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After my little trek  (and by trek I mean slightly out of my way) to get orthotics last night, I was pretty productive. 

productive makes me weirdly happy. sometimes I put things on my to-do list, just to get the satisfaction of deleting them an hour later. ridiculous I know. 

Did laundry, made some hummus & threw together a quick dinner

I got that Quinoa/Rice blend at HLS & had yet to use it.

I got tons of groceries delivered.  I only needed a handful of specific things that Whole Foods wouldn’t have, so I ordered Peapod. If I’m paying a delivery fee, I’m stocking up on lots of heavy things, and really.. anything that’s less expensive.  oops.

 Now that I have excessive amounts of food, I must cook right?

20111130-155455.jpg11 pm sounds like the perfect time to chop veggies & prep the crock pot for today’s all day adventure


Veggies chopped, dry ingredients measured, wet ingredients out.  Ready for some early morning throw-together.

20111130-155510.jpgPretty excited for this when I get home tonight. 

Crock Pot Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

I have no idea what possessed me to make this, but it looks healthy & delicious. Maybe just because its made in the crock pot. Loving it lately.  Seriously though.. let’s hope I like lentils.  

20111130-155441.jpglast night’s leftovers for lunch today


Nov 30th huh? Do I have to recap my Nov goals?  Probably.

Did I meet my goals? Not exactly.

1. PR at the Philly Half Marathon –  Fail. No explanation necessary. Ugh.

2. Yoga once a week – No. I went to yoga once. Just 1 time. I was too focused on running/being injured to get there again.  

3. Shred in the AM – Negative.  I did the Shred once. At night. I suck.

4.  Start my Christmas shopping – At least I got this one?! It didn’t take much effort though. Yes I started.      Surprise! I finished too. That’s kind of exciting.

November was NOT awesome goal-wise, but it was a pretty good month in general. December will be even better 🙂


What were your Nov highlights?

 any crock-pot recommendations for me?


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Remember when it was 85 degrees a month ago and then it snowed? It’s 70 out today! This weather confuses me but I’m not complaining. I’ll take every chance I can get for a nice run outside.

Yesterday I attempted to do a 5 miler at lunchtime but failed to bring socks. AWESOME!  (apparently I didn’t learn anything last week when I forgot a sports bra..)    So instead, I broke out the Shred and spent some time with Jillian. That meant that today I got do my 5 miler and considering how nice it is out, I felt great about it.

It was harder than it should’ve been though. It didn’t leave me super confident for Philly in umm.. 12 days. I’m going to need Saturday’s run to be pretty great.

On the positive side though, its a beautiful day to be outside and running.


look at those colors!

20111108-152220.jpglove this view

I’m excited for the Philly Half. I really am. Not as much as I was for Providence though.  I’m sure that’s normal right?    

Training for Providence was so exciting. Every week I ran the farthest I’ve ever run. Automatic PDR!  This time around I feel stronger. I feel like a better, faster runner but I didn’t stick to my training plan. Training lost some of the excitement, so diligently following a plan just didn’t happen.  I basically just used it as a guideline.

I’m sure the race is going to be amazing, but now I’m doubting myself. 😦


dear alli – stop psyching yourself out. you’re ready and being crazy. love, alli


who has happy race stories for me?

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I’m on a roll this week. Once again, I broke out the Peas and Thank You cookbook & this time, I made some Spanish Quinoa.

mixing with chicken sausage – excellent plan

mixing with spinach, fontina, garlic chicken sausage – not ideal

I don’t know what flavor I thought I had, but these didn’t mix well. They’re each fantastic on their own though.


After Monday’s fantastic run & considering that it was raining, I decided to go with a little strength training last night rather than running. Oh hello Jillian Michaels.

I shred for the first time in a while, which means I’m sore for the first time in a while. 🙂

Bathroom stretching, don’t mind if I do. I’m supposed to do a speed workout tonight. Not sure my legs are going to appreciate that. We shall see.


Completely unrelated but equally important.

Boston folks – who has been to Zo?

20111005-142739.jpgobsessed. chicken gyro.

This place is too good. I can NOT say no if its even so much as mentioned as a lunch option. For example, I brought my lunch trying to be uber-responsible and healthy. Meatloaf & quinoa will wait til tomorrow.  

Zo, you win again. I can not resist.

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monday monday

oh hello friends.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I took recovery and rest pretty seriously last week.  i.e. I went running once – for 2.5 miles. and on the other days, I celebrated, played with friends, and didn’t work out at all.  It was nice not to have a schedule.

Few photos from the weekend:

hurrah for friends at the Cape!

Tonight – I put myself back on a schedule. Lots of fun races coming up, details tomorrow.

3 fast miles on the treadmill and then Level 1 – 30 Day Shred.  Felt awesome!

thats all I got for tonight.

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