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For the first time since Feb, I raced.

I approached a start line on a misty 50 degree morning and I loved it.

The last month or two, I’ve been running but its been different. I’ve been running because I should, for the workout, not because I want to or because I love it.   So I walked into this race as Saturday’s workout, no plans, no expectations.  I ran comfortably and didn’t check my pace once.    I would’ve been disappointed if I didn’t PR, being that the last 5K ran was my first race, but I wasn’t really concerned.  Whatever happens, happens.

Official results:

27:23 – a PR by over a minute and only 23 seconds shy of my stretch goal.  Had I paid attention, I could’ve hit that sub-27.  Next time.

How was the race itself?  Not too big, but big enough. Water stations were well stocked and in the right  places. The only mile marker I noticed was mile 1. They allow strollers which I didn’t love but they weren’t really an issue.  The course was flat and on the water for the most part. I’d say its definitely the best 5K course I’ve run.  I’d absolutely do it again.

Am I all amped up about racing again?  Not really. But I am looking forward to the next one.  Plus, it brought back the love for running at least for a bit, enough so that I ran the 3.5 miles home after the race.

the best way to celebrate a good race & a 7 mile day..


with some of my fave people 🙂

JT & I met Adam & Christina for mexican and margaritas. Cinco de Mayo or not thats always a good plan.  great night. 🙂

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


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marathon weekend

A few months back, I registered for the BAA 5K. I was excited about the marathon, running, everything..

My plan was run the 5K on Sunday, take the day off Monday and watch the marathon. Its my second Marathon Monday in Boston, but its the first year I really had any interest.

Friday afternoon, I left work at 2:00 and headed over to the Expo to pick up my 5K bib.  The city was abuzz with runners and the expo was packed.  No questions asked – its the best expo I’ve been to. Everything was so fancy and EVERY vendor you can think of was there.

The 5K pickup was little room off the back. It took me a few laps to find it.  It was really cool, though, to see all the marathoners getting their numbers and lining up to meet the Elites.  I was excited to be there & feel like a teeny part of the festivities.

Yesterday, I got back to the city after a full day & I was exhausted.  All I wanted was to relax and be fun with my friends.  I almost scratched the race &  joined them on karaoke adventures, with plenty of beverages, I’m sure. Yet, I talked myself (with JT’s help) into going home and making sure I was ready for my 6am wake-up this morning.

And I was ready.  In bed by 10:15, after having all of two beers, I felt great this morning. I got up, had coffee, checked the weather, and really wished I wasn’t running this race.  I checked the website and found no mention of gear-check, but at 57 degrees, I wanted to run in short sleeves and I needed long sleeves for before & after.  Annoying. Dealing with the crowds sounded AWFUL.  I wanted nothing to do with it.

Do I want to run today? Absolutely. Its gorgeous outside.  But thinking about lining up at 8am with 6000 people to run through the city, when I could run anytime on a far prettier route, no gear check needed or crowds to deal with, there was no contest. I spent almost an hour trying to motivate, reading blogs, race recaps, and no use. If its not going to be fun, why do it?

I went back to bed.

Where did my race fever go?  I lost it.  Maybe because it’s a 5K, in my head, it’s not a challenge? Maybe because I didn’t know anyone else racing? or have anyone coming?  Does that make it less fun?

I would’ve PR-ed today without question & I didn’t bother to try.  I can’t wrap my head around it.  That said, I don’t regret it either. I would’ve been miserable.

This weekend turned out slightly different than planned. I’m not taking tomorrow off to watch the marathon. In fact, I’m starting a new job. But I do wish I could be watching. I still think I’d like to run a full at some point, so I’m excited for everyone who crossed the starting line tomorrow.  Now, lets hope I get my racing love back.

anyone ever experience anything similar? 

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It’s a slow moving Monday. I feel like today’s crawling.

As part of Tina’s bootcamp program, we have to pick two goals for the week and then track how we do. So here are mine:

Goal 1 – drink 64 oz/day

Goal 2 – get 8 hours of sleep a night

Why these two? I think they’re probably the most important in the long list of potential options. Yeah, I should eat more veggies, increase protein, take a vitamin, etc, but these two I struggle with and they are SO EASY to fix. I just need to focus on them.

So I’m already 32 oz in for Day 1. 20120305-134743.jpgthe fact that my office stocks the fridge with these helps..


now I’m feeling all motivated, I decided it was time to register for another race.  Should it be for March? Probably. May works too.

I got an email the other day announcing that this race’s registration was open. I’ve never heard of it, but after investigation, its got a few things working for it:

1. Its a weekend I’m not busy (which is becoming more rare than I would like)

2. Marine Corps Honor Run – no explanation necessary

3. Saturday race.  Sunday races dominate an entire weekend. I loove Saturday races so I can run & still be fun.

4. South Boston – on the water.  Locations don’t get much better/easier than that.

5. Cheap. $28 for a race. Sold.




Anyone care to join me?

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my main goal for 2012 is simply this:
but I’d like to do these too
– take a wine tasting class
– half marathon PR
– run a 5K in under 27min
– spend lots of time with new little person
– complete my goals for 28
– average 1 race per month
Races –
January – none
February  – Hyannis Half Marathon (registered!)
March –  Ras na hEireann 5k
April – BAA 5K
May – John Kelley Half Marathon or 7.25 Miler
June – Warrior Dash or Ruckus Run & Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race 8K
July –
August – Providence Half Marathon (registered!)
September –  Zooma Half Marathon, Thompson Island
October –  BAA Half
November –
December – Jingle Bell Run 5K

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happy friday

Happy Friday my friends!!

I’m pumped that its almost the weekend and you know what else?!


20111202-162720.jpgthis is my attempt at a mid-run photo. ha

so excited. must take photo and text mom

(while running.. pretty much asking for injury #2)

20111202-162727.jpg3 whole miles!! super slow but painless

I didn’t want to get too crazy or overdo it. I started with a walk, got a little faster, and held it at 5.5 until I hit 3 miles. It was slow and comfortable and WONDERFUL.

I may or may not have subsequently spent a lot of time researching races.

5K in a few weeks? yes please.

I should probably run a lil faster (without pain) before I commit to that.

but YAYYYY!!!


plus. Katie & Lisa booked flights to visit in January. 


happy friday indeed 🙂


what’s on tap for the weekend? 

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