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scenes from my weekend

getting up early on Friday was 100% worth it.

After work, I squeezed in a quick nap. Met up with JT and his friends, had some beverages, played some games, may have been some dancing involved. Great night 🙂

Saturday, we went to one of my favorite places!please note that if you bring me to Trader Joe’s, I will make you dinner.
like these, which were quite delicious.

After dinner, we headed to Liberty, met up with Lauren for a bit & then these guys. yayy!
Happy Birthday Abby!

Sadly I missed all the marathon coverage. 😦

Though I did make this & watch lotss of football 🙂

Crock Pot Taco Chili 

I’ve been trying to make this for weeks and just didn’t get there. It makes a LOT.

perfect football food, fantastic sunday 🙂

how was the weekend, my friends? 


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Friday :)

today is the last friday for a whole month that I have to work a full day. SCORE. 
I’m going to pretty upset if it stays like this:

while I have summer fridays.  in which case, I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me on every brewery & vineyard tour that I can find in the Boston area.

I’ve been a little slow on the posting. sorryyyy

so! things i did this week –
lots of yoga – I keep saying I’m going to incorporate yoga into my workouts. its about time.
actually got up to run before work – I probably set my alarm twice a week every week, this is the first time since I moved that I actually got my ass out of bed. WIN
attempted a spinach artichoke turkey meatloaf – this combo does not exist on the internet (i looked)  it was good but needs a little work before its worth sharing.
had Sara & Abby over for dinner – so fun!  made these veggie enchiladas & you need to too. delic.
made an amazing smoothie – I used mixed berries instead of just strawberries tho so mine was purple. SO GOOD

and this weekend I’m heading back to NY to hang out with these kids.  excitement

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I had to go to a fairly boring compensation seminar all day in burlington today. not ideal.
BUT lack of car means I had to get a Zipcar to get myself there. oh hello mobility.   Of course, I needed to take full advantage of having a car for the day. SO I trekked it out to TraderJoe’s in Cambridge.  Obviously, the closest one with the wine shop.

I got sooo much good food & 6 bottles of wine for a ridiculous $83 dollars. AMAZING.
though I will say Cambridge TJ’s has nothingggg on NYC TJ’s (both of them).  i was not impressed, but did still manage to make it worth the trip.   veryy excited.  

could my freezer be any fuller – I don’t think so. must stop buying/making food. must eat lots before I cook more.

i’ve always been a less than adventurous eater – we’re all aware. i’ve insisted for as long as I can remember that I HATE all types of beans. who knows what possessed me to make cheese enchiladas.. but refried beans are pretty much the key ingredient. I bought them and made this thinking it sounded amazing (completely ignoring the fact that I won’t touch beans).
and boyyy, that was a great call.   tonight & last night:

and surprisingly not terrible for you. even though it looks like a pound of delicious, melty cheese – its really not that much. mmmmmm

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