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Sunday afternoon and I finished my final workout for the week. Logged everything into dailymile and realized I *only* ran 10 miles this week. 5 days of workouts, 4+ hours, mix of full body strength & cardio but only 10 miles. It didn’t feel like enough. What’s that about?!

So I went out and ran 2 more. Did it change how I felt about the week? No, but it made me feel like at least today I wasn’t a slacker.  No idea where I’m going with this except that I realized I was being crazy and kind of hard on myself.  I’ll stop that.

What’d I do this weekend?

bringing back the smoothies

I took Friday off, slept in, went for a run, got a massage (so painful and soo wonderful), ran into friends on the way home, had beverages, dinner, more beverages, it was fantastic. the end.

fri night lights

Yesterday, there was a birthday celebration at F1. More racing!  This time I drove though so I have no pictures. I was slow. I was okay with it.  so fun!

JT & I had dinner at Amrheins in Southie. Again, no pictures but I got the grilled turkey tips special that came on risotto with cashews, cranberries, and baby spinach. holy deliciousness. I loved it.  The turkey was fine, but the risotto..  I NEED TO RECREATE. soooo good.

I’m never ready for the weekend to end, but at least this one was long.  It was a good one 🙂

how was the weekend?! tell me a story.


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The weather is making me even crazier than usual, so I’m going to ramble for a bit.

I’m in a phenomenal mood and all I want to do it is be outside. (I even broke out the flipflops this morning)

Work? no thanks.

I got up yesterday and decided I was bored with breakfast, so I’ll just whip up some baked oatmeal. like its no big deal.

I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. so so good. Now, I want to try them all.

After work, I got my workout in. Progression speed intervals on the treadmill. surprisingly awesome. sweaty mess. loved it. My legs are hurtin’ today though. Monday’s leg circuits + that run = seriously sore


Then this happened…

Kale chips – the blog world loves them.  I really wanted to attempt some kind of kale so I went for it, using this recipe.

green leafy vegetable. unclear how this becomes chip-like

parmesan doesn't look so pretty anymore

so yeah.. They were decent. Crispy but not burnt, salty with parm.  I don’t really know what I was expecting. They were thin and almost dissolved in my mouth.  I lost interest after a few.

Would I make them again? Probably. But let’s be serious – they are not snack food and not as chip-like as I wanted, but a solid way to work in green veggies.


The biggest factor in my awesome mood – the weather. Its March and its in the 70’s. When I moved to Boston last year, I swear we got a foot of snow like every week til April..
My favorite part of my apartment is that I have a balcony and can open the slider. It makes me soo happy to have it open. This morning I woke up to this.

whether you can tell or not, its open. LOTS of fresh air

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping & the air was just awesome. It sounded cheesy just typing that. I should’ve taken a video so you can hear it.

I prepped dinner in the crock-pot and have fun lunch plans with Christina.

Just fabulous.


who’s having a great morning? thoughts on kale? better recipes I should be trying?


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Bootcamp – week 3 begins

True story, I’m loving bootcamp.

I’m completely uncomfortable on the “weight” side of the gym. Yet somehow watching a video of an exercise & heading over there with my lil printout, I can handle it. I’m sure I still look like a lost fool but I’m okay with that. I think having a plan makes me feel better.

My week 2 goals were:

1. take a multivitamin – its surprised me how tough it was for me to work this in. I have to be very careful to take it with food though. Otherwise, I get sick. So if my eating is off, the multivitamin doesn’t happen.

2. no drinking during the week/no headaches for the weekend – I really should’ve thought this through before I put it out there. If you tell me I can’t have something, I want it. I’m terrible at cutting things out so this wasn’t as successful as I’d like. I will say that I was headache and hangover free the entire time though. So I was reasonable.

Week 3 begins! Goals:

1. take a multivitamin – still want to work this in.

2. stretch and/or foam roll after every workout – First, this will help me avoid getting crazy sore like Week 1. I’m currently pain-free and feeling like I could’ve pushed a lil harder last week. Second, the last time I got a massage, the woman told me my back, shoulders, hips are tight. What a surprise right!? So stretching.. another thing I should be doing more of.


Last night’s workout was killer and fantastic. I was bouncing off the walls til bedtime, all sorts of energy came out of nowhere?!

Its going to be BEAUTIFUL this week. I’m going to have a hard time not going outside. Progression runs and intervals? made for the treadmill. outside could be tough.

treadmill or this.. I'll let you guess.

btw.. anyone else think the world ending!? its going to be 80 in Boston on Thursday. Its March!!


who wants to give me advice on taking intervals outside?! are they wayyy easier on the treadmill? what else do you want to tell me about on a tuesday morning?


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Week 1 kicked my ass.

