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last minute plans

I ❤ last minute plans.

Lauren texted at like 5:00 and this became our evening.


20111222-100105.jpgPizza from Fig’s (who delivers now :))

20111222-100128.jpgrainy but delightful

 Yesterday, I did 4 miles on the treadmill. I really wanted to get outside, but lunchtime & rainy runs don’t mix. So I stayed inside but got it done. Not going to lie, it was pretty brutal. I think the stats on the treadmill get in my head. If I’m outside, I have a general idea of how far I’ve gone & what my pace is. If I’m on the treadmill, its staring me in the face every second.  Reason #258 why I need to get outside.

Tomorrow my office is closing at 2 and Saturday seems like its going to be a bit crazy, so game plan: tomorrow afternoon 6 mile run outside

and make it even more interesting!

I signed up for the Virtual 10K race that these fabulous ladies are hosting. last minute race? yes please.

so actually, I’ll run 6.2.   Am I going to attempt to run at race pace? No.

Looking at my training log and I haven’t run anything over 4 miles in 6 weeks! eeekkk.


anyone else running the Virtual 10K

anyone want to run sloww with me tomorrow afternoon?



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things that are excellent: 

1. long weekends

2. yesterday’s run at a normal pace

3. today’s lunchtime power yoga

4. all the plans I have this weekend

5. running outside tomorrow – I’m soo back

6. wine on my couch

be jealous


that is all 🙂

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Few reasons why it wasn’t brutal to get back into the groove this time, unlike the last 4 day weekend I had:

1. yeah, I had lots of delicious beverages – but for the most part, I ate like a normal person.

2. 3 day work week. makes me so very happy.

3. I fully cleaned my apt before I left. Coming home was fantastic knowing that my apt was neat & pretty, the dishwasher was clean, the sheets were fresh, and laundry was done.  (I sound like a crazy old lady but I think I’m okay with it..)

4. Back to back nights with friends:

Tuesday after I got back – Lauren & I had a fro-yo date and then did some wine & couch time. nothing makes easing out of vacation mode easier than a bff and wine.

Wednesday – I made the best hummus ever & headed to Christina’s. She supplied delic gala apples for scooping & wine 🙂

20110721-010749.jpgpre-choc chips. please note that I have no idea what it means to peel a chickpea, so that obviously did not happen. I promise its good anyway.


not the best photo – but you get the idea.  it was delicious. MUST TRY THIS!

(and I promise to work on my presentation skills)


and totally unrelated, but I feel like sharing – my fridge struh-ggles since I haven’t been to the grocery store in uh.. a long time.  So in attempts to avoid buying lunch – I pulled this out of the back of my freezer. Forgot it was in there.  intrigued.



I can’t describe how delicious this was. I will buy 4 more next time I make it to Trader Joe’s.  so good.


I have a date with the treadmill tonight. I braved the heat last night for 5 miles, but pretty sure today’s “excessive heat watch” plus the 15-25 mph wind mean I should stay inside.

only 2 more weeks!


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True Blood!!

True Blood is coming back. TOMORROW.
I’m all sorts of excited.   Its one of those crazy addicting edge of your seat shows. Sooo good.


Who’s excited!?

Today’s long run was pretty awesome. Proves that its all mental.  I went out after procrastinating for an hour or two and figured I’ll run at whatever pace is comfortable – no looking at my tracker. goal is just to get through the route I mapped out without wanting to die or giving in to walking.
mile 1 – mmm free food festival, tempting.
mile 2 – feeling pretty good.
mile 4 – wow, half way – still feeling pretty good.  
mile 5 – oh look the water fountain I always stop at – good thing I brought water – keep going.
mile 6 – i feel surprisingly strong, how fast am I going?  I don’t feel like I’m crawling. hmm.
mile 7 – almost there, keep up this pace.
7.8 miles. done.  pace – 10:26.  significantly faster than my last long run.

Just took a crack at homemade hummus, inspired by eatliverun 🙂

hers is so much prettier but whateverr, mine is still delic.  
I struggle with photos lately. I don’t think about it until after. oops. must take pics. 

2 15 oz cans of organic chickpeas
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup & 2 Tbsp water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp ground flax (cause why not make it healthier)
3 oz shredded cheddar (thats all i had left, oops)

I’m off to Wine Down Art Live with Lauren. looks like its going to be a great event.  🙂

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hope everyone had a delighful mother’s day weekend.
I headed out the cape saturday afternoon to spend some QT with the parents.
loove it. so nice to be so much closer.
Mom & I made dinner.
4 of my favorite things in one bowl. tomato. red onion. goat cheese. balsamic. delic.
oh myyyy, was it good.  probably one of the best dishes I’ve ever had a part of making. mmmm.
recipe found here: Chicken Rollatini

so good.

and then there was breakfast. 🙂
 recipe not cooperating. you can find the inspiration here: texas style casserole
because strawberries make everything better. mmm
happy mother’s day!
 & happy 1 year anniversary to my gorgeous sister & bro-in-law!
can’t believe its been a whole year already.

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mondays are brutal. today was a tough one.
after a wonderful weekend with a few of my faves, how could I really focus on work?

unfortunately, my camera failed to make appearances at katie’s shower or on my run. (but I managed to get a run in. go me)  how ridiculous is it that I’d never been to Fort McHenry before Saturday?!  I mean I was in baltimore for how many years? almost 6?   well. now I’ve been and it was fantastic.

blows my mind that I’ve known these two for almost 10 years. 
and now here we are… baby mac could arrive any day.
lil weekend recap.

just because they were delic
 we had a fantastic little picnic.
mmm cheese..
lisa & I drank red wine out of mom-to-be cups.
& then.
we made dinner.
balsamic chicken
 sweet potato fries.
broccoli & cauliflower
and there was a walk involved. with hopes of inducing labor.
no such luck. i must wait to meet the little one. 😦
can NOT wait.
as much as I want to put up ridiculous pictures from college. ill refrain.
we were in love with college. with it all.  
we had more fun than I can even remember
& it only gets better from here 🙂
and because its the only pic I got of this guy.
oh hey daddy mac, hope you enjoyed this. it isnt happening again anytime soon.

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oh hello Saturday.
since my last post.. I’ve made some significant progress. well.. significant for 3 days..
I ran 4.5 miles for the second time. Goal for the day was 4, but I was feeling extra good & motivated. Afterwards, I did some serious grocery shopping. Whole Foods & Peapod.  Stocked up on everything I need to make all kinds of wonderfulness.

First, of course, my new favorite, courtesy of Shape.com via Breen. Recipe found here: Mozzarella Turkey Meatloaf   I made this once before and fell in love.  This time I added some extra onion, a clove of garlic & mixed the mozzarella right in. The layer in the middle wasn’t as awesome as it sounded.

lots of good stuff
mmm. delic. happy friday
gorgeous. & delicious if I do say so myself.
my favorite part – 6 equal slices, 1 for now. 5 for later & perfect for work lunch.
that was my friday night. facial. wine. meatloaf. & thurs night tv on dvr.
this morning – peapod delivered. & then 5 miles!!    very proud of myself.
and soo excited for margs & guac with lauren & erin tonight.

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