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Restaurant Week. I love it.

An excuse to have a 3 course dinner (or lunch)

A reason to go to restaurants I would probably never make it to otherwise.

A way to do it without breaking the bank.

Today, Christina & I went to Parker’s at the Omni Parker House.

Its “old Boston”, classic, elegant, lots of dark wood, etc, etc.  The lunch crowd today came in two groups: senior citizen or uber corporate. Not exactly my scene.

I started with the New England Clam Chowder, which I have to say was excellent. I loved it. I have no basis for comparison though. Yeah, I grew up in New England and somehow, I never tried it until today. I was feeling adventurous. It paid off. Delic.

For my entree, I had the sirloin tips with sweet potato fries and arugula salad.  Disappointing was an understatement. The steak had no flavor at all. Sweet potato fries, you can’t really mess up. They tasted exactly like the ones I get frozen at Trader Joe’s.

Boston Creme Pie. This is what they’re known for!! They created it! It’s why we picked this restaurant – had to try it sometime, right?!

It was okay.  Maybe I’m not a huge fan of boston creme pie? No idea.

The meal started strong. I was optimistic, but it wasn’t awesome. I’ll probably never go back.


anyone else partaking in restaurant week? recommendations?

is it going on everywhere now or just Boston? 


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After spending a few hours on the bus on Friday and picking up our race numbers, Breen, Chrissy, & I headed out to Brooklyn. We checked in to the hotel, scouted out the scene for breakfast & coffee. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant so realized that breakfast was going to be a challenge. (obviously I didn’t want to mess with the pre-race routine).

We walked over to Monte’s for dinner & hoped we’d find a breakfast solution on the way. No go.

The restaurant is a super cute neighborhood Italian place.

it may be the night before a race but we can have a glass, right?

I ❤ carbs. The bread was so so good – flavorful & moist
We split the Caprese salad. Chrissy & I both ordered the whole wheat penne in an almond pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes.


Breen went with the Paccheri (eggplant, fresh plum tomato and shaved ricotta salata)

Everything was fantastic!

We took a different route back to the hotel & spotted this!

yayyyyy!!! Glorious find.

we walked into this place at 10pm & asked for bagels with peanut butter on the side & to go. totally normal.

Then yesterday after the race, we met up with my aunt & uncle for brunch at the Spotted Pig. Its one of my favorite places in NY.

Net went with the Dutch Baby with House Smoked Bacon & Maple Syrup

Breen got the Two Poached Eggs with Suckling Pig Hash

I really just can’t go without getting the burger: Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestrings


yayy Net & Frank!  so good to see you guys 🙂

One more fantastic meal before I catch the train back to Boston!

have a fabulous Sunday friends!

What’d you all do this weekend? 

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I’m on a roll this week. Once again, I broke out the Peas and Thank You cookbook & this time, I made some Spanish Quinoa.

mixing with chicken sausage – excellent plan

mixing with spinach, fontina, garlic chicken sausage – not ideal

I don’t know what flavor I thought I had, but these didn’t mix well. They’re each fantastic on their own though.


After Monday’s fantastic run & considering that it was raining, I decided to go with a little strength training last night rather than running. Oh hello Jillian Michaels.

I shred for the first time in a while, which means I’m sore for the first time in a while. 🙂

Bathroom stretching, don’t mind if I do. I’m supposed to do a speed workout tonight. Not sure my legs are going to appreciate that. We shall see.


Completely unrelated but equally important.

Boston folks – who has been to Zo?

20111005-142739.jpgobsessed. chicken gyro.

This place is too good. I can NOT say no if its even so much as mentioned as a lunch option. For example, I brought my lunch trying to be uber-responsible and healthy. Meatloaf & quinoa will wait til tomorrow.  

Zo, you win again. I can not resist.

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I’m currently en route to HLS!!!! yayy!  super excited.  Since I’m feeling super blogger-y, here is the recap of last night.

Caitlin & I went to Marliave for dinner after work. Restaurant Week is one of my favorite things, especially since I don’t go out to eat much.

we tried to get a reservation in the spring for restaurant week but it was completely booked. apparently its good.


rarebits. caitlin & caprese

main course

steak frites

sunday gravy (gnocchi with beef, lamb & pork)

and then dessert..

butterscotch pudding

chocolate lava cake & vanilla bean ice cream

so there you have it. was it as good as it looks?

you better believe it.

our waitress was fantastic too. couldn’t have imagined better service. attentive but not rushed. sweet but not annoying. loved her!

I would definitely recommend it and I’ll definitely go back.

so full. and happy.  🙂

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