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my 4.5 day weekend starts NOW!


so excited for all the fun people this weekend.

(less excited for the 10 miles I have to do tomorrow, but itll be fun too I guess)


ONLY 3 WEEKS til my half!  I got all the final info via email last night and realized HOLY sooooooon.  eeeeekkkkk

so of course I stayed up late creating a 40 song, 2.5 hour long playlist for the race (and my long runs between now & then)     i’m ridiculous. but its sooo good. 

promise to share once its finalized.


and obviously because it was Katie’s birthday yesterday (and what else makes packing more fun), I poured myself some scotch, toasted from a few states away, & sent her these pics.  wouldn’t you just love to get ridiculous self portraits from me?  ha.









can not contain my excitement about this weekend.



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last night’s surprise rain storm was annoying at first – and then I realized it was pretty great.  did I have to walk home in the rain? yeah. BUT

it also means that the temp dropped and the humidity pretty much went away. That means: 

  1. no AC.   maybe I’m just cheap but sleeping with the slider open, the fresh air seems so much better than AC. glorious. 
  2. that when I got up this morning for a 4 miler, it was a delightful 64 degrees. AMAZING.

it was surprisingly windy, which I didn’t love, but at least this didnt happen soo I’ll take it.  Cool & windy definitely beats the 90+ degrees and humidity that I battled on Tuesday night. iicckkk.

can you think of a better way to start the day?  I can’t.


actually yeah, I can.

follow up that run with the best iced coffee ever.

I was too excited for photos. Sorry kids.

iced french roast with vanilla almond milk & half scoop vanilla protein powder.  sooo good and then I made the breakfast I blogged yesterday, because I loved it that much.   now if I could only fast forward to tomorrow evening. baaalllltimore.



now in honor of the birthday of another dear friend of mine:  4 reasons why katie is fantastic.

1. she’s hysterical.  read it.

2. she’s the reason I like scotch.

NYE 2009 – 2 and 9 broke off, oh welllll. i got scotch & a smart phone. all a girl needs


 3. she wears awesome outfits.


4. we have a pretty good time. 🙂

happy birthday katie!

and that is all for today. happy thursdayy!!

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so ready!

I’ve managed to do my runs in the morning this week, which is an accomplishment in its self. (I’m pretty terrible at getting out of bed in the AM)  I’ve noticed though that by getting my workouts in early, I feel like I’m due for a workout earlier.  Tuesday morning I ran, and by Wednesday after work, I felt like I really needed to get my sweat on. Knowing that I needed to run yesterday morning & that it was too hot to do anything outside, I hit the gym, did a fast mile and a half and then some intervals on the elliptical. It felt surprisingly awesome.

these legs feel accomplished.

I’ll spare you any other post-workout pics of me.
with any luck, this is what July will look like. 

lots of cape time.
 hopefully some beach
 Sox @ Camden Yards
 hanging out with these ladies
and then 2 of these 3 lovelies.
a month with 5 weekends?! yes please.

Goals for July
1. get to 12 miles  – half marathon is the first weekend of Aug. must be readyyy
2. take lots of pictures  – between the 4th, a family gathering, 4 days in baltimore, and a few of my NY girls coming to the Cape, there are LOTS of fantastic photo ops.
3. spend some QT with baby mac – oh charlie, I can NOT wait.
4. do yoga once a week –  I’ve done yoga a handful of times recently & always feel great after. Whether I go to a class or break my DVD, this needs to happen more – before my legs revolt against me.
5. get to the pool – my building has a pool & I have yet to go. going to need to change that. yup.

what are your goals for July?  anything missing off my list?

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mondays are brutal. today was a tough one.
after a wonderful weekend with a few of my faves, how could I really focus on work?

unfortunately, my camera failed to make appearances at katie’s shower or on my run. (but I managed to get a run in. go me)  how ridiculous is it that I’d never been to Fort McHenry before Saturday?!  I mean I was in baltimore for how many years? almost 6?   well. now I’ve been and it was fantastic.

blows my mind that I’ve known these two for almost 10 years. 
and now here we are… baby mac could arrive any day.
lil weekend recap.

just because they were delic
 we had a fantastic little picnic.
mmm cheese..
lisa & I drank red wine out of mom-to-be cups.
& then.
we made dinner.
balsamic chicken
 sweet potato fries.
broccoli & cauliflower
and there was a walk involved. with hopes of inducing labor.
no such luck. i must wait to meet the little one. 😦
can NOT wait.
as much as I want to put up ridiculous pictures from college. ill refrain.
we were in love with college. with it all.  
we had more fun than I can even remember
& it only gets better from here 🙂
and because its the only pic I got of this guy.
oh hey daddy mac, hope you enjoyed this. it isnt happening again anytime soon.

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