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Restaurant Week. I love it.

An excuse to have a 3 course dinner (or lunch)

A reason to go to restaurants I would probably never make it to otherwise.

A way to do it without breaking the bank.

Today, Christina & I went to Parker’s at the Omni Parker House.

Its “old Boston”, classic, elegant, lots of dark wood, etc, etc.  The lunch crowd today came in two groups: senior citizen or uber corporate. Not exactly my scene.

I started with the New England Clam Chowder, which I have to say was excellent. I loved it. I have no basis for comparison though. Yeah, I grew up in New England and somehow, I never tried it until today. I was feeling adventurous. It paid off. Delic.

For my entree, I had the sirloin tips with sweet potato fries and arugula salad.  Disappointing was an understatement. The steak had no flavor at all. Sweet potato fries, you can’t really mess up. They tasted exactly like the ones I get frozen at Trader Joe’s.

Boston Creme Pie. This is what they’re known for!! They created it! It’s why we picked this restaurant – had to try it sometime, right?!

It was okay.  Maybe I’m not a huge fan of boston creme pie? No idea.

The meal started strong. I was optimistic, but it wasn’t awesome. I’ll probably never go back.


anyone else partaking in restaurant week? recommendations?

is it going on everywhere now or just Boston? 


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