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Sunday afternoon and I finished my final workout for the week. Logged everything into dailymile and realized I *only* ran 10 miles this week. 5 days of workouts, 4+ hours, mix of full body strength & cardio but only 10 miles. It didn’t feel like enough. What’s that about?!

So I went out and ran 2 more. Did it change how I felt about the week? No, but it made me feel like at least today I wasn’t a slacker.  No idea where I’m going with this except that I realized I was being crazy and kind of hard on myself.  I’ll stop that.

What’d I do this weekend?

bringing back the smoothies

I took Friday off, slept in, went for a run, got a massage (so painful and soo wonderful), ran into friends on the way home, had beverages, dinner, more beverages, it was fantastic. the end.

fri night lights

Yesterday, there was a birthday celebration at F1. More racing!  This time I drove though so I have no pictures. I was slow. I was okay with it.  so fun!

JT & I had dinner at Amrheins in Southie. Again, no pictures but I got the grilled turkey tips special that came on risotto with cashews, cranberries, and baby spinach. holy deliciousness. I loved it.  The turkey was fine, but the risotto..  I NEED TO RECREATE. soooo good.

I’m never ready for the weekend to end, but at least this one was long.  It was a good one 🙂

how was the weekend?! tell me a story.


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Pictures from F1

There are over 300 people in this bootcamp. In the facebook group, not one person has complained about being sore. How is that possible?!  I’m in serious pain. I attempted 6 miles today, made it though 4.  I’ll take it, but omg legs!! I knew I was going to be hurtin’, but if anything I thought my legs would the part of my body that might be actually kind-of in shape.  Wrong. My quads are DYING.

So today’s run was tough but good.

how gorgeous is this?!  obsessed.


What else did I do today?

I slept super late (sooo nice), made a bunch of food, got my grocery shopping done, did some meal planning. Great lil Sunday.


As promised, pictures from yesterday!  F1 was a great time. I didn’t drive but definitely will next time.

ready to race

Brent wins!

after his victory lap

Brent’s birthday. Brent wins. Suspicious? Maybe. 😉


how was everyone’s weekend?
anyone else doing bootcamp? struggling as much as I am?

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