.

I did zero research, but I think my team came together pretty well. (but what do I know)

QB – Drew Brees
RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
RB – Ryan Mathews
WR – Mike Williams
WR – Dwayne Bowe
TE – Jason Witten
DEF – Packers
K – Nate Kaeding
BN – Daniel Thomas
BN – CJ Spiller
BN – Brandon Marshall
BN – Braylon Edwards
BN – Deion Branch
BN – Jay Cutler
BN – Roy Helu

I swear we had less players last year. This looks like a lot. No?


does anyone else get overwhelmed when their apartment is a mess?  just me? 

how bad did I mess up this draft? anyone care to call me out?

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there are so many things i love about fall. FOOTBALL. the fact that we have a fantasy league. red wine. sweaters. leggings. boots. cider…    YAY! 

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