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Remember when it was 85 degrees a month ago and then it snowed? It’s 70 out today! This weather confuses me but I’m not complaining. I’ll take every chance I can get for a nice run outside.

Yesterday I attempted to do a 5 miler at lunchtime but failed to bring socks. AWESOME!  (apparently I didn’t learn anything last week when I forgot a sports bra..)    So instead, I broke out the Shred and spent some time with Jillian. That meant that today I got do my 5 miler and considering how nice it is out, I felt great about it.

It was harder than it should’ve been though. It didn’t leave me super confident for Philly in umm.. 12 days. I’m going to need Saturday’s run to be pretty great.

On the positive side though, its a beautiful day to be outside and running.


look at those colors!

20111108-152220.jpglove this view

I’m excited for the Philly Half. I really am. Not as much as I was for Providence though.  I’m sure that’s normal right?    

Training for Providence was so exciting. Every week I ran the farthest I’ve ever run. Automatic PDR!  This time around I feel stronger. I feel like a better, faster runner but I didn’t stick to my training plan. Training lost some of the excitement, so diligently following a plan just didn’t happen.  I basically just used it as a guideline.

I’m sure the race is going to be amazing, but now I’m doubting myself. 😦


dear alli – stop psyching yourself out. you’re ready and being crazy. love, alli


who has happy race stories for me?


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I want to do everything.

More specifically, I don’t want to have to choose between running and being fun this weekend.

Well, let me rephrase that – I want to run and still be super fun all the time and not have to worry about what I’m eating/drinking or how much sleep I’m getting in preparation for a long run. Oh and I want that long run to be phenomenal too.

So, I came up with a plan to make that all possible!!

20111104-092549.jpg  it involved me seeing this as I turn on my Keurig this morning.  

Who needs to sleep?!


At about 5:20, I made my way downstairs and did 6 miles @ 10:00 on the treadmill, since its wayy too dark to be running outside.  Safety first, Mom!


At about 6:20, I ventured out to this. Still dark, but not as scary as it looked. Lots of runners out this morning! Totally safe, Mom!



Sunrise was beautiful this morning, my friends.  I did another 5.2 @ a 10:09 pace.  The last 2.5 were my fastest of the morning, love it! 

I’ve never broken up a long run like that before.  It was awesome!  It probably took me 5 minutes to get from the treadmill, take a GU, and get outside. Once I got out there, it was like a whole new game, like those 6 miles never happened. 5 more? No Big Deal.

a fantastic 11.2 miles! I got home around 7:20, stretched, foam rolled & had a smoothie. and now I feel like a rockstar.   (I’ll probably crash at some point this afternoon, but we’ll ignore that for now)

I can be a crazy runner and have a blast of a weekend, without even blinking about my long run.  hellll yeah. 🙂

happy friday! and someone get me a coffee at like 4:00 😉


What’s on tap for the weekend?

Anyone else get up crazy early this morning?


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There are a lot of new people in my life lately, for a variety of reasons.  The blog is an awkward thing to talk about with new people. Some people think its great and make it easy to talk about.  Others, I feel a lot more hesitant to bring it up. I’m not sure what the difference is. It’s a rare occurence that the conversation isn’t positive, so why am I nervous with some people? 

I blast pieces of my life onto the internet in hopes that people will read.  The truth is I have no idea who is reading and that’s kind of scary. I only know who comments and frankly, most readers don’t.   Traffic is usually exciting, but today it felt a little different.  Traffic is jumping. I didn’t even post today.  Why today? Who’s reading? I got nervous.

I felt exposed. 

There is no room for insecurity here. I like to pretend that the blog is a judgement-free place, but surely that’s not really the case.  I’m confident in what I’m putting out there. I’m proud of the changes I’ve made. I’m excited about the life I’m creating.

via kelly olexa

the blog isn’t trying to be cheesy or preachy. Alli learns life may not even be all that interesting, but it is real.

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and this is what it’s all about.


so to all those new readers – welcome 🙂

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