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I feel sane again.

(not that I really ever felt crazy, just a bit scattered)

I worked out for the first time in forever 4 days. It was good but I’ve been kind of off since the foot. Running hasn’t been as comfortable as it was. Though the foot is pain free, something else always aches, whether it be my back, knee, hamstring, etc. The lack of consistency can’t be helping, and winter hasn’t been making it any easier to get out there. So, starting now I’m getting back on track and next, I need to get back outside.

i miss this

even if its going to look more like this (via boston.com)

 I hadn’t made a smoothie in months, but there has been a serious lack of fruit in my life lately, so I went for it this morning. Cold breakfast in the winter never sounds good.


enjoyed it far more than I expected 🙂

I somehow managed to come up with a delic dinner even with my seriously close to empty fridge, got my laundry done, ran some last minute xmas errands, & talked to Chrissy. I’d call that a productive night.


and now I might be munching on these & watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory. delightful.

Who has winter running tips for me?

Favorite winter breakfasts? I’m in a breakfast rut. 


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sept. fall. excited.

First – The Return of the Smoothie

I hate to admit, but I got all excited, bought tons of frozen fruit, and immediately got bored with smoothies, mainly because I make the same one all the time.

This morning it needed to happen. I even looked up a recipe for inspiration but only half followed it.

1 cup almond milk, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, unsweetened shredded coconut &  then I found this!  more HLS swag.



Tonight, I went for a slow 3 miles. My legs were pretty tired from yesterday.  So I ran and watched all the people strolling around. There was a ton of people out doing yoga on the Esplanade.  I always forget that there is free stuff happening around town. I ran by the Orchestra at the Hatch Shell too. (not that I like the orchestra, but it looks like cute scene)


Goals for September

1. yoga once a week – this month I will do it. Its on my calendar for twice a week, so I have ZERO excuses not to accomplish this.

2. stay in Boston (post labor day) – since June, I’ve been in Boston 2 weekends. not ideal.

3. farmer’s market – there are a bunch of these around and I’m never here to go to them. They’re such a great scene.

4. sleep more – I used to be pretty good at getting around 8 hours a night. Lately, its been more like 6-7 and I can feel the difference.

5. watch football  – this shouldn’t be that hard.


Fall in New England is going to be beautiful

I love the in-between weather with boots & sweaters.

I can stop buying white wine until next summer. Bring on the red 🙂

Running without the heat is going to be amazinggg

I love the excitement about football & sundays.

(I’ll just pretend it has nothing to do with the arrival of winter.)

I’m really excited for fall.


what are you favorite things about fall? or are you dreading it?

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It’s entirely possible that I’ve lost my mind, but I’d like to think I’m just motivated & more importantly, committed.

Today was supposed to get up to triple digits, so I got up before the sun (literally) to get in my long run before the heat got intense.

its 5:30ish. i’m sleepy, a lil nervous, and not as excited as I wanted to be, I’ll pretend.

good morning Boston.

approaching haymarketKennedy Greenway by the North End

south station circa 6:10
from Commercial St.

garden & bridgemuseum of science

i love the views from the cambridge side of the river

sky is pretty this morning

oooo  Trader Joe’s. can you even see it? i dont know.

Western Ave. This doesn’t feel like the city anymore. 
back on the Boston side – by BU  & thats the last in-route pic.


yeah. that headband says – no one ever drowned in sweat.

it makes me feel hardcore. and seemed appropriate given the heat.

11 miles done before 8am. hell yeah.

ice. love.

smoothies are the best

use mint extract carefully though- this one tasted a lil like toothpaste. ha.

don’t worry, I drank it anyway.

It just poured outside so I’m pretty excited that I missed that. iphones and rain do not get along well. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. I’m planning on some pool time, so lets hope. I still haven’t been yet. oops. & really I might a nap. might as well get a tan while I recover.

pretty excited to actually be in Boston this weekend. its been awhile.  🙂

happy saturday!! have a fantastic weekend.

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not that Tuesdays are overly pleasant anyway, but getting up at 6 is definitely unpleasant.  I didn’t love it this morning but it happened.

I should have known that being motivated so early in the morning would backfire.
Once I got up, I was kinda proud of myself, so we’re still okay.
Somewhere between mile 1 & 2 – a bug hits me in the face – uhh gross..  shake it off.
mile 2.5 – I’m struggling. yell at myself a lil.  I mean, I run fairly often & haven’t been out for less than 4 miles in weeeeeks. whyy am I struggling so much. ughh. note to self – maybe eat something before run?
mile 3 –  start to choke mildly. something is stuck in my throat?!!?  WTF?  still running. lots of spitting (sorry if that’s not lady-like but it happens)  I can’t explain it. this feels like a gelled chia seed. omg. I don’t even want to think about it what it actually is. more spitting. the people behind me now think I’m INSANE and foul. still running.
mile 4 – kind of want to die. but still running. how far am I going again? oh right. almost there.

