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oh hello friends.

I’m in a great mood. Why?  I’m killin’ it this week.  Productivity makes me happyyy.  

All the fun things I’ve accomplished since Monday: 

On the workout front – I had a great run, spent some time shredding with Jillian (that has left me fairly sore), broke out my yoga dvd last night (YES, I did yoga fiiinally), and this morning, I got my ass out of bed to get in 3.5 miles before work. That my friends.. was tough, real tough.

I made lots of food – turkey meatloaf & sweet potatoes, Mama Pea’s spanish quinoa, and prepped tofu dippers for who knows when.  I was planning on having them last night, but realized I had forgotten that whole marinate step. So marinate they did. So, we’ll ignore the fact that I had pita chips & cottage cheese for dinner instead. 

Actually let’s not.

Has anyone else tried these?  Obsessed.  I need to stop buying them, but you should probably start.  

What else did I do this week?
grocery shopping
restocked my snack drawer at work – obviously critical..
went out for a drink –  just one. oh hello self-control, nice to see you again
blogged daily
painted my nails
cleaned my apt

not bad.

Tonight, I have a cooking date with the lovely Christina & maybe drinks with sister & bro-in-law. delightful. 

I’m ready for the weekend. Now where can I get one of these?

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happy thursday kids!





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Last night was the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Preview. Since tickets for the all day event were sold out, my friend Jackie & I got tickets to the Preview Reception.  Lots of beer, games, hats, music – the full event must be seriously intense, if this was the preview. 😉

They had sooo many beers on tap. I didn’t realize there are so many kinds of Sam. Must try more of them.

obviously, we learned lots. I look ridiculous in this hat.

Beer probably wasn’t the best plan before my 6 miler today, but it was fun.

Serious procrastination going on right now. 🙂

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Mass Brewers Fest

Last night, I went to the Mass Brewers Fest.  It was an excellent event at a great venue full of local brewers with so many fun beers to try.

I took the longest route possible to get there. so South Station on my walk. how pretty is this on the Seaport Blvd Bridge.

Skyline from the World Trade Center
one of the many local Brewer’s

I could’ve taken tons more pictures but was busy enjoying friends and new beers.

oh hi friends.

I would say my favorites were the UFO Pumpkin Ale, Cambridge Brewing Company Mind Left Body (I got it for the name:)), and the Cape Ann Brewing Company Tea Party.

There were so many good ones.

I completely missed Cape Cod Beer though.  Disappointed.

Given their proximity to my parents & the less than stellar weather forecast, may have to check that out this weekend. 🙂

Overall, great night.

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