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comedy central

I’m a big fan of random fun things to do,

especially when they’re free..

Yesterday, my friend Tori got offered free tickets to a taping of a show for Comedy Central.  Sounds like a fabulous idea for a Tuesday night, right?

So three of us went.

There were an odd number of rules (including no phones/pictures) but it was really fun.

I highly doubt we’ll be on tv, but I’m excited to watch anyway.  They recorded us laughing, cheering, giving a standing O. There were a few bits they had to do twice. Paused in the middle for a technical issue. Its soo different seeing it from the other side.

The MC was really funny.  The first comic – Jesse something – was good but not awesome.

The second though – hysterical.  David O’Doherty – loved it.

a clip of his from 2011


in other news, I’m not really sore anymore (yayy!!). My right ankle is still a little off, mostly stiff, but I did manage an elliptical session yesterday. I might attempt to run a few slow miles tomorrow.

and now, I’m watching last night’s Smash on DVR. addicted. soooo good. 🙂

week’s almost over friends. I’m ready for the weekend!


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