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today, I hated yoga

The class I go to on Thursday is usually pretty good. Sometimes its great, sometimes its just ok. Today, I almost walked out.  I hated it. 

The instructor is always great. It’s definitely not her fault.  It’s the people around me.  Yoga is supposed to be calming,  peaceful, getting centered, being in your body… How am I supposed to do that if people are tramping all over the place?!   coming in & out in the middle!?

I arrived at class about a minute or two before it starts, set up my mat, stretched a lil. The room gets comfortably full.  We started.

Five people came in late. FIVE!!! 

Four of them set up camp surrounding me.  I had to move over THREE times. My lovely spot in the back corner is now super crowded, to the point where mats are almost touching.

Now, I’m a big fan of personal space. Especially with heavy breathing, minimally clothed strangers..   I was visibly irritated and tried really hard to get my head back in the game. Just couldn’t do it.  As many deep breaths as I took, I spent most of the class imagining myself kicking over the chick next to me. 

Yes, I’m in race mode, but I really thought yoga was a good plan today.. 
Sad that I left more frustrated than I arrived. 

Why do people think its okay to stroll in late? Do they not realize how disruptive it is?    If this were a legit yoga studio & not the class at the gym, would you do that!?

I know I need to get better at tuning it all out but its soooo hard.  

angry yogi via the allerion

anyone else?!

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I’ve been really off with blogging lately.

Again, this post has no real point – just random thoughts.

1. manicure. love.


really feelin' the gray lately

2. Breaking up a treadmill workout really does make it go by faster. I’ve seen a LOT of interval workouts lately, on blogs, on pinterest, yet I’d never tried one. I wanted to get through 3-4 miles yesterday after work and knew a boring run wouldn’t cut it. I did 2 min increments of 6.0, 6.2, 6.6, 6.8 repeat until I got to 3.5 miles.
holy sweaty mess. wayy more challenging and interesting than a regular treadmill run. loved it.

next up, try a real one – that I didn’t make up on the spot.

3. I randomly walked by Cosi the other day and was compelled to go in. I ordered the Chicken Tinga sandwich, which I think is new because I’ve never heard of it. Surprise! it was delicious, like want-one-every-day delicious. sooo good.


aren't you glad I remembered to take a pic halfway through?

4. I want to do 11 miles tomorrow.   dear weather.com, please stop saying its going to snow all day. that just isn’t going to work. love, alli ps. I might actually die if I have to attempt that on the treadmill.


Can we trade, today for tomorrow? 2-4 inches, 1..2..3.. go.  (and then melt)

5. I should really start finishing the book for book club before the meeting. We’re meeting tonight. I’m halfway through. fail. 


that’s all I got.


Who has exciting weekend plans? or treadmill workouts that I need to try?



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February goals

oh hello friends.

another month begins.  February is my least favorite month, for a bunch of reasons.

1. its cold and snowy

2. there’s little hope of it being not-cold anytime soon

3. the year isn’t new anymore. excitement is gone.

4. no long weekends

Yet, this year – its really not that cold. There is no snow.

oh hello legs! oh yeah - I ran in shorts tonight. It was glorious

Maybe spring is coming soon?! please.  and I finally work for company that respects the Presidents. (but not MLK oddly enough?! but I’ll take what I can get)  So yeah, I’m thinking that maybe this February is going to be less depressing than I remember every other Feb being.   Let’s hope.

February goals –

1. PR in Hyannis – Since I didn’t run in Philly, 2:22 is still my one & only for the half.  I need to crush it.

2. Buy & make something with kale – I’ve eaten kale once and liked it. Given that its like a crazy super veggie, I want to work it in more. Yet, I never buy it. If I put in writing, I might get that done.

3. keep running outside – Not only is running outside better for racing, but its probably better for my head too. let’s hope the weather keeps cooperating.

4. twice a week yoga –  I’ve been good at once a week, but I really want to get there twice. Once at the gym, and once hot yoga at the new studio, which I did try last night. It was good.  I forgot how hot & sweaty heated classes are. Excited to go back.

5. commit to a March race – one race a month, right?   the race I was looking at is morning after St. Patrick’s Day.  Does that sound like the best idea I’ve ever had? No.  I have a few alternatives in mind, but I need to figure it out and register.

who’s running super sunday this weekend?  hyannis in a few weeks?
any fun goals this month?

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January was loongg

Usually I write these and “I’m like wow, that month flew by. How is it over so fast?! ”  Not this time. January was loongg. I’m ready for it to be over.  I feel like New Year’s was foreverr ago.  


January goals –

1. make time for my long runs  – yup. they got done. before work wasn’t ideal but it was the only way for two of them. only 2 long runs left before hyannis 🙂

2. keep running outside – averaged twice a week which I would say is pretty damn good for January.

3. yoga – I got there at least once a week. Good, but I can do better. Still haven’t tried the new place, but going tonight!

4. be smart about money – I guess. I haven’t really done any shopping which is good. Bringing my lunch pretty much every day. Lots of cooking & only one big grocery purchase. I did spend more than normal with visitors though.

I went to NY for New Year’s, had 2 weekends of visitors, did yoga a handful of times, and managed to run 63 miles. January was fun but busyy. 

I’m ready for a low key February.


suggestions for Feb goals?
is anyone else ready to fast forward through the rest of winter?


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jan goals

new month — new goals

1. make time for my long runs – I should’ve even have to put this on the list. Looking at my weekends though, getting long runs done is going to be tough.  I don’t know when I’m going to do them, but they WILL get done.

7 miles before 8am on Friday

2. keep running outside – I find it difficult to get outside during the week, especially since its dark before & after work. The middle of the day is an option but not ideal.  I experimented with the before-work-darkness the other day and it worked out great.  So, weekend runs at a minimum & early mornings before work as often as possible.

3. yoga – the more I practice, the more I love it.  A new hot yoga studio just opened near me, so I’m pumped to try it.   I hope its amazing and I want to go every day.  (which obviously I can’t, but you get the idea.. )

4. be smart about money – this month my rent increase goes into effect. blah.

and a few scenes from my weekend, NYE recap coming soon 🙂

friday night - wine & cookie. yes please

how cute are they

saturday afternoon wine

peanut's sad face

my old apt!

any goals for January?

how was NYE? 

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Dec. recap

Another month complete!

I’m off to NYC tomorrow afternoon for New Year’s, so before I go – a recap of my December goals.

1. yoga – I went to yoga almost every Thursday this month. There was one where my boss scheduled lunch over class, but I broke out the DVD once. I’ll call that a success.

Speaking of yoga – I went today and tried a wheel for the first time, it was great. it looks like this: pretty sure that when I was 12 and did gymnastics this was called a bridge. I don’t care what you call it.. I felt strong. probably not as strong as I did 16 years ago when I did this last, but still..!

2. will not spend unnecessary money on food – I was pretty good about this. I got lazy towards the end of the month, bought lunch a few times, but nothing major. Decent.

3. bake or make something festive & christmasy – I made Cranberry Walnut Loaf, which was sort of festive & I made Bacon Cheese Spread again for Christmas Tree Day.

4. be nice to my foot – I managed an entire pain-free month & I’m back to a normal running schedule. 🙂

and completely unrelated:

20111229-144627.jpgthis is making my afternoon just a bit sweeter


who accomplished what this month?

I need to drink more tea. Suggestions?


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things that are excellent: 

1. long weekends

2. yesterday’s run at a normal pace

3. today’s lunchtime power yoga

4. all the plans I have this weekend

5. running outside tomorrow – I’m soo back

6. wine on my couch

be jealous


that is all 🙂

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