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Next week, I’m going to be 28, which is just crazy. So I bought myself a domain name and revamped the blog a bit.

as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time thinking about life, who I am, who I want to be, etc.   I think the blog plays a part of that.  It pushes me to reflect on whats going on in my life and be proud of what I’m accomplishing.   (plus its just fun)
so that said, I haven’t done a post in over a week! eeekkk
what have I been doing? 
I got up and ran 5.5 miles Friday morning!  my longest distance ever. (though not for long)  it felt amazing.    afterwards I jumped on a plane & headed down to Raleigh for my friend’s wedding. 
so happy for you guys! beautiful day, beautiful couple.
 thumbs up desantis.
Sunday, I headed to the Cape to spend Memorial Day with the fam. 🙂
Since then, I made some decent food & a whole bunch of smoothies. but more importantly, last night was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge!   Now, I know I’m a newbie runner & only have umm.. 2 races under belt ever. but there were wayyyy too many people. The entire course was super crowded. I felt like I was one blink away from stepping on someone the WHOLE TIME.  not cool.
3.5 miles. 33:59. not bad. not awesome.  guess i can’t really expect to get a great time at such a huge race.
Overall, it was fun, but I felt like it just wasn’t executed all that well.   
With this race completed, I have no more on the calendar!! I’m still a little nervous about signing up for the half. I think I really need to get 6 or 7 miles under my belt before I can commit to that. soon though.
But this means I need another race.  
Any suggestions?

only 2 more hours til the weekend!! 🙂 🙂


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