I managed to make it through a very painful & weird 4.5 miles to realize that
1. I probably inhaled some sort of small insect – disgusting.
2. I just ran that at a 9:57 pace which pretty damn good – no wonder it struggled.
3. I hate that its only 7:15 in the morning and now I have to go to work – exxxcellent.

at least its done. before it gets too warm out.  

next up – shower.
probably about a minute & a half in – CRASH.
some minor shreaking, flailing, & serious water spewing.
My shower curtain & rod are on the floor.
How does that happen?!  I wasn’t even touching it!!

so yeah.. that was a pretty awkward turn of events, but enough about that.
I turned the morning around by making this delicious smoothie (sans spinach for all you green-haters)

soo soo good. 

soy milk – 1 cup-ish
mixed berries – 1/2 bag
unsweetened apple sauce – 1/2 cup maybe
ice – handful
vanilla protein powder – one scoop

The rest of my day was fairly uneventful, but getting up that early definitely threw my eating off. 

What weird stuff has happened to you during/post run?

Is it Friday yet?  I’m ready for some Cape time.  
cocktails and this guy? yes. please. 

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Mocha Monday

I’ve been making the same smoothie like 3 times a week for a lil while now & have yet to share it. Oops!

Mocha Berry Green Monster
1 cup soy milk
1 cup-ish frozen mixed berries
handful spinach
1 Tbsp instant coffee
1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

mix & blend.  (sometimes I throw a few ice cubes in)
serve in wine glass if you’re feelin schmancy.  so good.
the coffee in this was exactly what I needed this morning.
Mondays struggle. especially the Monday before a long weekend & I’m soo looking forward to 4 full days at the Cape. Hoping for lots of sun!

Now that we’re approaching July, I’m assuming its going to start getting hot. (maybe soon?) so I’m trying to transition my runs to the morning. Tomorrow will be the test.  Think I can do it?

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things I learned in the last 48 hours:

1. I do not like mango. sad.
2. use xanthan gum sparingly – or smoothie gets as thick as well… gum. gross.
3. tempeh is pretty delic.
4. so is bbq sauce.
5. i’m a sucker for a 40% off deal.    dear banana republic – stop taking all my money. love, alli

and finally.. short weeks are soo much better than full weeks. 
I definitely already knew this, but its been sooo long since I’ve had a day off that I forgot.
just knowing that I don’t have to work a full week again until the end of june puts me a fantastic mood. 🙂
so nice!  4 day weekend. i’m soo ready. 

smoothie this morning was a repeat by definitely one of my faves. this recipe but mixed berries instead of strictly strawberries.  so gooood.  i wanted it to last alll morning. 

as guilty as I felt not running on Monday, I’m really glad that it didn’t. Yesterday was gorgeous and I was really in the mood to run. 
How can you not look forward to this?

One of my favorite things to do while running is people-watch. I pay attention to everyone running around me, everyone thats out walking, etc. Some people look like runners, some people don’t, some runners look like they’re really enjoying themselves and some look like they’re in pain. Now, if you know me, you know that I can’t control the faces I make. So I can NOT imagine what I look like. ha. so I need to be more aware of that, though I’m sure it depends on the day.

I need to squeeze in 2 more runs by Friday since there is really no chance of getting my long run in while at Desantis’s wedding in Raleigh on Saturday. (ahhh yay! soo soon) 
and its gorgeous out again today, so definitely looking forward to tonight.

(When did I become someone who craved a run?!  love it)

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Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural David D. Main Memorial Golf Tournament.
The rain stopped just in time for an afternoon of great golf & great people.  
Huge success!

Just a few of the many photos of the day
Saturday, I ran the CapeAbilities 5K. 
gooood morning. i’m sleepy but exciiited
Let’s just say it was a phenomenal first race.  I was worried about pacing myself – since I really don’t and I have no idea how face I run once I get off the treadmill.
I’m pretty sure I run slow. I was thinking it would take me around 33 min, figuring just over 10 min miles. I was thrilled when I got to the finish & realized.  
I felt like rockstar for the rest of the weekend 🙂   (ill spare you the after photo. smiled so hard I practically strained my neck muscles. fail. need to stop doing that)
Race 2 only a few weeks away
and on Friday – I made my first green monster
frozen berry blend – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
unsweetened applesauce
chocolate whey protein powder
almond milk
vanilla extract
getting hooked on smoothies. get ready for it. 
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and painless monday.   1 day closer to the weekend!!

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