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I have a crazy list of recipes that I want to try. I’ve had this one in my inbox for awhile thanks to one my dear friends. She raved about how good these potatoes were. I don’t make potatoes often though so this recipe wasn’t high on the list. When Christina wanted to do dinner last night & I randomly had potatoes on hand, these sounded perfect.

use a bigger bowl than I did. It will work out MUCH better. I used regular dijon mustard rather than whole grain, just because its what I had.

so delicious.

Recipe by Smitten Kitchen & found here.

Served with boring baked chicken that was not blog nor photo worthy.


This though (which I may or may not be eating as I type this) is most certainly blog/photo worthy.


red velvet.  another thing I can not resist.

I’m not a big sweets person. Salt > Sweet in my head always but red velvet anything… YUM.        Maybe I should add that to the crazy list


I predict there will be lots more deliciousness in my future. this weekend perhaps. 🙂   I got a few things on tap – including the Tufts 10K on Monday. Excited!


What’s on your agenda for the long weekend?!   Any interest in the links on my crazy list of recipes?


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When I arrived at HLS, I knew nothing about Attune Foods. I got to try a few of their products while I was there and was definitely intrigued.  Simple Ingredients, Simply Made.  Sounds perfect right?

So when they offered to send me some cereal – umm. yes please?!

I got the Uncle Sam Honey Almond & a box of the Erewhon Strawberry (that I’ll review another day)

Their description of the Uncle Sam Honey Almond:

“She’s buzzing with flavor and is a popular guest at the breakfast table. This belle of the breakfast is all dolled up, wearing her sliced California almonds and gushing of clover honey. Her honeyed replies smack of high protein, high fiber, and of course, good taste.”

I’m not quite that creative with my words..  I don’t eat cereal for breakfast often because it usually can’t keep me full until lunch. This one could.  I’m impressed.  It was sweet, crunchy, and guilt-free. Its good with milk and I would bet it would be good with yogurt too. Next time!

I love that I can count the ingredients on my fingers and even better, I can pronounce them all.

doesn’t that just look delicious?

It was 🙂



Disclaimer: While I did not have to pay for this product, the opinions are my own. I believe in honest reviews

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I’m currently en route to HLS!!!! yayy!  super excited.  Since I’m feeling super blogger-y, here is the recap of last night.

Caitlin & I went to Marliave for dinner after work. Restaurant Week is one of my favorite things, especially since I don’t go out to eat much.

we tried to get a reservation in the spring for restaurant week but it was completely booked. apparently its good.


rarebits. caitlin & caprese

main course

steak frites

sunday gravy (gnocchi with beef, lamb & pork)

and then dessert..

butterscotch pudding

chocolate lava cake & vanilla bean ice cream

so there you have it. was it as good as it looks?

you better believe it.

our waitress was fantastic too. couldn’t have imagined better service. attentive but not rushed. sweet but not annoying. loved her!

I would definitely recommend it and I’ll definitely go back.

so full. and happy.  🙂

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falafel burgers

Last night, I got back in the kitchen. Its been far too long since I’ve made anything fun or new. I saw this recipe on Eat, Live, Run the other day and knew I MUST make it.
I love falafel but never thought to try making it. I scoured Whole Foods for Tahini and had everything else already 🙂

Once I got these in pattie form, I was a little skeptical. Kind of weird looking.

the recipe fries them, but I didn’t want all the oil,

so instead I baked them at 350 for 10 minutes on each side.

on a whole wheat pita with tomato & hot sauce.


It amazes me how people come up with such weird and delicious combinations.


lunch today.


look familiar? still delicious.

makes me really happy I got sneakers last night. they’re pretty much the new version of my old shoes, but pink and uglier. as long as my feet are happy, I dont care what color they are.

I may actually try to do some kind of workout today. 🙂

getting the sneakers and making dinner was about as productive as I could be yesterday.


I realize that I completely forgot to tell you all about all the samples I scored at the Expo on Saturday.  I took pretty much anything that was free (and/or edible). So many fun things to try!

I got a handful of mini larabars in a few different flavors.  I’ve tried them before but forgot how simple and delicious they are.  Really 3 ingredients?

Dates, peanuts, salt.  yum.  perfect afternoon snack.


does anyone know if they sell the mini ones?

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hope everyone had a delighful mother’s day weekend.
I headed out the cape saturday afternoon to spend some QT with the parents.
loove it. so nice to be so much closer.
Mom & I made dinner.
4 of my favorite things in one bowl. tomato. red onion. goat cheese. balsamic. delic.
oh myyyy, was it good.  probably one of the best dishes I’ve ever had a part of making. mmmm.
recipe found here: Chicken Rollatini

so good.

and then there was breakfast. 🙂
 recipe not cooperating. you can find the inspiration here: texas style casserole
because strawberries make everything better. mmm
happy mother’s day!
 & happy 1 year anniversary to my gorgeous sister & bro-in-law!
can’t believe its been a whole year already.

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I had to go to a fairly boring compensation seminar all day in burlington today. not ideal.
BUT lack of car means I had to get a Zipcar to get myself there. oh hello mobility.   Of course, I needed to take full advantage of having a car for the day. SO I trekked it out to TraderJoe’s in Cambridge.  Obviously, the closest one with the wine shop.

I got sooo much good food & 6 bottles of wine for a ridiculous $83 dollars. AMAZING.
though I will say Cambridge TJ’s has nothingggg on NYC TJ’s (both of them).  i was not impressed, but did still manage to make it worth the trip.   veryy excited.  

could my freezer be any fuller – I don’t think so. must stop buying/making food. must eat lots before I cook more.

i’ve always been a less than adventurous eater – we’re all aware. i’ve insisted for as long as I can remember that I HATE all types of beans. who knows what possessed me to make cheese enchiladas.. but refried beans are pretty much the key ingredient. I bought them and made this thinking it sounded amazing (completely ignoring the fact that I won’t touch beans).
and boyyy, that was a great call.   tonight & last night:

and surprisingly not terrible for you. even though it looks like a pound of delicious, melty cheese – its really not that much. mmmmmm

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