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last minute plans

I ❤ last minute plans.

Lauren texted at like 5:00 and this became our evening.


20111222-100105.jpgPizza from Fig’s (who delivers now :))

20111222-100128.jpgrainy but delightful

 Yesterday, I did 4 miles on the treadmill. I really wanted to get outside, but lunchtime & rainy runs don’t mix. So I stayed inside but got it done. Not going to lie, it was pretty brutal. I think the stats on the treadmill get in my head. If I’m outside, I have a general idea of how far I’ve gone & what my pace is. If I’m on the treadmill, its staring me in the face every second.  Reason #258 why I need to get outside.

Tomorrow my office is closing at 2 and Saturday seems like its going to be a bit crazy, so game plan: tomorrow afternoon 6 mile run outside

and make it even more interesting!

I signed up for the Virtual 10K race that these fabulous ladies are hosting. last minute race? yes please.

so actually, I’ll run 6.2.   Am I going to attempt to run at race pace? No.

Looking at my training log and I haven’t run anything over 4 miles in 6 weeks! eeekkk.


anyone else running the Virtual 10K

anyone want to run sloww with me tomorrow afternoon?



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a nearly perfect race morning.

good morninggg Brooklyn.

standard bagel & peanut butter.

slight debacle with the coffee situation. Hotel says coffee starts at 6 in the lobby and there was none. They didn’t even offer to make any. Come on now.  Unhappy runners

Chrissy & Breen- little chillywe’re ready to runlining up in Corral 5

Course was a little hilly but pretty.  Hills felt surprisingly okay though. I never run hills but Philly will be hilly so I’m glad it wasn’t flat. I’m not usually a fan of running loops but it worked.

Semi-ridiculous that in the 4 years I lived in NY, I’d never been to Prospect Park

The miles went by fairly quickly. I felt pretty good, like I was going at a solid pace.

RunMeter says I ran 6.4 which cant be right & the splits came out at

mile 1: 9:25
mile 2: 9:13
mile 3: 8:51
mile 4: 9:06
mile 5: 8:50
mile 6: 8:34
mile 6.2: 9:46

(I find it really hard to believe that I slowed down like that at the end)

OFFICIAL TIME: 57:02  pace – 9:11

and we’re done!! 
I love pretty medals

SO SO excited that I broke 60 minutes.

It amazes me that 2 weeks ago I ran a 1:04:25 and this morning I ran 7 minutes faster.

dominated Brooklyn!

I’ll recap last night’s fantastic dinner and this morning’s post-race brunch tomorrow.

anyone else race this morning? or tomorrow? 


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Tufts 10K

Start Strong, Finish Stronger.

That was the tag line for today’s Tufts 10K for Women & that I did.

When I signed up for this race, it sounded perfect. Noontime in October, with two of my favorite Boston runners, & perfect location.  What else can a girl ask for?

Abby & Sara before the start

Well friends, it didn’t work out quite as well as I planned. 85 degrees? no thanks.

the first water stop was on a corner, I took the corner wide and completely missed it. excellent.

Water 2, there was a line and barely water in the cups.  I had to take two to get a solid mouth-full.

Water 3, there were no cups, just jugs of water on tables. Runners had to find a cup & pour it themselves. Talk about a MESS.

after that they got better. but come on, seriously?!

mile 1 – 10:39
mile 2 – 9:56
mile 3 – 9:56
mile 4 – 11:01
mile 5 – 9:41
mile 6 – 9:34
mile 6.2 – 9:09

Slow off the start – annoying but standard for bigraces. can you guess where water 3 was?

Official time was 1:04:25   I ran at a solid pace and I finished stronger that I started.  not awesome, but I’ll take it. It was my first 10K after all..

Overall – the race was fun & it was a gorgeous day.

Hoping for some good race photos 🙂

I rewarded myself with one of these.

Shipyard Pumpkinhead –   lovin’ the fall beers lately

Spent the rest of the afternoon with Sara, Eric & family having beers & burgers at ArtBar. They have a great patio in the shade. perfection.

love the Cambridge side view 🙂

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I have a crazy list of recipes that I want to try. I’ve had this one in my inbox for awhile thanks to one my dear friends. She raved about how good these potatoes were. I don’t make potatoes often though so this recipe wasn’t high on the list. When Christina wanted to do dinner last night & I randomly had potatoes on hand, these sounded perfect.

use a bigger bowl than I did. It will work out MUCH better. I used regular dijon mustard rather than whole grain, just because its what I had.

so delicious.

Recipe by Smitten Kitchen & found here.

Served with boring baked chicken that was not blog nor photo worthy.


This though (which I may or may not be eating as I type this) is most certainly blog/photo worthy.


red velvet.  another thing I can not resist.

I’m not a big sweets person. Salt > Sweet in my head always but red velvet anything… YUM.        Maybe I should add that to the crazy list


I predict there will be lots more deliciousness in my future. this weekend perhaps. 🙂   I got a few things on tap – including the Tufts 10K on Monday. Excited!


What’s on your agenda for the long weekend?!   Any interest in the links on my crazy list of recipes?

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Thanks for your suggestions on races!!  
I haven’t quite decided which to do yet but I did register for this. 10/22/11

really excited for this one 

I’ll be adding a bunch more to the game plan so keep em comin. I almost (eeeekkk) registered for the half but decided I needed to wait until after tomorrow’s 6.5 miles. If I can get through half the distance without keeling over, I can get there. 

I finally synced my phone & took it on a run last night. (breen – love the app, thanks!)
I paused to stretch and couldn’t resist.  
I love this!  How can I resist a run with this view?!

After last night’s run, Lauren came over for dinner. I made some pearl onion risotto & spinach salad. delic! and of course, there was wine, some celebratory bubbly & a fantastic cupcake.  picture fail. none taken.  

I’m sooo ready for the weekend.  
cleaned the apt. did my laundry. running in the morning. ready for lots of guilt-free fun. 
tomorrow – i have a fantastic day planned with my sister! 
then katie & chrissy are coming from NY! 🙂 🙂
& a GREAT crew coming out to celebrate.  can NOT wait!!

i keep trying to add to this post but really – i’m watching the king’s speech. ha.  good at multitasking. not so much. 🙂

have a fabulous night! 

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