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Pictures from F1

There are over 300 people in this bootcamp. In the facebook group, not one person has complained about being sore. How is that possible?!  I’m in serious pain. I attempted 6 miles today, made it though 4.  I’ll take it, but omg legs!! I knew I was going to be hurtin’, but if anything I thought my legs would the part of my body that might be actually kind-of in shape.  Wrong. My quads are DYING.

So today’s run was tough but good.

how gorgeous is this?!  obsessed.


What else did I do today?

I slept super late (sooo nice), made a bunch of food, got my grocery shopping done, did some meal planning. Great lil Sunday.


As promised, pictures from yesterday!  F1 was a great time. I didn’t drive but definitely will next time.

ready to race

Brent wins!

after his victory lap

Brent’s birthday. Brent wins. Suspicious? Maybe. 😉


how was everyone’s weekend?
anyone else doing bootcamp? struggling as much as I am?


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A few weeks ago, Christina emailed asking if I wanted to go to a Boston Pastry Rendezvous.

Uhh, obviously. Here are the highlights from this evening

red velvet.

salted caramel

mint chocolate chip cookie

snickerdoodle french macaroon.

this place was my favorite. red velvet cake to die for. so good I failed to pause for a pic.
these were great. and healthy!and the HIGHLIGHT! Polar has new flavors!!
Pumpkin spice, egg nog, cinnamon, candy cane, granny smith apple, which were AMAZING!
plus some orange, cranberry & others, but less fun.
love seltzer. LOVE seltzer in fun flavors.
Now, I’m super full of sugar, but it was all delicious. 🙂

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september summer.

I got up this morning to do an 8 miler. Its the end of September right? I don’t have to get up early to beat the sun, heat, etc. uhh. not exactly. I headed out around 11 and it was definitely summer out.  So it wasn’t 80 but still.. it was hot.

It looked like fall but it sure doesn’t feel like  it. I cursed myself a bit for not going earlier but really.. running in the 70s can only help me be faster in cooler temps, right?


recap on my goals for September –

1. yoga once a week –  remember when I said “this month I will do it. Its on my calendar for twice a week, so I have ZERO excuses not to accomplish this”  FAIL. I didn’t go even once.  its time to retire yoga from the goals. maybe it’ll actually happen if I don’t speak of it?!

2. stay in Boston (post labor day) – Pretty much. I ran off to NY for 1 weekend night, because well really I missed my friends. Otherwise, I was here, hanging out, doing Boston-y things.

3. farmer’s market – lame. I didn’t even try.

4. sleep more – HA.  again Fail. I probably slept less this month than well.. ever. bad plan alli, bad plan.

5. watch football  – this I did. go me.  I even managed a baseball game too. sweeet.


September wasn’t awesome, but it was good.   I have a feeling October is going to be great 🙂


how was everyone else’s September? 

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alli got an iphone!

the month of Boston begins! 
It felt really great to be here & home this weekend.
strolled over to the verizon store yesterday afternoon to get my iphone! eeeekkk. love it.
& managed to make some progress on one of my june goals. 

state house
washington in the public garden.
all the statues were in bruins gear
would love to have seen how they got that on there.
just pretty
I really need to start wandering around with my camera more often. then again the iphone camera does a pretty solid job.
my balcony
current set up – hence my goal to convert fully to the mac.
seriously… 2 computers. camera. too much.
I wasn’t in the mood to run tonight. (must go in the AM)
but instead really in the mood to cook.
2 small tortillas
1/2 cup fat free refried beans
one large slice red onion
1/2 medium tomato
1/4 avocado
1 oz shredded cheddar
in a sprayed skillet, on the stove til it gets crunchy.
and then I made GRANOLA.
coconut granola.  inspired by this.
i used agave nectar instead of honey since thats what i had.
i can NOT wait to eat this tomorrow.
sweet. crunchy. yum.
so glad Monday is over. I’m really hoping this week doesn’t drag, but I expect it will.
Too many fun things happening this weekend.
can’t wait!!

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so. new life, new habits, right?    almost.
I’ve been doing a lot of talking about how great Boston is, how I’m stressfree, & all is wonderful.

Yes. the intensity level of my life is significantly lower – awesome  &  I’ve changed a few of my habits:
1. I’ve been running. 2-3 times a week & I’m up to 4.5 miles.  (granted I’ve only managed to do it once, but it got done)
2. I’ve been cooking.  But not as much as I need to be.
3. I’ve been painting my own nails. Saving money and pretty much looks the same. thats definitely a win.
4. I’ve been drinking more water.  a good thing for sure – but needs to continue on the weekends.  Should not be entirely because I don’t have enough to do at work.

Thats a good start.  But I really need to kick it up a notch.  I’ve been reading a bunch of new blogs about running & cooking & being healthy, etc etc (and really I could spend dayyysss reading this stuff)   Now I need to start incorporating it in my life.  Its one thing to read about all these great healthy recipes, time to start making them.

new goals:
make better decisions – if I plan to run on friday, don’t give in to happy hour.
cook more – need to stop going to out to dinner twice a week & start cooking for friends
phase out frozen/super-processed food – there is absolutely zero reason why I need LeanCuisine in my life
more substancial breakfast – special K bars do not count as a meal. fact.

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pretty pictures I’ve taken. One of these days I’ll break out the camera and blog like a real blogger. I’ve been cooking more 🙂 and running 🙂
though still fully addicted to wine. all is well.

its a really odd feeling to realize that you have zero stress in your life. i used to be semi-crazed all the time. its nice to relax.

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so i paused on blogging. im back. with NEWS!   i got a job. and an apt. and i’m moving to Boston on Jan 15. crazyyy soon.
i’m really excited.  and nervous.  and will miss my friends in NY
yes. this is the right next step, but scary for sure.

tonight chrissy and i got pedicures, made dinner, and had wine on the couch. it was great.
and she went home. and i replayed all we talked about. my move, our friends, our life goals from 2007, our new 5 year life plans, etc.  amazing.  

love. love. love.   
loveburst of a night.

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