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Dec. recap

Another month complete!

I’m off to NYC tomorrow afternoon for New Year’s, so before I go – a recap of my December goals.

1. yoga – I went to yoga almost every Thursday this month. There was one where my boss scheduled lunch over class, but I broke out the DVD once. I’ll call that a success.

Speaking of yoga – I went today and tried a wheel for the first time, it was great. it looks like this: pretty sure that when I was 12 and did gymnastics this was called a bridge. I don’t care what you call it.. I felt strong. probably not as strong as I did 16 years ago when I did this last, but still..!

2. will not spend unnecessary money on food – I was pretty good about this. I got lazy towards the end of the month, bought lunch a few times, but nothing major. Decent.

3. bake or make something festive & christmasy – I made Cranberry Walnut Loaf, which was sort of festive & I made Bacon Cheese Spread again for Christmas Tree Day.

4. be nice to my foot – I managed an entire pain-free month & I’m back to a normal running schedule. 🙂

and completely unrelated:

20111229-144627.jpgthis is making my afternoon just a bit sweeter


who accomplished what this month?

I need to drink more tea. Suggestions?



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Christmas 2011

Its hard not to love Christmas.  Lights, music, food..
After my run on Friday, I packed for home & cleaned my apt. JT and I did presents, went to dinner, and met up with his friends.
(Do Friday nights get better than that? I doubt it.)

lots of love in the mail

Saturday, I headed south for the weekend, aka Dad came to pick me up. 🙂   I went to church with the fam & spent the evening at my grandmother’s.

my parent’s pretty tree

Sunday, I started the day on the elliptical. Nothing says Merry Christmas like breaking a sweat. Just me?  Ok.   Anyway, everyone comes to our house.  First, sister & bro-in-law to do presents just the 5 of us and then my mother’s side of family – 19 of us.

Santa came!

someone's getting the stink eye

LCR, its a tradition

we may not be looking but at least we're all smiling

 Nana & the 6 grandkids, somehow my camera missed the significant others. Sorry guys!

Christmas was great, always good to see the family, and there were even a few flurries!

I’m enjoying getting back to normalcy though. Not that I enjoyed going back to work today, but I did feel good about the normal routine.  I rocked a treadmill run after work, did my laundry, & ordered groceries for Monday. Pretty productive evening.

How was everyone’s weekend?

ready to be back in the normal routine?

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying time with loved ones.

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