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i’ll take it

17 degrees and 5mph wind. I’ll take it!

(soooo much better than yesterday)

this morning I put on:
running tights
 run swiftly long sleeve shirt
philly half long sleeve
blue lulu jacket
compression socks
regular socks

oh I bundled for sure and then.. I busted out 9 miles before work.

average pace around 9:56. I’ll take that too.

20120119-150048.jpgthe charles is starting to freeze!

you know what my favorite part of winter running is?

 20120119-150057.jpgmy water stays cold.

It may be 17 degrees outside, but I’m hot & sweating.  Cold water – soo good.

I might’ve also gone to the 12:00 power yoga class at the gym too.  It can only help, right?!  Afterwards, I realized that I did about 2.5 hours worth of workouts before 1:00 today.  ha. 

 tomorrow might need to be a easy day 🙂


that’s all I got.  I’m having a really hard time focusing on anything right now.
is it time to go home yet?  hurrah thurs nights.
is it tomorrow yet? yayyy katie and lisa.


 love thurs nights?  have fun weekend plans?  cant sit still for no reason at all? 



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good morning

nothing makes you feel more alive than a brisk 8 miles before the sun comes up.


clearly the flash was necessary on this.

I haven’t had a whole lot to say the last few days. Mainly because I skipped my long run this weekend. I meant to do it, but I got distracted, had a lot of fun, and then was just too tired.  I ran 3.5 on Saturday, so it wasn’t a complete fail, but true story.. 3.5 ≠ 8 miles.

I felt kind of guilty about it, especially since the next two weekends are going to be even harder to get runs in.  I looked at my training plan though: last week long run was 8, this week long run is the optional 5K race. So I quit the guilt and switched the weeks. 

I have a pretty packed schedule for the next couple days though, so this morning was really my only option. done & done. Now I can do everything and be stress free

What’s going on this week? lots of fun stuff.

Tonight: dinner with Christina – possibly spaghetti squash round 2

Tomorrow: dinner & Kendra Morris show with JT

Friday: Sara’s birthday celebration plus visitors

Saturday: watching the Pats game & visitors continued




so yeah.. good morning!


what’s going on this week?

What’s the earliest you’ll get up to get a workout in?


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I want to do everything.

More specifically, I don’t want to have to choose between running and being fun this weekend.

Well, let me rephrase that – I want to run and still be super fun all the time and not have to worry about what I’m eating/drinking or how much sleep I’m getting in preparation for a long run. Oh and I want that long run to be phenomenal too.

So, I came up with a plan to make that all possible!!

20111104-092549.jpg  it involved me seeing this as I turn on my Keurig this morning.  

Who needs to sleep?!


At about 5:20, I made my way downstairs and did 6 miles @ 10:00 on the treadmill, since its wayy too dark to be running outside.  Safety first, Mom!


At about 6:20, I ventured out to this. Still dark, but not as scary as it looked. Lots of runners out this morning! Totally safe, Mom!



Sunrise was beautiful this morning, my friends.  I did another 5.2 @ a 10:09 pace.  The last 2.5 were my fastest of the morning, love it! 

I’ve never broken up a long run like that before.  It was awesome!  It probably took me 5 minutes to get from the treadmill, take a GU, and get outside. Once I got out there, it was like a whole new game, like those 6 miles never happened. 5 more? No Big Deal.

a fantastic 11.2 miles! I got home around 7:20, stretched, foam rolled & had a smoothie. and now I feel like a rockstar.   (I’ll probably crash at some point this afternoon, but we’ll ignore that for now)

I can be a crazy runner and have a blast of a weekend, without even blinking about my long run.  hellll yeah. 🙂

happy friday! and someone get me a coffee at like 4:00 😉


What’s on tap for the weekend?

Anyone else get up crazy early this morning?


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HLS Part 3 – Sunday

Saturday night was so much fun! I stayed out pretty late, having a crazy dance party with a bunch of seriously awesome bloggers.

So Sunday morning’s 8am fun run seemed awfully early. 7am wake up, not ideal.

