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One year ago today, I randomly decided to blog.  I’m not particularly interesting, creative, or into social media. Blogging seemed very out of character.

So why?

I was stressed, not overly happy, and ready to move into a new chapter of my life.  I created the blog as a place to put things in perspective. A small piece of the internet where I could rant about what I wanted in life and everything I was looking forward to without worrying about how that affected anyone else.  I used to be one of those people that was always high on life (or at least thats how I remember myself). The blog was my attempt to channel that girl, to remind myself not to get caught up in all the crap. 

Most of you are sitting there a bit confused, a whole year? Didn’t I just start reading this? Probably. I started reading blogs, and lots of them, early 2011. That’s when I started blogging more regularly and actually putting it out there.  but a birthday is a birthday right?!

So, in honor of the blog birthday, I figured maybe I should explain the original name.  good plan?


(because loveburst was already taken?!)

What is a loveburst? 

Sounds dirty right?

Its not. Sorry.

One random Sunday, I was at brunch with many of my favorite ladies. Numerous mimosas may or may not have been involved.  I can’t remember what we were talking about but I stopped.  and in so many words,  proclaimed:

that  I was so happy it was overwhelming

that I loved my friends

and sometimes I can’t even handle how happy they make me 

(dramatic much) 

anywho.. after laughing about how ridiculous I am and realizing we all feel like that sometimes, one of those fantastic friends told us that she and her ex had come up with a word for that feeling – just to explain those moments when you just feel so happy and so much love that you might burst.   


and from then on – we used the word loveburst allllll the time.  That feeling is what I was looking for when I started the blog.  A reminder that life could feel like that.  and that my friends, is the story of the original name.

Obviously the blog has evolved a bit.

  • I have subscribers – no joke – people that choose to get my posts delivered directly to their inbox!! 
  • sometimes, on a really good day, there are comments from people I don’t know. they make me happy.  proof that my readers are more than just facebook stalkers.  yessssss   (don’t get me wrong, I love my fb stalkers too :))
  • spam commenters?!  I get enough traffic to bring on spam? awesome.
  • and finally the name – well.. that needed to change, since it didn’t sound like something anyyyone should be partaking in on the internet.

loveburst on that


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