Goals –
1. Drink 64 oz of water a day – not difficult. Just something I needed to be aware of to get it done
2. get 8 hours of sleep – aside from Atlanta, this was fairly easy. Plan accordingly.

Lessons learned –
Just because you can run 13 miles does not mean you are in shape. Week 1, I was all excited and motivated. So… I overdid it. My quads are in more pain that anything else, and still are. Hellooo reality check.

Week 2

Goals –
1. take a multivitamin daily
2. no mid-week alcohol and no weekend headaches
(plus keep drinking lots of water and getting 8 hours of sleep)

I have a big bottle of vitamins at work and at home. They’re always available but just not part of the routine and should be. In terms of drinking, I go through phases where one week I’ll have a glass of wine or two almost every night and then some weeks I don’t have any. As much as I love wine, weeknight’s aren’t a habit I want. Obviously, I’m not cutting out alcohol for the weekends, but I needed a related goal for those two days. Given that its St. Patty’s weekend, headache & hangover free sounds like a great plan.

5 miler after work

Yesterday was supposed to be my first strength circuit of the week, but I swapped it for cardio instead.  My legs hurt and there were multiple stretching breaks, but I did 5 miles.  It felt great to be outside. It was gorgeous!! almost 70 degrees. How could I not go for run?!

I’ll attempt strength training today, but I’m going to modify the workout a bit to go easy on the quads. I’m hoping if I go easy on the legs today, they’ll be back to normal sooner than later.  My foam roller and I are spending lots of time together 😉


how do you feel about mid-week adult beverages?  or vitamins? 
is it really spring? or do you think the weather messing with us again?


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saturday & still sore

happy Saturday!!

Last night, I got unpacked, made myself dinner, hung out for a bit. So nice to be home and back in my apt. I met up with JT & his work friends at Liberty for a few drinks. Home & in bed by 1. love it.

Today, I got back to the gym, which I haven’t seen since Wednesday. oops. Granted Wednesday’s workout was at the hotel gym so the trip wasn’t a complete fail in that respect.   I did my third strength workout of the week for bootcamp. Of course, it kicked my ass.

My legs are still so sore from earlier this week. Thursday, they were barely functional. I spent some quality time with my foam roller afterwards though, so I’m hoping that helps. I have a feeling I’m going to be in pain for the majority of the next 7 weeks.

I’m off to F1 to celebrate Brent’s birthday with JT and much of the crew from last night. Pics tomorrow 🙂

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


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new level of tired

I’m sore

and its getting worse.

Last night’s workout was TOUGH, in a “I can’t believe I’m this weak”, “how is it that I have no balance”, “this is out of control”  kind of way.

Its been far too long since my body hated me as much as it does today. I’m kinda loving it though. (it does make me a bit nervous for tomorrow, but one step at a time)

So Day 2 strictly cardio – awesome. Running? perfect.

I crushed 5 miles early this afternoon, and am now seriously tired.
This is a whole new level of tired.
Last night after the gym, I got in the shower and just stood there. foreverrrr. I didn’t want to move.  I’d like to do that again right now or maybe just take a nap on my desk.

looks comfy, no?

I’m fairly certain I’m about to have one of the best night’s sleep ever. Do people who strength train feel like this all the time!?

In terms of my weekly goals (I know you’re wondering),
I drank lotsss of water yesterday and am again today. I even thought about getting up and running this morning, but that would’ve cut into my 8 hours, so I slept instead.
See?! I can do it all!
Today I will sleep lots, work out at lunch, have drink(s) with sister & bro-in-law for birthday, have dinner with boyfriend and then get 8 more hours.

1. 2. 3. Go.


does strength training make anyone else super tired?
maybe I just need to get used to it?
how do you people do it all?


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It’s a slow moving Monday. I feel like today’s crawling.

As part of Tina’s bootcamp program, we have to pick two goals for the week and then track how we do. So here are mine:

Goal 1 – drink 64 oz/day

Goal 2 – get 8 hours of sleep a night

Why these two? I think they’re probably the most important in the long list of potential options. Yeah, I should eat more veggies, increase protein, take a vitamin, etc, but these two I struggle with and they are SO EASY to fix. I just need to focus on them.

So I’m already 32 oz in for Day 1. 20120305-134743.jpgthe fact that my office stocks the fridge with these helps..


now I’m feeling all motivated, I decided it was time to register for another race.  Should it be for March? Probably. May works too.

I got an email the other day announcing that this race’s registration was open. I’ve never heard of it, but after investigation, its got a few things working for it:

1. Its a weekend I’m not busy (which is becoming more rare than I would like)

2. Marine Corps Honor Run – no explanation necessary

3. Saturday race.  Sunday races dominate an entire weekend. I loove Saturday races so I can run & still be fun.

4. South Boston – on the water.  Locations don’t get much better/easier than that.

5. Cheap. $28 for a race. Sold.




Anyone care to join me?

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