Most of us ended up walking and talking through some of the touristy parts of Philly. Much better plan than running.

love this 🙂 rocky!I’m ashamed to say I ran the steps but I’ve never even watched the movie. alli fail. must add to movie list.

philly was fantastic. Before I knew it, it was over.

I had so much fun.

Met so many phenomenal people.

Have soo many more blogs I want to read.

and headed home feeling inspired, in blogging, in fitness, in everything..

Off to the airport & reality.
but one more cocktail first. 😉

I can’t wait until next year!

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It’s entirely possible that I’ve lost my mind, but I’d like to think I’m just motivated & more importantly, committed.

Today was supposed to get up to triple digits, so I got up before the sun (literally) to get in my long run before the heat got intense.

its 5:30ish. i’m sleepy, a lil nervous, and not as excited as I wanted to be, I’ll pretend.

good morning Boston.

approaching haymarketKennedy Greenway by the North End

south station circa 6:10
from Commercial St.

garden & bridgemuseum of science

i love the views from the cambridge side of the river

sky is pretty this morning

oooo  Trader Joe’s. can you even see it? i dont know.

Western Ave. This doesn’t feel like the city anymore. 
back on the Boston side – by BU  & thats the last in-route pic.


yeah. that headband says – no one ever drowned in sweat.

it makes me feel hardcore. and seemed appropriate given the heat.

11 miles done before 8am. hell yeah.

ice. love.

smoothies are the best

use mint extract carefully though- this one tasted a lil like toothpaste. ha.

don’t worry, I drank it anyway.

It just poured outside so I’m pretty excited that I missed that. iphones and rain do not get along well. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I’m planning on some pool time, so lets hope. I still haven’t been yet. oops. & really I might a nap. might as well get a tan while I recover.

pretty excited to actually be in Boston this weekend. its been awhile.  🙂

happy saturday!! have a fantastic weekend.

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not that Tuesdays are overly pleasant anyway, but getting up at 6 is definitely unpleasant.  I didn’t love it this morning but it happened.

I should have known that being motivated so early in the morning would backfire.
Once I got up, I was kinda proud of myself, so we’re still okay.
Somewhere between mile 1 & 2 – a bug hits me in the face – uhh gross..  shake it off.
mile 2.5 – I’m struggling. yell at myself a lil.  I mean, I run fairly often & haven’t been out for less than 4 miles in weeeeeks. whyy am I struggling so much. ughh. note to self – maybe eat something before run?
mile 3 –  start to choke mildly. something is stuck in my throat?!!?  WTF?  still running. lots of spitting (sorry if that’s not lady-like but it happens)  I can’t explain it. this feels like a gelled chia seed. omg. I don’t even want to think about it what it actually is. more spitting. the people behind me now think I’m INSANE and foul. still running.
mile 4 – kind of want to die. but still running. how far am I going again? oh right. almost there.

I managed to make it through a very painful & weird 4.5 miles to realize that
1. I probably inhaled some sort of small insect – disgusting.
2. I just ran that at a 9:57 pace which pretty damn good – no wonder it struggled.
3. I hate that its only 7:15 in the morning and now I have to go to work – exxxcellent.

at least its done. before it gets too warm out.  

next up – shower.
probably about a minute & a half in – CRASH.
some minor shreaking, flailing, & serious water spewing.
My shower curtain & rod are on the floor.
How does that happen?!  I wasn’t even touching it!!

so yeah.. that was a pretty awkward turn of events, but enough about that.
I turned the morning around by making this delicious smoothie (sans spinach for all you green-haters)

soo soo good. 

soy milk – 1 cup-ish
mixed berries – 1/2 bag
unsweetened apple sauce – 1/2 cup maybe
ice – handful
vanilla protein powder – one scoop

The rest of my day was fairly uneventful, but getting up that early definitely threw my eating off. 

What weird stuff has happened to you during/post run?

Is it Friday yet?  I’m ready for some Cape time.  
cocktails and this guy? yes. please. 

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